Look over here…. Impeachment, bla, bla, bla.

While most Americans were following the fake impeachment hearings Congress was quietly reauthorizing the 2001 Patriot Act.  Without action it would have expired in December.  Yes, enough House Democrats joined Republicans to keep it in play at least until March, 2020. 

There was no appetite to eliminate Section 215 of the 2001 Patriot Act, probably one of the most controversial elements of the Act.  Section 215 authorizes mass phone – including text messages – records collection by the NSA. 

Section 215 allows the FBI to ask for a court order to obtain “any tangible things,” including books, records, papers, and documents, related to a terrorism investigation, and it served as the foundation for the National Security Agency’s massive collection of telephone records for several years.

The 2015 USA Freedom Act failed to prevent wholesale surveillance according to data collected from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.  In 2017, NSA collected 534 million telephone records, triple the number in 2016. 

NSA reportedly halted telephone metadata collection in 2018, but as long as Section 215 remains intact, large-scale collection could be resurrected at any time.  Who trusts NSA anyway? 

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has a Patriot Act “overhaul” bill that isn’t going anywhere in the Senate so long as Sen. Mitch McConnell is running the show.

The most disappointing votes came from “ultra-progressive” House freshmen – including Cortez, Omar, et al. – who all voted FOR bringing the Senate bill over for a vote in the House.  This procedural vote probably made them a lot of money for the 2020 election, and enabled them to vote no on the final floor (show) vote.  But this is how the game in Washington, D.C. is played; fraud and deception at every step. 

NSA has, through bulk records collection, swept up the personal records of millions of innocent people.  Millions more will likely be spied on before anything changes for the better.  The “ratchet” only moves in one direction, and that is toward the right, and in the direction of more authoritarian action by government at all levels.  Fasten your chinstraps for more of the same.

8 thoughts on “Look over here…. Impeachment, bla, bla, bla.

  1. If they can run a fake impeachment show, and the news media is all in, I don’t think they need worry about legalizing their surveillance. They just do it. I also don’t think they need worry about surveilling 95% of the population, who are busy watching football, TV shows and movies. If anything worrisome pops up, they just read our Facebook page. The only concern there is about monitoring the American public is marketing, or watching our buying habits, getting ad messages to us, and finding out who we are tethered to … friends, relatives. We volunteer all that stuff via Facebook, which is a product of a massive corporate push, and not some college kid. Zuckerman is a false front. They don’t care if we are for or against anything political. Public opinion does not count for anything. No one is listening to that stuff. They do want us divided over issues, but beyond that don’t give two shits. Public opinion is managed, not heeded.


  2. Yes, self immolation is a more efficient and less costly option. Once everything that could be stolen has been stolen, liquidated and accumulated in some “offshore” bank, all that is left is to consume the consumer. And if enough children become autistic, they will make really efficient, robotic workers, will always be happy and never make trouble! Endless propaganda says it makes good business sense. Ear tags anyone?

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    1. It does not read well … one, so verbally long that most people skim at the beginning and quit. Two, it places enormous faith in the American electorate system, suggesting that Hillary and Trump, probably like Zuckerberg, morons, have real input. It’s written to mislead those of us who are suspicious but unable to place all the pieces together. I look at facebook and see marketing, not spycraft. Who gives a shit what people think? It is how they spend that matters most.


    1. There was a YouTube purge early June (06), which caused a lot of outrage and for the right reasons.

      There was another YT purge early September (09), which I read was 5 times bigger than that of June, yet largely crickets from the internet communities (after summer holidays life started so people were distracted).

      Now a third purge to present results in the next quarter only makes sense extending these trends.

      The whole lesson of this should be that the future will only be more restrictive to our lines of thinking. We can and must know that by now. All of us have spent the cliché-but-true 10,000 hours (then you get good at something) on a wide variety of topics. Knowledge is power and we are very powerful. Potentially.

      So instead of waiting like a sitting deer in front of the accelerating headlights, we should use the knowledge we gained from all this research (which I foolishly described before as “mere hobby”) to prepare ourselves for a certain grimmer future.

      This next step, the personal growth and actually changing your own interactions with the Clownworld I see too little. Hence the need for Agenda 2020 – we are 10 years ahead of the Voodoo People.

      Thanks to the enormous amount of hours spent on research and reflection with my two friends from Fakeologist, we will have the Colombia Conference of this Agenda 2020 in the first month (according to Gregorius) of the year.

      How awesome is that? Actually meeting up with other truth seekers and training ourselves to use our powers against a bunch of weak, fearful and freaky psyopaths and more importantly how to be ourselves in a world where our human peers look stranger and stranger towards seeing the magic tricks behind the façades.

      Initiatives like this should happen more often and an actual change needs to occur in the conspie community.

      DETACH – stop watching any news, internet, anything – disconnect from their poisons
      DETOX – actively reduce the amount of power they exercise over you and choose differently where you can
      DEPROGRAM – especially language, but in many more areas; we know they try to mind control us; deprogram for that. there are no ‘bad words’

      Next step is to take all the learnings from all these past “events”, “deaths”, “wars”, “achievements”, “care for us, the cattle”, etc. and use them to our advantage.

      This step already I see very few people make.

      Then how to be ourselves with peers. People who may believe the most ridiculous things, but are open minded (enough) to see a different realty behind the curtains.

      Many of us have these experiences, where we could wake up people who did not see these things before.

      I am convinced that outside of the NPCs; essentially transhuman robots; lost their human capacity to discern fantasy from reality, everyone has a button to push.

      It is up to us to find that button and by preparing ourselves to the best of our capabilities, we can push it and help people gain the same epiphanies, Aha Erlebnisse and Eureka! moments we all have had and keep having.

      Get the defeatism and being strangled by chicken brain eaters (they exist, but why bother with them) out of your system.

      We are the powerful ones. The niggajews, the Voodoo People, the Satanists, the Chosenites, they are weak, pathetic hoaxers (Tesla in space), and so unnatural that everyone has this uneasy feeling that “something is not right”.

      Nature is with us; Gaia (not me) also hates the Clowns.


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