Introducing Gaia

First of all, an honor and happy to be part of the writing team here.

I have to say that blogging never was my forte, when joining POM almost a year to the day ago, the first comments were my first blog posts ever. I have been at forums since 2000, so there lies my expertise. But the “blogosphere” was virgin terrain.

As with most of us, I found POM via Miles Mathis and although I praise Kevin Starr for his excellent boomerang deconstruction of MM’s family history, I don’t really think he is “a committee”. I may be wrong and stay open to that possibility, but I rather think he went on a rabbit trail (publishing books even) and his ego doesn’t allow him to review his earlier assumptions (especially about “Space Travel”). He has the intelligence level to be able to do it, but he doesn’t. To some that may stink of “spookiness”, to me it more looks like “too proud to swallow earlier words”.

Still I like the fact I discovered him (and via him POM), because of a major difference with many other researchers; looking into stories of the past. Things other people don’t look into. We all know the “easily accessible” 9/11, Sandy Hook and other stories, but the historical framework is what puts everything in place.

That modus operandi here has been shown with the first posts I read; Maarten Rossaert’s Mackinac Machinations and I WAS Fake News, Tyrone McCloskey’s JKF epos and the deconstruction of the Hitler actor’s guild and Mark’s John Denver analysis; excellent stuff. Not to say the other articles are bad, not at all, but those are among my favorites.

I have been hanging around at Fakeologist for a while, but those people are at a minor level compared to here.

I see two levels to be recognized in the deconstruction of narratives-fed-to-us-to-swallow [or rather not]; the basic level is recognizing that the narrative is wrong. But, it would be childish to stay at that level, especially because we have data. The second, higher level is, to explain that data in a more coherent fashion; to provide answers and not only questions. Those possible answers are our tools to talk to our real life peers who may question us for doubting these stories.

The recent Jonestown deconstruction is a perfect example of how that is done well. It may be “just” speculation, but the hows and whys are just as important as the how-nots.

If we consider this “walk on the ledge”, that truth seeking imho is, there are two big ravines/chasms next to us; paranoia and nihilism. I have seen numerous examples of people falling into either or both of these easy traps and try my best to stay away from them, keeping the balance.

What I think is important is to realize what are our limitations; in the end we can never know “The Truth”. The truth is an ideal, only approachable asymptotically; the complete sequence of events leading up to a published story is and always will be unknown, even to the perpetraitors [no typo] themselves.

And that relates back to a question put forward to us, truth seekers, I am sure we know it all from our social circles: “‘how can so many people keep such a ‘conspiracy’ secret?”

Easy analogue; movies. How many people work on a film together? 1000s to 10,000s of people. Cameramen, audio, visual, storyline, actor, make-up, marketing, location selection departments, all work on top of the core units of actors, directors and producers. How many storylines of movies get released to us before the movie comes out? Virtually none. But “how can all those people be quiet about something that big?” It’s their job. Just like it’s the job of the “military-industrial-media complex” (for lack of a better term) to keep quiet about just that area they know of, the fragmentation doesn’t allow them to know more anyway.

And with that said, let’s dive into the first story, or “plot” as it’s called in movies.

Funnily enough, a “plot” means two things; a “conspiracy” and a “narrative”. I think “plot” is a good word to use in what we do here; analyzing crazy stories fed to us and trying to make more sense of them, as the plots themselves are intrinsically non-sensical.

I love quotes, one of my favorites would be a good close to this introduction:

What is the first business of one who practices philosophy? To get rid of self-conceit. For it is impossible for anyone to begin to learn that which he thinks he already knows. – Epictetus (~55-135 AD)

16 thoughts on “Introducing Gaia

  1. Welcome Gaia. I have been pursuing an interest in the philosophy of “Stoicism” and only days ago purchased a book called “The Art of Living” based on the sayings of Epictetus. Very cool. This place just keeps getting better and better.

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    1. The Art of Living is a good introduction, Kevin. But a great next read is Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full.. Long, though, but fun.


        1. wow, that is a commitment …by the way, my computer is on the fritz…I have ordered a new one….I will check out that download when I have my new computer up and running.


  2. Yes, if only people with Batchelor and Master degrees could see through the bulls**t of their textbooks and realize they are being propagandized. “No child left behind” what a load of crap.
    I have certainly dealt with people/family that “can’t begin to learn that which he already thinks he knows”. Excellent quote for your close!

    BTW, Maarten’s “I Was Fake News” is also one of my favorite articles.


    1. Ann, the link to “I was fake news” in Gaia’s article is broken.

      And I cannot find it by scrolling down Maarten’s page.

      I’m intrigued but stuck at the moment. Can one of you help?

      Best wishes to you all


        1. But not for me Gaia, your link doesn’t work. Maybe Maarten left it private still and only contributors can access it?

          Whatever, welcome to POM. I’ve enjoyed your comments here and your work at Fakopedia. So I’m looking forward to reading your new work here.

          Best wishes

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      1. Hey, Pete. I set that post to “Private” a while back for various reasons.

        The tl;dr on that one: I once personally experienced how the media can make something out of a non-event, and that left me questioning media reports thereafter. It explained how I found my way to POM.

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  3. as for the question: “‘how can so many people keep such a ‘conspiracy’ secret?”, I think the most people involved simply don’t question what they are doing. Even people with degrees, maybe especially those people. Doctors will do any harm to you as long as it is covered by the protocol. I work in banking now and witness every day how really smart and educated people waste their time doing “bullshit jobs” (term borrowed from David Graeber) just sorting numbers to fulfill some new instructions given to them by financial authorities never questioning the pointlessness of it. Take the Black Sholes method as an example if you want to know what I mean. There are hundreds of computers consuming huge amounts of electricity 24/7 giving work to thousands of skilled programmers just to calculate new meaningless numbers from old meaningless numbers. Those people consider themselves important and take all they do for real and prerogative. Being “professional” means giving 100% on the job, no matter what it is. The most important rule is you never talk bad about what you do. And the critical areas are always covered by some very few insiders.


      1. I love Mike Judge since Beavis and Butthead but this very funny movie has nothing to do with what I meant. Bullshit-Job means, you’re working hard, doing complicated things, getting paid a lot and yet still all you do has no impact on the real world. To get such a well paid bullshit job you have to get degrees first. Which at least wastes lots of your lifetime before you start to work and earn money. So they make the smartest and most ambitious people waste their life to do nothing of value. Those people usually don’t consider their life wasted because they make good money and live better then average. But all they do leaves no markers in history not even for the short term. If you build a house, this house will stay for at least a few decades, maybe a few centuries. Not so what people in all those bullshit jobs do. If I look back, there is nothing left of what I did a few years ago. My old projects has been replaced by new ones. I still have my family of course and our house and such. That’s what I’m looking back at. But I can’t look back at my work because after a year or two all this disappears in the bin. The money is good though, so what? That’s why people don’t care if they participate in a conspiracy. They don’t even realize that.

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