Shame cloths

I just yesterday was informed that Joe Biden “won” the election. My heart sank, as he seems to be a creep, a medical wonder who doesn’t age. I doubt he won more than a few states, that is, if any votes were actually counted. He’s run for president before, never causing more than a ripple. He’s not charismatic, the primary requirement for holding high office. He doesn’t turn anyone on, not even the kids he likes to fondle or the women whose shoulders he so creepily massages.

But then I thought … so what. The power that uncloaked on 3/11/2020 is far more infected in us and omnipresent than any elected official. Biden versus Trump wasn’t the worst choice ever, in my view. That would be 2000, and Gore versus Bush, closely followed by 2016 and Clinton versus Trump. Presidents these days are second-rate people. The process of historical revisionism makes it appear that the more distant a president in our past, the greater the person was. Even now this process is at work making Barack Obama into Rushmore material. At the book store a few days ago, I saw JFK’s bronzed image on a book that covers his life in the 1950s, prior to the 1960 election. I would assume he was just fooling around on the beach and mashing it up back then. His life was easy. PT109 was good writing, professional back story. It never happened. (For those too young to remember, the 1960 “election” was JFK versus Nixon, and was said to have been given over to JFK by means of fraud in Cook County, Illinois. That leaves us with the impression that regular vote counting went on everywhere else. Get real.)

(Richard Nixon, I must say, strikes me as an intelligent and interesting man, while George W. Bush seems very likeable. Sarah Palin is very charismatic, able to light up a room. They are not all bad.)

I think the reason my heart sank upon learning about Biden is that he has said (?) that he intends to make masking a national requirement, eliminating pockets of resistence like South Dakota , Idaho, Wyoming, Iowa and Georgia. What will a national mask mandate look like? I routinely go to the local King’s Sooper and other stores with bare face. I am the only one I see doing that. A national mandate means that if I do that, some apparatchik will produce a swastika badge at the door, and turn me away. The president, no more than the governor, has any power over me. They can only strong-arm businesses and agencies to carry out their orders. But I will be required to wear one to enter a facility, or will have to shop online and pick up groceries in the parking lot. Masks are permanent fixtures now.

Masking has nothing to do with illness or spread of a virus. The higher we travel up the food chain, the more people who understand this. Masking is behavioral psychology, that’s all. Imagine this: We are being lied to by the media and public officials about a virus that is spreading … that part is real, the lies. But we don’t encounter any sick people, and notice that deaths in all age groups are pretty much like they’ve always been, skewed toward the elderly and progressively rarer in younger age groups. We might, as with fear of elusive “terrorists” stalking us, simply turn it all off and get on with our lives as normal. We encounter others, in close quarters and at distances, and if we eat healthy food and drink good water and maintain a positive outlook, we don’t get sick. Or if we do get sick, it is the sniffles, a detoxing of airplane exhaust, petrochemicals in food, fluoride in the water, etc., life as life is in our age.

Masks, now seen on everyone, are used to intensify the fear that people are supposed to be feeling. They create the illusion that there is a virus, and news and fake PCR “positive” tests reinforce the illusion that it is spreading. Maybe ten days ago my wife got a “CODE RED” message on her phone from the governor’s office saying that Covid-19 was spreading in our area. That is nothing more than agitation propaganda. The Smith-Mundt act of 1948 makes it illegal to propagandize Americans within our boundaries. As I mentioned to Megan Ryan, the apparatchik in our governor’s office who soft-balled my FOIA, that prohibition is like a parachute in a tornado, completely ignored and useless. We swim in propaganda, and if not paying attention, drown.

Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, spoke recently about the dangers we face should the electrical grid fail, perhaps caused by the same Russian forces that stole the 2016 election for Trump. (I’m kidding!) But that gave me pause … is he warning us of things to come? Right away I found myself looking at home power backup systems. Yes, I am ashamed to say, I did that. I turned to my favorite sage, Tyrone McCloskey, on the subject, as he has said on occasion that cryptocracy is a three-step process: foreshadow, carry out, and then reveal (“now it can be told”). Schwab would have been in the foreshadowing phase, early warning. Ty seemed unafraid, calling his words “fear porn,” mentioning that in warmer climates loss of power would not cause people to freeze in the dark.

He’s probably right, but I had to think that while people won’t freeze, they might starve.

So, here am I, afraid. He got me. I have no control, I do not know the future. I need to settle down, live day-to-day, and be confident that I can manage my life and maintain a positive outlook no matter what. All it takes is that rare, rare commodity so seldom seen, now and in the past: moral courage. It’s an easy thing to talk about, much harder to internalize. We need to help one another keep a same outlook.

Commenters and writers here do their part, I will do mine.

25 thoughts on “Shame cloths

  1. I don’t believe they will grid down us because that would disconnect the subjects and their tracking device from the Umbrella Corporation.(Resident Evil was a documentary). Having a cell phone on everyone is a must.


  2. A few nights ago I had a scary COVID-related dream that made me laugh when I examined it.

    In real life, a Millennial acquaintance whom I haven’t seen in person for years constantly posts about his COVID anxieties on FB. He’s a brilliant and unconventional kid, so his total belief in this scam dismays me. He writes about how he hates going out in public because there are so many unmasked people who, in his view, lack “COVID awareness.”

    Anyway, in my dream, I boarded some kind of huge ship and this young man was on board. Somehow, I knew he was a vampire. In the reality of this dream, vampires poisoned their victims by exhaling tendrils of black steam; breathing in the black steam, I understood, meant certain death. So there were several elaborate sequences where I came across him in close quarters, he gave me an evil look as black steam billowed from his mouth, and I held my breath while running around frantically, looking for ways to escape.

    The dream’s message was crystal-clear to me when I awoke: My anxiety about other people’s belief in the scam mirrors their anxiety brought about by their belief. It’s just as ridiculous as theirs is.

    Seeing this with such clarity hasn’t made the anxiety go away. But, like you, Mark, I am doing my best.


    1. They have us surrounded. Even as the few of us who are smart enough to figure out there is no virus walk around without masks, the rest are convinced that we are the stupid ones! Dunning Krueger anyone?


  3. Compliance is complicity. A president or governor can’t compel you to do anything, but if a store clerk gives you an unconstitutional order you choose to muzzle yourself?
    Everyone is exempt. Public accomodations cannot discriminate against anyone who is exempt from this depraved psyop. If their employees harass you, they are breaking the law.


    1. Not sure if Peggy Hall mentions this tidbit in her 30-minute video but discrimination is in fact covered as part of 42 U.S.C. with this:

      (d)Support by State action
      Discrimination or segregation by an establishment is supported by State action within the meaning of this subchapter if such discrimination or segregation (1) is carried on under color of any law, statute, ordinance, or regulation; or (2) is carried on under color of any custom or usage required or enforced by officials of the State or political subdivision thereof; or (3) is required by action of the State or political subdivision thereof. Source: Cornell Law

      Couldn’t say when this sub-section paragraph was added (2000?) to the code, but there it is.


  4. When one steps back from the noise created by authority figures and fictional leaders in politics or Hollywood, there is only similarity to all the other “colonial projects” of the past. The hierarchy (overarching) is the same. As they say in Africa: “Same, same, but different.”

    Anxiety and fear seem to be reflections of too much future and not enough presence. The moment (present) is all we ever have. The true self is inside us all.

    I do have one question about the alleged, novel “messenger RNA” vaccine. Who is the messenger?


    1. Foreshadowing! All of this, and never a virus!

      Imagine there’s no virus
      It’s easy if you dare
      No masks o’er our faces
      Around us only air

      Imagine all the people living for today

      Imagine no quarantines
      It isn’t hard to do
      Nothing to hide away from
      And no vaccinations too

      Imagine all the people living life in peace

      You may say I’m a dreamer
      But I’m not the only one
      I hope some day you’ll join us
      And the world will be as one

      Merry Christmas to you too Swede. Think … dystopia!


    2. Anyone wondering why a movie entitled Wonder Woman 1984 was recently released? Wonder Woman, who saves the world, is played by Gal Gadot, an actress of Ashkenazi Jewish descent from Israel.


    3. A sci fi movie has been released entitled “COVID-21: Lethal Virus”, about an ancient rabies virus trapped in the Antarctica ice that climate change has released.

      Another movie is called “COVID-19 (2020)” synopsis: In the middle of a global pandemic, everyone is at risk. Through uncertainties, the city life continues. Fear and anxiety drive people farther apart to stay socially distanced, yet they feel closer than ever before through their struggles.

      Then there’s a sci fi movie called “Covid-2021”, not yet released.

      A short horror film entitled “Covid 2024 (2020)” takes place in the year 2024. The coronavirus has mutated and Americans are stuck with a zero-tolerance martial law in effect. This story follows several citizens as we go into their minds and see what happens when in full lockdown for several years.

      “COVID (2021)”, in pre-production, is about a scientist and his clairvoyant wife who are quarantined in a French mansion and are feverishly working on a cure to save humanity, when supernatural forces begin to disrupt their plans.

      “SARS-29 (2020)” is set in the year 2029 after a decade long pandemic kills over four billion people worldwide. It’s is a fictional documentary that explores how the world has changed through the stories of thirty survivors.

      The thriller “COVID-19: Invasion” really beats everything. It’s about Chinese bats invading America. It’s up to Navy Seal Team Six to stop them.

      Although this documentary is based on scientific evidence and other facts and thousands of hours of research have gone into it, IMDB calls “COVID-19 the System (2020)” a documentary / fantasy…

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      1. “A Very Dark Winter” statement by Biden, may be a clue that more pain is on the way.
        For 2021 possible key anagrams could be:


  5. I’m not even sure what to say to people anymore. we spent a couple of nights at friend’s cabin up here in NorCal and talk turns to , what else? Covid. I tried to explain my position bu the only response is “what about 300k deaths”? What do you say to someone who says they just lost a friend to C-19? Or that a friend is in a medically induced coma because of C-19? Or my wife send me an article of nurses treating C-19 patients who still call it a hoax? So I basically just shut up and let them commiserate.

    Don’t know if you seen this painting by Jordan Henderson called Sanity, Her son and the Credulous.

    It is a perfect visualization of a quote attributed to St Anthony the Great:

    “A time is coming when men will go mad. When they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him (her) and say “You are mad! You are not like us.”



  6. We (extended family) broke the cv rules last night and celebrated Christmas Eve. Fortunately, this portion of the family is all like minded including one older millennial (the younger millennials are not even approachable on the cv fraud, and I have gone so far as to accuse them of gaslighting, which they admitted and apologized for) Anyway, we talked nonstop about the plandemic, reset, election fraud, and filled in a lot of blanks for each other.
    This morning I realized why they are so adamant about preventing gatherings, at home or in restaurants, bars, etc…it really is to prevent all nontechnical communication because 1) they can’t track/control it and 2) it’s definitely effective. When someone is sitting across from you at a table and speaking their thoughts/ideas which just happen to match EXACTLY to your own, its very empowering.
    Yes there’s Alexa, smart TV’s and a cell phone in everyone’s pocket, but the govt. ‘controllable’ data is via internet and text and if that stops, or lessens due to actual in-person conversation, the narrative, I believe, would slowly unravel.
    Merry Christmas!!


  7. Face to face… I’m aghast… I’ve yet to wear a face diaper. It’s kind of lonely in home depot like that. Walmart is unaccessible. I actually walk up to people not wearing a mask and thank them. At first they think I’m mocking them until they see my maskless self.

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  8. Great piece, great comments… I like that “Imagine” rewrite, might have to post to fb and see what response it gets (w credit of course.)

    Slightly off-topic… a “normie” friend with a philosophy phD likes to debate me about it all (on fb no less) and we got off onto Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.” (Seems like that’s come up here, but I can’t remember what was said about it.)

    Anyway, it gave me the idea of writing a piece to be titled:

    What if Science is Just a Confirmation Bias Machine?

    Unfortunately, no article was forthcoming, just the title… Maybe I would start with this random paper on global warming I once came across. It was just some research on god knows what piece of atmospheric or geologic minutiae – particles of this or that, accumulated over time in this or that place. Typical sort of field research that, outside the social institution of masses of accumulated data, would be just completely hopeless and thankless taken on its own. Little soldiers carrying out Bacon’s prescription for increasing the overall share of human knowledge by such fine-grained pursuits.

    But what struck me was that at the end of the paper, there was this boiler plate appended that related the micro to the macro – how this research contributed to the official theory, in fact supported it. More research was needed of course (another standard boiler plate), but all was well in Science Land – they had added a few more grains of sand to the official sand castle of global warming, a few more grains of corroboration. You see, they don’t set out to FALSIFY their assumptions – they openly and without embarrassment go around confirming and corroborating their biases.

    “We already KNOW that man-made global warming is real, you dummy. See, we have all these past studies CONFIRMING it. And, every day, we keep adding MORE that confirm it even more! Now, don’t ask what we do if we turn up any evidence that tends to call into question our priors… Those are a little hush-hush, and as much as possible we try to blot them out of our vision. Pretend they don’t exist. (Unless one of our very clever brethren gets ahold of the disconcerting data and manages to spin it in such a way so as to actually support the official theory. Big awards for that sort of work… But if you can’t pull that off, best just to ignore it…)”

    Do the top guns in the field set the “bias” – or the paradigm, in Kuhn’s wording – and then all the “disciplined minds” go about finding the evidence that supports it, and disregarding any that could falsify it? Is that how it works? I really don’t know, just surmising.

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  9. I thought most that post here realized the election process isn’t over just yet. There is no way Biden received that many votes. A Trump victory is still in the cards. Yet sadly even with another four years of Trump, face coverings, vaccinations and the rest of the Covid hoax story will probably continue on to achieve it’s real agenda.


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