More Fancy Weapons

Captain Beyond

“Laser weapons systems have tracked and detected targets including small rockets, boats, UAVs, and trucks.”  Laser weapons are also capable of taking down buildings, igniting forest fires and incinerating whole towns. 

Since commoners are the enemy of the power elite, we could be in for a very bumpy ride.  I suppose this is a backup plan if the various methods now being employed to reduce the population cannot deliver fast enough.  Drugs, chemicals, bioweapons, psyops, and any number of bazaar killing techniques we’ve never heard of; are are never enough.

“It definitely isn’t science fiction anymore – it’s a real solution and the future for Lockheed Martin and our customers.” – Lynsi Coressel, Lockheed Martin Development Analyst, Space

Weapons, weapons, weapons.  Can’t afford universal health care.  Everyone’s anticipating a decline in education, infrastructure and standard of living.  Decline?  Don’t want to talk about idecline.  We’ve got MAGA!  I know.  Say it ain’t so.

Anglo-zio-nazism, AKA Western Mercantilism, has always ended in a collapse of the “paper money,” followed by civil-war, finished off with mass starvation.  Decline of the West by Oswald Sprengler (1918) is a study of paper-money societies throughout history.  Very interesting.  

Now, could everyone march this way, please?  On to paperless money.  Money that tracks your every move. https://bitcoin.ort/en/bitcoin-paper

Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin “white paper” cloned the original (1997) BIS (Bank of International Settlements) crypto-currency plan/document.   You see, this is how bitcoin learns and works simultaneously.  BIS is the “father” in charge, SIS (MI6), NSA and sibling spy agencies its children; which makes bitcoin a perfect BIS-NSA-5eyes honeypot.  There are no public algorithms (algos) – like SHA256 and ECDSA-256 — that don’t have a “back-door” and master key held by its creator(s).  Currently, one bitcoin equals 7,103 U.S. dollars.

The reason China is so big into bitcoin is that all the HW (hardware wallet) production and mining is centered there due to unbelievably low electricity prices.  I’m feeling safer already.

Oh, but there’s always a catch.  Jack Ma stepped down as CEO of Alibaba. Rumors say he’s become the CCP Tech Chairman. Alibaba owns most of the bitcoin infrastructure via ANT Financial and Bitmain.  Ma also produces all the image ID cameras in China – hundreds of millions of them.  Now, everyone and everything can be tracked. Coming to the U.S. soon.

Are we headed toward a global, ultra-crypto?  Problem.  No crypto-algo will be safe from pirates when quantum computing becomes affordable for hackers. So, what are these geniuses thinking?  Really.

It’s about way more than money.  The new, improved, Israel of the future can’t happen until the USA is depopulated and more-or-less destroyed.

It’s all planned out in the Deagel Report, a Rockefeller Foundation estimates an 80% drop in population by 2025, as per the “Georgia-Guidestones”  Deagel was a top strategist, and father of the New World Order, while working for Rockefeller

Young will leave to find work, the old will expire to make way for the robot slaves of the future.  Now that’s a plan. How do suppose we learn to speak robot? 

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

12 thoughts on “More Fancy Weapons

    1. I read MM’s article on it and I think he’s wrong, bitcoin is here to stay. Besides a few dips it’s been increasing in value since day one. I remember it being worth pennies and just being used as an internet token, I never expected it to shoot up as much as it did back in 2017. But now it has it’s own industry and too many serious investments for it to just go away. Predictions of one Bitcoin being worth a million in the coming years. For the banking cartel to convert everyone’s fiat dollars to a percentage in bitcoin and use it from that point fwd, would easy for them to do.


  1. DEW weapons have been used out in CA & MI the past few years. And during the invasion of Iraq they used some very evil laser/energy cannon that melted autos into pools of metal. And that Bitcoin is another PTB device. The swipe card injected under the skin is the final blow.


  2. I like it, Greg. The pattern seems to be to let the nerds play around with the latest digital “thing,” work out the bugs, and then swoop in and promote it as the new must-have gadget. Bitcoin is like lotto for nerds right now. China is betting on it, and the USD, covering either possible outcome. BIS owns both (US and China) countries, so ultimately it will likely decide the winning currency.


  3. People (still) talking about the fake money system? Am I teleported back to 2010 with people knowing that stuff already. And another teleport to braindead YouTube consumers who claim Direct Energy Weapons exist, based on the lies spread by proven psyopaths.

    Why not focus on the future? Use the learnings everyone should have and step out of Pavlov reaction mode into proactive; be prepared for the future. We cannot see it, but we surely can project it with everything we (must) know now.

    Money will disappear as currency. Your character becomes currency.

    Read more here.


  4. I like what I do. Very little guilt. Don’t envy. I simply am.

    Should is a small word, but it has a pretty big impact. I would guess, mostly negative. As Popeye used to say: “I yam want I yam…”

    Casting a spell on me? A waste of time, me thinks. Not giving up? Get in line.

    “To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.” ~Sven Goran Eriksson


  5. The physical evidence supporting DEWS vs GREEN trees & sage melting alloy wheels & engine blocks of vehicles stopped in the middle of paved roads veto’s the ‘wild fire’ aka official narrative.


    1. I am not saying those fires targeting certain houses, cars and people only and leaving the rest is “wild fire”. You present a false dichotomy; it is either Jewdy Woods bullshit or “the real thing”, naturally.

      Why not simply light the fires where you want to disown the people the most; e.g. around new to built train- and highway lines.

      What makes more sense; pyromany, as old as Methusalem, or DEWs, only pushed by the Lockheed Martin marketing team?


    1. So you don’t realize that ‘chemtrails’ are a planted narrative for the observations we can make in the sky; seeing trails of high flying plane exhausts, many times in patterns.

      They are not “chem”trails; they are new acquisitions of “””satellite””” data. Hence the misdirection website you link. Damage control.

      There is another factor no conspie has ever come up with and I credit a truth seeking friend for this: “the higher you go, the more concentration you need (exponentially; we are talking about a cone shape) to reach the surface. So it is the least effective method to “poison” people.

      Excellent undeniably true physical argument against these “chem”trails.

      Get that “chem”trail idea out of your system. It is Clownworld poison.

      Read and listen more here: FAC 602 – The Impossibility of Space Travel. Ever.


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