How Deeply Sports is Scripted

With the Super Bowl last night, there is a lot of interest on Conspiracy boards today about game fixing and scripting. Most of it is on a pretty shallow level of the onion (“It’s all about the money, man”, “It’s just the refs”, “It’s just a couple players”). I made some really long posts in the comments section of old articles that have gotten some interest online. I decided to put everything here while scripted sports are a topic of debate so it can be found easily.

Here is a link to an article on scripted sports from a few months ago. The comments below can be found here and here. Here is a great article by Tyrone on the Ray Chapman incident.

This is what I originally sent to MM that got him curious:

“I thought this might interest you since I haven’t seen you write an article about sports.

I’ve suspected the NFL was a military creation for a long time in order to replace baseball as the top American sport (not completely sure why) and be a stronger form of propaganda. The sport itself is very military-oriented with disciplined formation,a quarterback as a general, etc. Another red flag is that some of the earliest history of football is between Harvard and Yale.

I started looking at the original owners of NFL teams. Owners like Tim Mara of the NY Giants who was a bookmaker/mafia connected businessman, which may or may not be CIA-connected at that time (1920’s).

It starts to get interesting in the early 60’s where the AFL is formed. Here is the background of the new owners:
Bud Adams (Houston Oilers) – Former Navy
Ralph Wilson (Buffalo Bills) – Former Navy
Joe Foss (1st Commissioner) – Former Navy and Air Force
Bob Howsam (Denver Broncos) – Former Navy
Barron Hilton (San Diego Chargers) – Former Navy (and Hilton hotels relative)
Al Davis (Oakland Raiders) – U.S. Army Volunteer
Art Modell – U.S. Army – Went into broadcasting in 1947 on G.I. Bill

This is of course only scratching the surface. I’ve suspected the games of being fixed for a while but only recently realized they had certain players and coaches purposely throwing games on a weekly basis and during every playoff game.

I also suspect that fracking billionaire Terry Pegula is also a spook with a very limited biography before he showed up in Penn State shortly before the (most likely fake) Penn State child abuse scandal and then purchased the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills.

What this means is that not only do we not know who really owns these billion dollar football teams, but that the Forbes list is not only hiding the richest people, but they are putting spooks in the issue posing as fake billionaires.

Here’s a link to a 1983 Frontline showing the NFL connections to game-fixing and the mob, which we now know is just a front for intelligence. It’s looking like the doc was just misdirection, but still gives us interesting clues regardless connecting Al Davis and Eugene Klein to the mob/intelligence.”

He shortly after wrote the Tiger Woods article. Then some time later I sent him this:

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Had big problems at home and then once I did start writing the paper, I was overwhelmed by the scope. Instead of not doing it, I figured I would write a detailed outline for you of what I would’ve included (along with the few pages I did write about Cam Newton) and then if you’re interested in diving into anything, you are free to do so. The Penn State Pedophilia Hoax in particular may interest you. Note that most of my research on Penn State I posted at the September Clues forum when I was a member, just so you don’t get accused of plagiarism.

Most NFL scandals such as Deflategate, Spygate, Bountygate, etc. are faked to increase TV ratings and keep the NFL in the news in the offseason.
Recently they did Deflategate to make the Patriots a “villian” before giving them a SB. They created a HGH scandal for Peyton Manning before his SB win this year.
The drug test suspensions are misdirection from HGH and PED use being nearer to 100% than 0%. NHL players in particular the last few years have been having season-ending injuries due to blood clots which are a side effect of certain PEDs. These were rare in the past.

NFL is in bed with intelligence agendas. Commercials focusing mainly on emasculating men and making women appear stronger, smarter, and more responsible. Have a whole month dedicated to breast cancer where players wear pink, domestic violence ads, etc.

Military salutes, military jet flybys, soldiers singing the National Anthem and folding large American flags before games, constant “let’s applaud our men in uniform” comments on the speaker phone. Propaganda and recruiting always, now in all professional sports leagues.

NFL told the St. Louis Rams that they would not have to do the Hard Knocks reality show if they use a draft pick on 1st gay NFL player Michael Sam who probably wouldn’t have been drafted if he was straight. Meanwhile the NFL covers up gay superstars such as Aaron Rodgers, Michael Strahan, Odell Beckham Jr and possibly others like Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens.

Controlled opposition claims that only refs fix games (which they do), but the dirty truth is that certain players and coaches throw games too on every team. If this fact ever got out in public, the fans would burn down every NFL stadium.
That’s part of the reason they allowed the Tim Donaghy scandal to go public (if it wasn’t faked outright). To give the impression that it is only a rogue ref and if it ever happens again, the people will be caught.

Refs however can control most games with ease by calling ambiguous penalties at critical times depending on who they favor. Most of these calls are holding and pass interference, which happen on every single snap anyway, so the refs simply pick and choose which penalties to call. These calls are always not reviewable.
That’s how the NBA refs have been fixing games for decades. Most of Michael Jordan’s last 3 championships are due to him being given a foul shot for just being touched. The NBA is known to favor superstars.

The NHL turns this up during the Playoffs and has recently implemented a new rule where they can call a no goal if the offsides happened from the moment the players entered the zone. So several times this season we are seeing goals called back on plays that happened 30 seconds earlier. This gives the NHL options in case a team they don’t want to win scores a goal.

The more mainstream controlled opposition is “refs are stupid and incompetent”. The NFL has needed to do this due to the overwhelming amount of inexplicable calls at the end of games this past season. Nearly every week a team lost due to a referee error at the end of the game. To overcome the obvious fixing, the NFL has been telling ESPN to push the “refs are terrible” storyline.

The professional sports leagues flood “third party” fan message boards with agents that do their best to portray themselves as fans, ingratiate themselves in the community, and engage fans in dialogue away from what they don’t want them talking about. They also do PR control for the league and lock any threads discussing games being fixed. Many of these third-party forums are owned by the NFL anyway, or intelligence.

The popular Buffalo Bills board “Two Bills Drive” (which is a sister site of Sabre Space which is a Buffalo Sabres NHL board). The administrator is one Scott Sarama who’s Linkedin says he’s an Optical Engineer at a Naval Research Lab. Ties in with what I’ll said in previous emails about the Navy.
A disturbing amount of the original NFL owners who came directly from the Navy and into the NFL.

Jerry Jones was involved with Teamsters prior to the NFL, creating his fortune from a $1 Million dollar loan from them. What connections did he have to get that loan?

Former Cowboys QB Roger Staubach is now supposedly worth hundreds of millions from investing in oil after his career. Also has Navy connections.
The case of John Spano may have been a hoax since he was recommended by Staubach (who is probably connected) and may have been done to give the impression that all sports owners are legit and any fakes will get caught. Truth being that most sports owners are just fronts for somebody else’s money.
After Ralph Wilson, elderly owner of the Buffalo Bills (original owner with connections to Navy) passed away a few years back the team went up for sale. The three top bidders were Donald Trump, Jon Bon Jovi, and Terry Pegula.
Donald Trump came in out of nowhere and made a big show and dance about the team and then was found out to have offered the lowest bid. With his recent presidential candidacy, we should now consider that he was told to bid on the team in order to distract and make a media circus.

Jon Bon Jovi was being fronted by a group in Toronto and was portrayed by the media and fans as the villain who wanted to move the team, something that would’ve been PR suicide especially considering the Bills in Toronto series was a disaster with nobody in Toronto showing up or buying tickets.

Who recommended Bon Jovi to the NFL? Why Jerry Jones and Roger Staubach of course. Bon Jovi was born in NJ and was the son of a Playboy bunny (Playboy being a spook mag). Both his parents were marines. Bon Jovi got into the music business because of his cousin who owned a record studio. Or that is the Wikipedia story. With these strange connections, who knows.

The winner was fracking billionaire Terry Pegula, who came out of nowhere in 2011 to purchase the Buffalo Sabres and claimed he was a fan all his life. Trouble was nobody in Buffalo ever heard of him, and now in 5 short years he owned both sports teams.

Pegula’s right hand man on the Sabres is Cliff Benson who was on board of Second Mile, the charity that Jerry Sandusky used as a front to rape children at Penn State. This fact is never mentioned in Buffalo media.

A few months before the Penn State scandal went public, Terry Pegula donated $102 million dollars to Penn State to build a hockey arena. Immediately after the purchased the Sabres and then the scandal hit. Funny timing.

In the only Benson interview on Youtube he discusses Operation Backbone which gives spine treatments to injured soldiers. Why the Sabres are sponsoring this? Benson gives off a spook vibe himself in the video.

The top search on Google for “Cliff Benson Second Mile” is an article giving the impression that Benson had hardly anything to do with Second Mile. A man named David Woodle is quoted in the article saying this. A quick search on Woodle shows he was a contractor for Raytheon which is a defense contractor. Another military connection.

Meanwhile in the comments of the article is a post (put at the top despite no upvotes) which directs a user to Fast Eddie Savitz as the real Penn State molester. His Wiki page is disgusting and repulsive, probably written by an intelligence intern.

The goal being controlled opposition to those who don’t want to think Sandusky did the crimes. Truth is that it was probably hoaxed.

Sandusky represented by Joe Amendola who (like the OJ case) barely made a defense for his client, had him give interviews before the trial that destroyed him in the public eye, and is inexplicably smiling in his press conference after his client was convicted.

John Ziegler is a documentarian and former political radio host (and a Georgetown spook) who was all over the media claiming Sandusky didn’t do it. He was clearly controlled opposition.

If you are interested in more detail on Sandusky, here is the thread in September Clues. I am TokyoJoe.

Back to Pegula, who had basically zero internet footprint before he appeared out of nowhere selling his company for 2.3 billion and donating $100M to Penn State. He also started a Country music company (the Country scene being well connected to military funding).

In his TV puff pieces they show him in a magazine from the early 90’s but the pictures appear faked. Take a look to see what you think in the link above.
So if they are faking his past he is most likely a spook who was a front in a fracking firm who has been reassigned to be a sports owner. The General Manager and Assistant GM also look like spooks in the pics in the link as well. This means that many top people on NFL teams including front office people are spooks. Tells you how serious they take the game.

Anyways Pegula arrives in Buffalo at the same time Yahoo opens a hydropower plant in the Buffalo area and Elon Musk’s Solar City builds a factory. Keep in mind that Pegula was involved with fracking. What do the spooks have planned in Buffalo with energy? Who knows.

Since all games are fixed, Vegas ALWAYS wins.

A 1984 Frontline documentary painted the mob as having penetrated the NFL and fixed games by paying off players and refs. We now know this is misdirection since the mob is intelligence and the sports teams fix games themselves.
The NFL earliest beginnings come from Harvard Vs. Yale football games. So spook central.

Owners from the 20’s like Paul Mara and Rooney were bookmakers. The Giants and Steelers are still owned by their grandsons and happen to win Super Bowls every 5 years or so.

NBA and NHL commissioners have been Jewish for a while now including David Stern (who’s protegee Gary Bettman became NHL commissioner) and now Adam Silver who replaced him.

NBA and NHL fix lotteries every year and give the best players to the teams of their choice. Misdirection is the obvious 1984 NY Knicks/Ewing lottery fix. Truth is all the lotteries are fixed. They can’t afford to have a superstar go to a small market team unless it gives them a great narrative or need to save the franchise or build a market in that city.

NCAA is very, very dirty. Multi-billion dollar organization that manages to not pay it’s athletes due to “student athlete laws” and claim a scholarship is more than enough despite them selling the player’s jerseys, promoting them for TV, and using their likeness everywhere. Total cartel.

Begin in 1951 with Walter Byers as commissioner. He was 29 when hired and his bio before 1951 is scrubbed. Even in his autobiography he does not talk about anything before 1951. How does a 29 year old get a job of that magnitude?
NCAA constantly has investigations on teams that supposedly “cheated” by paying a player a few bucks or faking grades. They then punish these teams very harshly. Truth is that every Major D-1 team pays players 5 or 6 figures under the table and fakes grades. I know this from a source inside the business so I don’t have evidence for you direct but I think it would be easy to figure out.
So this means the NCAA fakes these scandals to give the impression of caring about student athletes so they can portray to the public that paying them is a terrible thing.

Recently Syracuse was given an extremely harsh punishment for faking one player’s test and other minor things such as allowing players to work part-time at a YMCA and driving one kid to his house 45 minutes away. They banned them from the tournament for one year. Sure enough, this year Syracuse goes on a shocking run to the Final Four. A reward for taking the fall.

They lose to UNC who is also undergoing a faked papers investigation. A reward for them as well. Syracuse had a pedophilia scandal immediately after Penn State where an assistant coach was accused of assaulting two ball boys 10 years ago. Due to the suspicions around Penn State, Syracuse is now suspicious as well. They have a well known communications department that has produced dozens of media people that work in all major networks. Head coach Jim Boeheim is best friends with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski who is the winningest coach of all time, and always favored by the NCAA and never punished. Who did he coach before Duke? Army.

I believe it or not tried to make it as brief as possible. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask me questions. Below is my 2 or 3 pages on Cam Newton and the most recent Super Bowl.

Millions of people saw Cam Newton choose to allow a defender to recover a game-deciding fumble in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, rather than jump on the ball himself. Why would a QB coming off a 15-1 breakout season choose such a loser move during crunch time of a supremely winning season? Cam Newton is 6’5 and 245 pounds. Why would he be so scared of jumping into a pile with 6’3 249 Von Miller who caused the fumble and 5’10 and 200 pound Safety TJ Ward who recovered the fumble?

Let’s back up a bit on Newton first. While a Sophomore in Florida, Newton was kicked off the team for stealing a laptop from a fellow student. Once police tracked down the laptop, Newton chose to throw the laptop out the window in an attempt to hide it from the cops. This is the character of a supposed leader of a successful professional football team.

After playing a year in Junior College, Newton transferred to Auburn where he suddenly led them to an undefeated season, #1 national ranking, National Championship, and Heisman trophy for best player in the country. A startling turnaround. We’ll see this storyline reemerge later on. During this run, he dealt with a pay-for-play scandal where his father was accused of asking Auburn $120,000-$180,000 for Newton’s athletic services. I will later on show why these controversies are manufactured by the NCAA in order to protect its incredibly unfair and illegal Student Athlete façade. The NCAA of course dropped all allegations 13 months later.

Drafted by the Panthers, our first red flag shows up during his first NFL game where he broke the NFL rookie record for passing yards on opening day. Looking back, this is now suspicious. Over his next 4 seasons Cam Newton was known as a physically talented QB who was a borderline top 10 QB, making the playoffs but losing in the first round both times.

That is until 2015 rolled around. Despite losing #1 receiver Kelvin Benjamin during the pre-season, Cam Newton cruised to an MVP season winning game after game while being crowned by ESPN and sports media as the best player in the game. All this with the Panthers being an average team on paper and predicted to finish 10-6 by ESPN and most outside observers. The Panthers winning streak made no sense to those watching the games. If the Panthers aren’t that good, why are they winning games like this? How are they close to having a perfect season? A feat that has only been done a few times in the 50 year history of the NFL.

To understand what happened you need to understand where the NFL is in regards to QBs. Brady and Manning are in the twilight of their careers. The best QB in the league is Aaron Rodgers who is gay, in a macho sport, and needs a celebrity beard to cover it up. Russell Wilson also has gay rumors and has been favored by the NFL during the Seahawks last two Super Bowl runs. RGIII and Kaepernick had hopes but ended up being busts. This leaves us Andrew Luck as the only true, slam dunk superstar QB the NFL has moving forward. This is no bueno for the NFL who relies on star QBs to market to fans. Time to manufacture a superstar QB.

Enter Cam Newton. An incredible physical specimen who can’t seem to put it all together. To counter-act his disingenuous personality, the NFL PR department starts having Cam Newton give his TD balls to carefully planted children in the end zone. This leads to scripted fawning by ESPN talking heads. And another script that leads directly to a showdown between Newton and old superstar Peyton Manning.

The Manning family has long been favored by the NFL going back to their father Archie Manning who was a QB in the 70’s and 80’s. Peyton only has one Super Bowl ring despite being one of the best QBs of all time. On the other hand his athletically inferior brother Eli Manning (who plays in the New York metropolitan area) has won 2 Super Bowls against the far superior New England Patriots in stunning (and suspicious) comeback victories.

After taking one year off to perform multiple neck surgeries, Manning signs with the Broncos and leads them to 3 straight offensively record-breaking seasons. All after nearly retiring after those neck surgeries. Around the middle of the 2015 season Peyton Manning had visibly lost nearly all his arm strength and had to be carried to victories by his defense. The NFL realizing that they can only fix so many Broncos victories with Manning playing the way he was, then most likely pressured the Broncos to put Manning on the injury list until the Playoffs which they did in Week 10.

The final narrative was obvious. Manning in his last game vs new superstar Cam Newton. Newton avoided the fumble on cue. Reading over this you should now begin to suspect that the NFL creates narratives at the beginning of the season with some flexibility depending on what happens. This puts the NFL on par with the WWE with the only difference being that millions of fans spend thousands of dollars without realizing the games are fixed towards favored teams.

During Super Bowl 49, you can see this fakery exposed during the final drive. With the Seahawks down 4, Russell Wilson throws a poor ball down the right sideline (short of the end zone) that is miraculously (and probably mistakenly) caught by rookie receiver Jermaine Kearse who was most likely not in on the fix.
You see, I don’t believe every player is in on the fixes, simply because that would entail too many players knowing and potentially spilling secrets. I believe only a few players on each team are employed to throw games. All it requires is the QB, one OL, one DB, the head coach, and the coordinators to fix games. If the opposing teams have a secret radio between coordinators during a game, they can call plays that would ensure one team scores or makes a big gain without most player’s knowledge since the players would be too far out of position to do anything about it. The blame would fall on “poor play calls” which are all too common in the NFL along with “bad clock management” and “incompetent officiating”. Yet nobody questions how a league of this size and with this much money can’t get better officiating or teach coaches how to manage the clock.

After the incredible Kearse catch, you see Kearse nodding his head in excitement at the incredible position the Seahawks find themselves in. But if you watch the video of the game here starting at 10:04 you see something odd. Certain players seem almost concerned about this great catch. Star CB Richard Sherman (with the long hair) looks like how a Patriots player should look. Compare his expression to #25 in front of him (who is clearly not in on the fix). Something wrong with that picture? Owner Paul Allen look shocked, and not in a good way, despite his family celebrating around him.
What happens afterwards is well known. Instead of repeatedly running the ball in with Marshawn Lynch who is one of the top RBs in the league, the Seahawks (who have 25 seconds and a 2nd down) decide to throw the ball leading to an INT by the Patriots on a routine throw that is almost never intercepted. Another fixed Super Bowl. The Seahawks victory the year before is also suspicious with Peyton Manning supposedly choking in the final game of a historic, record breaking offensive season.


I appreciate your comments very much, and even moreso that you read everything and were open to it. The scope of all the information is what stopped me from writing a paper on it.

Pete Rose was mentioned in this paper:
If you want to search his site, go to Google and type “Pete Rose”

Or whatever query you’d like to search in the quotation marks.

I have something interesting to add. A few weeks ago I was in one of my anti-authority moods and went on Quora (a Bay Area intelligence/group-think website) where a question was “Is the Super Bowl rigged?” Of course all the “Yes” answers are downvoted and all the “No” answers are upvoted.

Well I wrote out a long and aggressive post explaining how most games are fake and many players and coaches are in on it. I was expecting a backlash and I got one pretty quick from a poster that was standard disinfo by the book.

After a few skeptical posts he suddenly did a 180 and started pointing out fixed Super Bowl games and what to look for. Then he told me to watch the Red Sox game that night and watch David Ortiz closely (who had a very good game that night). When I thanked him for the tip, he responded in latin programming code “Watch Out For Yellow Jackets”. I believe he was a disinfo agent who wanted to drop hints without alerting his superiors.

Here is my post (I am anonymous), please read the comments and watch how Wesley Meyer goes from asking for evidence, to telling me what to look out for. (Note, he is now Gordon Halsey)

As for who is in on it, in the Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl, Russell Wilson looks less than excited after the Kearse catch and jogs off the field with the same attitude after the interception. The poster above told me to watch the highlights of the Raiders-Bucs Super Bowl and keep an eye on the sidelines. Well I noticed both head coaches overacting after every big play, while the rest of the sideline is only moderately celebrating or sulking.

The Bills-Giants “Wide Right” Super Bowl is also suspicious when I watch the Bills final drive. We see the Giants barely put on a pass rush, the Bills run the ball with 30 seconds left and no timeouts while about 10 yards out of field goal range, and rushing off the field with 8 seconds left without even discussing going for one more play to get a better field goal.

The Bills kicker, Scott Norwood, happens to have been born in a suburb of Langley, and if you watch the kick, it actually looks like he purposely kicks it wide right.

I know I’ve said before that I think most players are not in on it, but watching that drive, it felt like all 22 players on the field were in on it. So who knows how far this fakery extends.


OK, I got a big one.

I was looking at the Wiki for Clint Malarchuk, the NHL goalie famous for having his throat slashed and it seemed legit. What was strange is that the 2008 Richard Zednik incident was flagged with an 8. I checked Zednik’s page and the incident was also flagged. I had no clue how they could fake this since I watched this game live and remember how scary it was.

But watch the replay for yourself at 1:56. Don’t worry about the blood, I think it’s fake, and like the Tate murder it has not been examined closely because of it’s graphic nature.

You’ll see his teammate’s skate lightly tap the right side of his neck. He starts going down and blood squirts out of his left glove! Watch closely. Watching it fast you think it must be squirting out of his neck, but it’s actually clearly coming out of his glove!

I googled to see if anybody else has noticed this and all I could find was this comment on a message board: “One of the comments on You tube said it was fake “just like wrestling.” Is this a troll or just stupid…. or both.”

For this to work, you needed 3 players involved. One Sabre, and two Panthers. The Sabres player is Clarke MacArthur and on his Wiki page he is flagged with an 8 when it said he signed a 2 year deal with the Sabres in 2009, the season after the incident. He is marked with an 11 when it says he signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs for $1.1 million for the 2010-2011 season.

MacArthur kicks out the legs of the Panthers player when crashing into the boards, which is an odd hockey move, and the Panthers player, rather than going straight down, kicks one leg in the air like a figure skater and lightly taps Zednik on the neck (perhaps the Panthers player was wearing a safety device on his skate for this incident?) who goes down with fake blood coming out of a section of his glove.

I just don’t know how you can explain the blood coming out of the glove, and then the numerology pointing towards an event that I have never heard anybody show suspicion towards. Immediately after the injury they show the Panthers head coach grimacing, but it almost looks like he’s smiling. Weird, weird stuff.

This is worse than the 1985 NBA draft, because that you can explain that to the mainstream via “greedy owners and commissioners”, but how you do you explain this? Three NHL players involved, plus the training staff, plus the NHL. Just crazy.


It’s tough to say. If you haven’t watched the 1985 NBA Lottery video, you should. It was a blatant fix and even the MSM doesn’t deny it.

I’m confident that all draft lotteries are fixed at the top. Like the Cavaliers getting the #1 pick (despite the lowest odds) shortly before Lebron announced he was coming back to the Cavs. That entire story feels scripted, along with the Miami “villain” stuff.

And then there are those dynasties in every sport that draft low but still end up with some of the best talent. Teams like the Patriots, Steelers, and Ravens in the NFL, the Red Wings in the NHL, and the Spurs in the NBA.

In fact, the Patriots trade their late first round picks for multiple 2nd and 3rd rounders. These players then plug into their system and replace former All Pros like nothing even happened. The Red Wings keep lucking out on 7th round European players.

I used to think it was just elite scouting and coaching, but seeing how the NFL fixes games for the Patriots, I now start to wonder if some of these players are gifted to the teams. For example, Rob Gronkowski was a 2nd rounder to the Patriots and is now on pace to be probably the greatest TE ever.


Last night, on a whim, I decided to watch the full 1993 Super Bowl between the Bills and Cowboys since I was given a tip on that game from somebody.

The game was a blowout that the Cowboys won 52-17 and is famous for a meaningless fumble by Don Beebe in the 4th quarter. Well watching the game, the Bills were beating up the Cowboys in the 1st quarter with the refs assistance. Whenever the Cowboys made a great play, the refs would call it back and allow the Bills to take a lead. I found that interesting. It seems that they wanted the Bills to take the lead early to “keep it interesting” before letting the Cowboys win.

Shortly afterwards the Bills kept throwing interception after interception. Down 14-7 and on the goalline with an easy TD to tie the game in sight, suddenly All-Pro Bills RB Thurman Thomas hurts his leg and has to sit out the series. The Bills backup RB gets stuffed at the line and next play Jim Kelly throws an interception in the end zone leaving the Bills with 0 points. That was the turning point in the game. Shortly before that, Bills Pro Bowl Center Kent Hull also left with an injury.

Thurman Thomas comes back next play like nothing happened. I suspect that injury was faked. In the 2nd quarter Jim Kelly hurts his knee on a sack (although I couldn’t see the injury in the replay) and leaves the game and backup QB Frank Reich finishes the game throwing a host of interceptions. One play the Bills intercepted a ball and the refs call it incomplete. The announcer immediately congratulates the ref on a great call, yet on the two replays they showed it looked like a legitimate interception to me.

So the game was an obvious fix, and it seemed like both coaching staffs were completely on board. Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas, AT LEAST, would have had to be on board if they were faking injuries. It just makes me sick because I’m from Buffalo and I see how these guys are treated like legends. Now I know the truth.

But it gets ugly folks, turns out the military background in the NFL is worse than I thought and extends further out than owners.

During the game they kept showing Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson on the sideline and something about his vibe just repulsed me. He did not appear like a great football mind, but more like a plant. I look up his Wiki and first thing I notice is he is in camouflage in his main picture. I’ve been suspecting that when a celebrity with no official military ties is wearing military clothing or with military in a Wiki picture, then that is a sign that he is military (along with numerology). I noticed this with several people. Take a look:

There’s lots more. I mean, these guys have no real connection to the military. There are thousands of pictures to choose from. Why are they choosing to show them wearing military clothing in the main picture?

I take that as my hint that Jimmy Johnson is military. He went to high school with Janis Joplin which was Laurel Canyon-connected. Buffalo Bills GM during the Super Bowl years was Bill Polian who is also famous for being the GM of Peyton Manning’s Colts. He is considered one of the greatest GMs of all time. Well he has 14 years missing in his bio between college and the USFL. He went to a Marine Academy and then coached Trinity School in Manhattan (Trinity being a signal for intelligence).

Bills coach Marv Levy was former Air Force. I mentioned earlier that owner Ralph Wilson was former Navy along with so many other original owners. Well reading the Wiki bio closer I see that he was a 33rd Degree Freemason (note the 33). Well the Bills history is just filled with military. Here are some former Buffalo Bills coaches:

Chan Gailey – Coached 4 years at Air Force
Lou Saban – Coached Army
Bills GM John Butler – Former Marine
Mike Mularkey – Wearing Navy hat in Wiki picture
Doug Marrone – Coached Coast Guard
Buster Ramsey – Navy
Joe Collier – Army
John Rauch – Coached Army
Perry Fewell – Position Coach at Army
Wade Phillips – Father Bum Phillips was Elite Marine
Rex Ryan – Father Bud Ryan was Sergeant during Korean War

We’re talking 80-90% of all Bills coaches have been connected somehow to the military. With Bill Polian seeming like a high-level spook, it puts the Bills Super Bowl teams under scrutiny. Not only were they possibly better than all 4 teams they lost to, but it’s possible they were placed in the Super Bowl to begin with. Both Wade Phillips and Rex Ryan are beloved NFL coaches who keep being given 2nd chances. It seems they are a legacy in the NFL with their father’s military connections and coaching “success”.

But it gets worse.

Everyone knows the Patriots unreal success the past 10-15 years. Bill Belichick’s father was a scout for the Navy for 30+ years. Belichick supposedly met his shady sidekick Ernie Adams at a Prep school when Adams recognized Belichick because he had read his father’s obscure scouting book. How unlikely is that. They met at Phillips Academy which is one of the top prep schools in the Country. How did Ernie Adams get into that academy? We don’t know because they don’t mention his parents. Looks like a spook academy.

How about all the other “great” NFL coaches:

Vince Lombardi – Coached at West Point
Hank Stram – Former Military
Tom Landry – 2nd Lieutenant in Air Force

Chiefs Owner Lamar Hunt attended Culver Military Academy with Titans Owner Bud Adams. Also attending were both Steinbrenners (NY Yankees owners).

What about NFL Commissioners:

Roger Goodell – Son of a Senator
Pete Rozelle – Former Navy
Austin Gunsel – Former FBI
Bert Bell – 1st Sergeant in WWI

Other NFL coaches and players from military families:

Jim Caldwell – Heavy Military Family
Frank Reich (Bills backup QB and current Head Coach Prospect – Father was Marines
Larry Fitzgerald – Uncle AND Aunt are Lieutenant Colonels
John Fox – Father was one of the original Navy Seals
Marvin Lewis – Father was Army
Rod Marinelli – Vietnam Veteran
Andy Reid – Father was Navy
Ron Rivera (Panthers Coach) – Father was Army Officer
Norv Turner – Father was Marine

You’ll note that pretty much every successful coach in NFL history was either connected to the military or had someone in their immediate family who was also.

What about the greatest coach in NBA history, Red Auerbach. Former Navy and coached at Navy.

What about the great original NHL owners and originators:

Patrick Family – Wealthy from lumber, connected to McGill university and several 1933 mentions.
Conn Smyth – Lieutenant in WWI
Lord Stanley – VERY connected in Politics, Military, and through bloodlines
Art Ross – Wealthy family, close to Patrick family
James Norris – Wealthy family

So this nonsense extends to all sports. In fact most Original NBA owners came from the NHL. I suspect they still own both leagues. That’s why they are on the same schedule with the same 82 games and trade Jewish commissioners.

It stinks folks, pretty much every successful coach is controlled opposition. Paul Brown is another one I just found.


Are you ready for a trip down the rabbit hole?

Wiki tells me that Chuck Pagano and Jim Kelly never actually had cancer.
Lou Gehrig and Jimmy Valvano faked their deaths. (I’ve since revised my opinion and think Jim Kelly probably did have cancer and TPTB just capitalized on it, but who knows).

The Valvano one made me puke in my mouth a bit. Just knowing how much they promote that sob story every year in College Basketball to promote the probably fake Jimmy V Foundation. It’s unbelievable and just disgusting.

The NHL rigged the Cup for Crosby and the Penguins this year.
Even though there is no marker for it, I would put down good money the Warriors will win the NBA finals.
The entire baseball steroid scandal is fake, along with the Olympic sprinter scandals involving Marion Jones. They rigged the Home Run races for Mcgwire and Bonds. They’re rigging the A-Rod all-time home run chase right now. His suspension last year was fake.
Usain Bolt has been manufactured as well. Not saying he’s not a great sprinter, but many or most of his medals have been bought off, particularly the 2009 Berlin 200m and 2012 Olympic Gold.


The Schilling “bloody sock” incident was staged, and the entire series rigged.
Babe Ruth’s marriage was fake (gay?) and his trade to the Yankees was flagged.
Muhammad Ali’s height and reach is flagged, as well as all of his activism. I would include his “draft dodging” too.
Ali-Liston was rigged.
I’m getting signals Miracle On Ice was a rigged game.
The 1992 Dream Team’s run was rigged.

Basically every great sports event you have ever read about, heard about, or watched on TV was probably staged or fixed.


And some great stuff from our very own Tyrone:

Where to begin… Try this guy as a start-’m not sure I trust him- He has the taint of controlled opposition-

Baseball is a Masonic ritual, played on a compass and square design- Alexander Cartwright, who allegedly wrote the rule book in the 1840’s, was a Wall Street banker and a big organizer of fire brigades- He also helped usher out the monarchy of Hawaii in the late 19th century; for whom I cannot say, though, as a Mason, he would be subservient to the British Royal Navy- As such, his variant on pre-existing ball games that flourished in Britain prior to America’s founding (ie, Rounders) would be a natural affectation of Masonic influence- And being a ritual, the outcome is always predetermined- Sure, St. Louis, a very pro-military franchise, might win one year, while the SF Giants, face of techdom, wins in other years, (Or Boston, a last place team, wins it all in Boston Strong’s year of the hoax) but the results are always the same: 9 guys on one side beat 9 guys on the other side- The magic number 3 abounds in the measurements of the ritual- (For a while, in the sixties and seventies, baseball stadiums were built to resemble perfect circles and where foul lines were uniformly measured at 330 feet) As well, the initiate must go through three phases, or degrees: 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, before he is reunited with the whole at “home” plate-

As of this writing, the Chicago Cubs are poised to break their century plus curse of title-less existence- In my view, this drought has been allowed because Wrigley Field has been sold out for decades and there is no reason to throw that toddlin’ town a bone if losing doesn’t affect ticket sales- Give the titles to franchises that need it (KC) or play the propaganda game well (StL/Bos)- These days, many stadiums are sold out all season, or close to it, so the titles can be pursued often by actual competition- Free agency, superstation networks (ComCast) and inter-league scheduling has homogenized the product to the point where it doesn’t really matter who wins- If tweaking is required, I believe roster management is the agency by which baseball controls pennant races and post season results- That is, is that ace pitcher or star outfielder really hurt where he has to spend the next two months on the shelf?

Football, of course, is a joke- It’s played by sado-masochistic man-childs, ruled over by hostile administrator father figures who are tasked with creating “action” in order to fleece gamblers and abscond with the public’s trust- It’s also a main ingredient for conjuring the false reality passed off as non-fiction television/news/current events/”history”, living and dead- For example, in 2013 the 49er/Ravens Super Bowl was a classic alchemical induction ritual: The Ravens, black/base material, took on the 49ers, gold prospectors with gold helmets- The Ravens jumped to a big lead until the Ravens began making obvious mistakes to let the Niners back in the game- Then the lights in the temple/stadium went out for, wait for it, 33 minutes- After that, the Niners came roaring back and nearly won the game- They could not be allowed to win the game because that would have changed the ritual into a fable, and that’s not what these events are for: They are not teaching moments; they are staged to induce visions of a completely false reality- In this case, base material turned into illusory gold- The Matrix is in pure form on Super Bowl Sunday-
(Speaking of rituals, when the Seahawks beat the Broncos the next year, the Seahawks head coach was doused with bright orange Gatorade, the same color orange of the Broncos- It was a nod to the October Horse ritual of ancient Rome where a horse’s sacrificial blood was sprinkled in flame to commemorate the close of the military campaign season)


Tyrone again:

I won’t say that my tongue was firmly in cheek with that salvo, but I really do think, along with the mundane palm greasing, they spin an archetypal strobe light across the dance floor to assist these deceitful spectacles as they resonate in our subconscious-

As for Pete Rose, I blame MLB incorporated and Marge Schott as much as Rose- He was a brute and was allowed to stay in the line-up at a premium offensive position (First Base) to pursue that hit record* to the extreme detriment of the Reds’ post season prospects- While the rest of the league was getting robust run production from their first basemen, Rose was swatting flies with a newspaper, costing the Reds runs and wins- I think he realized quickly that this was a special circumstance (the hit record) and his predilection to push the envelope enabled him to test just how far they were going to protect him- A. Bartlett Pear called bullshite on that, and though Rose was exiled, the stress of standing up against ignorant public opinion killed Giamatti (that and chain smoking)- The Reds franchise has forgiven him, but MLB won’t lift the ban until he’s dead, IMO-
* Ty Cobb, the man that Rose bested for lifetime hits, is a fascinating study- Rose was just a con man and street level hustler but Cobb was a true psychotic- That’s for others to dissect but the one salient point here is that Cobb’s career, at least half, if not more, was a complete anomaly- While the Babe lead the charge to a new world order of home runs and short sequence offense, Cobb continued to slap opposite field singles and try to steal his way into scoring position- Until the day he died, he thought the “cheap” offense that Ruth ushered in wasn’t true base-ball- Thus, the Tigers suffered terribly from Cobb’s overbearing influence while other teams adapted to the new reality- In my opinion, Cobb was far more detrimental to his Tigers than Rose was to the Reds-



Some teams, the Giants for example, have top to bottom coordination, as do the Cardinals- St Louis issues The Cardinal Way, a manifesto to all new draft selections and signees- They run their operation like a cult, something La Russa probably would not have approved of- Matt Duffy of the Giants and Steve Piscotti of the Cardinals are signature examples of the kind of players both teams develop now- Lean contact hitters with good gloves, very vanilla personalities, intelligent and even tempered- These are not stars, but league average and above roster fillers- These teams assemble advantage in the aggregate and not with stars and a support staff like the Dodgers and Angels do, to their chagrin- The influence of Bill James and his offspring, the stat heads, permeate the sport- He is the biggest influence on the game since Branch Rickey developed the farm system and Babe Ruth sacrificed strikeouts for a chance at going yard- But, some teams will always be ahead of the curve even as new techniques in player selection and development are integrated into every front office- I also suspect that the battery of psychological tests for potential draftees are quite sophisticated, at least for American players- The fact that most all of the PED abusers getting caught are foreign born Latins evidences the limits of these tests-

Is the draft rigged? Perhaps for some potential stars that have been promised to one team or another, the teams picking in front being told to lay off- Then again, player development, especially for pitching prospects, is subject to so many variables that the draft may not need rigging- And, most teams know which players each team wants well before the draft anyway which makes it more a formality than an on the fly guessing game-

The Yankees can buy anything, of course- So can the Red Sox who apparently promote their minor league coaches to stay with the prospects on the way up- Money can’t solve everything, but it can accelerate the rebuilding process, as the Yankees are going to remind everyone-

The point, perhaps, is that by the time rookies make it to The Show, they have been vetted and then installed in the machine, no questions asked-



Gehrig faked his death? The only reason I’ll bite is that a relief pitcher named Pat Neschek, while with the A’s back around 2012(?) had his first child die one day after birth- This was late in the season and what floored me was that he had named his son Gehrig Neshek, after baseball’s greatest tragedian- Neshek later became an all-star and the cynic in me wonders if this was some high level ritual he endured to advance in that masonic cluster fuck, MLB- (And no I don’t mean the kid was sacrificed- There likely was no child- Then again, maybe there was and it’s part of some breeding program- The mind can wander…)
Columbia Lou did attend spook college Columbia U.- Like a lot of spooks, he dropped out pretty quick- His death just before the US entered WWII might indicate he was reassigned- His skills were fading a bit and with the war eminent, who knows? He had no kids so that would be a plus- As far as the disease being, uh, popularized by his name, big med is the scariest racket there is-

70 thoughts on “How Deeply Sports is Scripted

  1. I think the implausibility of this Super Bowl upset has an important parallel to the implausibility of the election. It’s like another test of the public’s gullibility. But this time I think they went a bit too far. Though even people who think the super bowl is rigged aren’t going to make the leap to understanding that all professional sports are scripted. Great work you’ve done. Really opened my eyes.

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  2. I mentioned this in a thread that is not on this topic, so will repeat it here just in case it sparks any discussion.

    Knowing quite well the “loserville” psyche of Atlanta sports fans, the way the Super Bowl was scripted was a major kick in the teeth for them. New England fans have enough wins that a loss wouldn’t faze them. Beyond the more mundane reasons of fixing bets and so on, could there be something else at work, such as “stress testing” various areas of the country to who knows what end?

    Surely this was taken into consideration by the people planning this. Just another example of the contempt they have for the people whose money and attention they exploit.


    1. That is certainly a part of it. Being a Buffalo sports fan I am all too familiar with how they like to keep the city’s morale low. The Patriots dynasty is frustrating for the 31 other franchises. I believe they’re willing to sacrifice having one cocky fanbase for 31 miserable or self-doubting ones.


  3. Let’s add some numerology to the mix. The following three paragraphs are taken from an ESPN article examining the Falcons’ late game collapse (relevant numbers in brackets):

    “Shanahan called a pass on second and third downs. The first resulted in a 12-yard sack, and the second was overturned by a holding penalty. On the next play — [on third-and-33] — Shanahan called another pass that fell incomplete. The Falcons lost 23 yards on two plays, were forced to punt and drained only 1:10 off the clock.

    Had the Falcons simply run three times — even if they failed to gain a single yard — kicker Matt Bryant would have been in position for a quite reasonable 39-yard field goal attempt. In his career, Bryant is 31-for-32 on field goals of 40 yards or shorter in the fourth quarter or overtime, according to research from Micah Adams of ESPN Stats & Information.

    Instead, the Patriots got the ball back with [3:30] remaining. They needed only 2:30 to drive 91 yards for a touchdown and game-tying two-point conversion against the Falcons’ exhausted defense.”


    1. Every NFL game is rife with 33’s, 47’s and 11’s. That tells me the truth is somewhere between “the game is loosely scripted” and Zach Hubbard disinfo style “every single yard is scripted”.

      I believe there is a loose script and a firm script that they have to follow. And yes, I believe every player is in on it. How do they keep it quiet? Who says they do? A better question is how would it get around if someone did talk?


      1. The astronomical salaries paid to professional athletes (plus endorsement deals and promises of future careers as coaches/scouts/TV analysts, etc) no doubt helps to buy their silence. NFL practice squad players get paid 6 figures just for helping the regulars prepare for the season. And the average salary for regular NFL players must be close to or exceed 7 figures by now. Not many people would turn their noses up at that kind of money by spilling the beans.


        1. Of course, we have to even question this, as who knows what to believe. The pay is probably exaggerated, maybe that’s why most of them end up broke so quickly (if indeed that is the case).


          1. I have some insider information to know that for one player in particular, the pay is not exaggerated. These guys are millionaires.


          2. I’m of the mind that the players are tightly controlled. They are given a house- or have a house chosen for them more likely. All of their exhibitions of wealth are picked for them or from a narrow list. And they are given ample monthly stipends. I doubt they pay their own bills. At the end of their careers- they are pensioned out so as to maintain an above average lifestyle. The Top stars go on to manufactured business or entertainment careers or charities and are shown as great minds. They don’t want these guys obtaining independent wealth and actually being able to influence their communities or worse yet- feel comfortable to actually say anything.

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          3. I know a lawyer who reviewed the player contracts of an NBA franchise several years ago and was astonished by the multimillion dollar salaries.


    2. Two more in there:

      They drained [1:1]0 off the clock. And they were in position for a 39-yeard FG attempt. 9 is 3×3, so it’s 333. They like repeated numbers. I forget the theory about why that is. I actually think that’s why 8 is a favored number. It’s the 2x2x2.


  4. Was wondering if somehow the incredible plays such as the two Julio Jones catches and the tipped pass caught by Edelman could have been pre-recorded in some manner then shown as replays? There would be no way to script them to that degree and expect them to come off live. But given several tries, it could be done, or certainly with judicious editing. As long as they looked close enough to the original, who would know? Only the fans in the stadium would have to see the live stuff, and most can’t see with any degree of detail.


    1. Most likely certain parts of these games are fixed firmly, and other fixed loosely. Julio Jones makes incredible plays routinely all season long. He is one of the most athletic wide receivers in history. If the script says make one long play in this series, then there is a chance a remarkable play might happen. If you let some of the best athletes in the world make plays, you are going to see great catches like that.

      What’s suspicious is you are seeing these amazing catches nearly every Super Bowl, even by mediocre players. Possibly they are putting stick-um or some similar substance on their gloves. To say there is real-time editing in front of a billion person audience on that level…I’d have to see more evidence. The Edelman catch, you rarely see that during the season. The Jones catch is possible, but you’re right that the Edelman catch raises eyebrows after a similar 4th quarter catch by Jermaine Kearse during the Seahawks-Pats Super Bowl.

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  5. 1)Matt Ryan postgame press conference
    he keeps looking up to the right reading a script
    duping delight at 2:05
    the way he is speaking is not the way a normal person would speak after losing a huge
    game and blowing the largest lead ever in a super bowl

    2) Dan Quinn postgame interview go to 1:50
    looks down and to the right reading a script
    again the way he is speaking is not the way a normal person would speak after losing a huge
    game and blowing the largest lead ever in a super bowl

    3) 99.6% probability of win according to vegas odds midway through 3rd quarter. impossible win for new england
    4) improbable play calling at 4:40 left in the game, run the ball 3 times kick easy field goal win the game
    5) Deion Sanders post game deflection strategy discussing the unfairness of first team scoring wins game.
    6) post game comments on atlanta falcons message board super bowl thread, then the superbowl thread with these comments removed/gone! however I saved some of the comments see below

    Really? Oh well, I’m out of here for good, Done with SPORTS, this is the worst SCAM of a game I have ever seen, this was SCRIPTED no doubt.

    How did The Patriots O-Line improve at Halftime?

    NFL is rigged I am this close from dropping this money hungry sport

    Please retire…..Brady…..Somebody loves him, and its showing….

    Those slow WRs on their roster…
    Of course with all of the videos about Brady’s family on Fox…
    It;s not real…They never scored a long TD!!!

    Not me, I’m moving ON! FAMILY FOR LIFE! Done with Falcons BS! Fake scripted games, paid officials and scripted games paid for by COMMERCIALS which are funded by companies that LIKE the NORTHERN teams better, why? Because they pay for the COMMERCIALS!

    Grow-up NFL….


    The NFL recouped that 200 million they sunk into the mercedes dome by making falcons fans believe in this crap..
    This is the MOST JOKE of a SUPERBOWL I have ever seen. I knew when they first showed Matt MELT on TV at the start of this game that it was rigged and HE KNEW THEY were chosen TO LOSE.



    I’m done,I’ll never watch NFL again. I have better things to do than watch more entertainment.

    Anybody get any more evidence of a thrown (scripted) game?

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  6. I’ve seen marked difference in my lifetime in the intensity of the sports fan culture among men. Sports has gone from something you might listen to on the radio while puttering in your garage or catch a game on the tube now and then- to a full blown and almost obligatory social cult. It’s nauseating. I’ve never understood how grown men can say “we” when talking about these teams.

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    1. I think that change in fan culture can be traced to the late 1970’s advent of 24-hour, wall-to-wall cable sports programming like ESPN, followed soon after by sports talk shows on radio. Saturation programming. Before the likes of ESPN, televised sporting events were largely limited to weekend afternoons. Now you can watch the Canadian ice curling championships while munching your breakfast cereal, catch-up on the Iditarod dog sled races during lunch and fall asleep watching the semifinals of the Southeast Asia power Yoga team championships.


    1. The “Fix is In” guy has been referring to it by that name. Lots of really lame YouTube videos claiming a fix in such a stupid manner that they’re clearly trying to discredit the idea. The space station thing is a real gotcha, as they’ve now posted a video showing the astronots opening up a box with jerseys from all the teams and going through throwing them around until they find the Patriot and Falcon jerseys. So they just let the box sit there for months before tearing into it?


  7. I took a look at Tom Brady’s Wikipedia page and it screams spook. He is a script written character. Usual spook numbers all over his bio. His college career has nothing to indicate his “greatness” at all.


    1. Hey Cjd – I’ve got a post coming up on Tom Brady – would you mind listing the spook markers on his page here? I will use them and give you due credit. No sense in repeating your efforts.


      1. As you may imagine there are a lot of numbers (stats) with Brady- and I happen to think a lot of them look “spooky” so to speak- but . . . when it comes to these numerology markers I tend to err on the side of caution and not try and create something from nothing or what could be naturally occurring numbers I am just plucking according to my own preconceptions. These are a few of the dates and numbers I found significant:

        DOB: 8/3/1977. the 8 first- then 3+8=11- and then the 77.

        He was picked in the 18th round for MLB (yes- Major League Baseball drafted him but he declined it because he “knew” there was interest in him by the NFL. Not believable.

        Date of draft pick for the Patriots: 4/16/2000 4+1+6=11 (sixth round)

        2/18/2007- date Brady confirms to People magazine that his then girlfriend Bridget Moynahan was pregnant with his first born son. Seems a weird date for Wikipedia to just drop into the bio.

        Date first son born: 8/22/2007 (with Moynahan)

        Marriage 2/26/2009

        Reading Brady’s bio on wikipedia (and other places) is the effort the narratives of his college and high school days make in trying to spin what is a mediocre- nothing special- athletic career. The man couldn’t even run the 40 at the slowest acceptable time. Who he graduated with from High school is also highly suspicious- to me at least.

        Oh- and an article about his house in California I found. The square footage? 22,000.


          1. Supposedly . . . 22- a multiple of 11- is a common marker especially when it comes to dates. 33, 77, 88 are common as well but more often used in details of story- 33 victims, 33rd street etc etc. 8, 11, 22, 33, and 88 show up in movies a lot- especially on license plates, addresses- apartment numbers- advertising signs in the background.

            The origin of these markers? Probably some numerology occult stuff long ago- now just purely markers.


            1. Yes, 11 and multiples are prevalent, for instance, K, 11th letter of alphabet. KKK=33 … this is fascinating stuff. I really want to understand it better, but I will take your work and use it and credit you. I’ve been around the track enough to know that it is telling us something. We’ve a much bigger story to tell with Brady, so it might be a few days. Thank you.


          2. We are generally in agreement that Intelligence uses certain numbers as a way to flag people and events as tied to Intelligence. Sort of like leaving a calling card to mark their handy work. The question then, is, which numbers do they use? There seems to be some consensus here that 11, 33 and 8 (and their derivatives) are the numbers they use.

            Straight, IIRC you have suggested in the past that what they are doing is taking numbers that many believe have some kind of spiritual meaning and basically using them in a kind of twisted, mocking way. Some believe that TPTB really do believe in the mystical or occult significance of the numbers. We’ll probably never really know if they are using them merely as markers or if they really believe in it (or perhaps the lower-level operatives are recruited into believing in this stuff but the higher-ups think it’s just hooey). But at some level it doesn’t matter, since either way they can still be read as markers.

            Let’s take your narrative: that they are mocking the beliefs of others. In that case, if we look at what numerologists believe, we see that 11, 22, and 33 have special significance and are called ‘master numbers.’ So it makes sense that 22 might be used as a spook marker. In fact, we only need to think of 11/22/63 to see an example. I don’t remember if it was you who suggested it, but I remember in some thread somebody mentioned the notion that they like to use repeated numbers. So, if 6 is 3+3, and we add up 11 and 22, the JFK assassination date is actually 33333. That might be rubbish, but it might not. I know Mark has discovered 555 is a marker. We know that 27 is a marker, since it is 333 (see my reply to CJD about the 27 club). In my opinion, this could also explain the significance of the number 8, which is 222.

            As for the number 7, it might not be used regularly as a marker (I haven’t noticed). But it does seem to have some special significance to TPTB as evidenced by the talk given by IMF director, Christine Lagarde, back in 2014, which I had seen but Vexman recently posted:


          3. 22 is the number of major arcana tarot cards. Tarot cards were used in the cover of the Economist (2017) .They used tarot cards in Live and Let Die (Bond movie). All people involved in the modern versions of tarot are probably spooks (like A.E. Waite , Pamela Coleman Smith etc).


          4. Daddieuhoh,
            There are some suggestions out there that the “control system” we know of began in 3300 BC during the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations. That would be a good reason for the use of 33. It could also be mocking the possible date of Akhenaton’s death, 1333 BC (although mainstream sources state it is 1336 or 1334 BC), a man who nearly succeeded moving the capital to Amarna which may have potentially destroyed the control system in place.

            In angel numbers, 33 and 47 represent “you are on the right path in life”. In the occult, they love the Law of Reversal, since “evil” is really just about getting as far away from Source as possible.

            The matrix around us is just a false architecture, pretending to be real, that influences us in negative ways. It looks like spook numerology is just a “false architecture” of nature’s way of using numbers to guide us.

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  8. I tend to think a spooky DOB indicates the person’s entire persona is a fiction- not even his real name. A spooky DOD indicates the death was faked or not natural. A spooky date about a particular date indicates a hoax or the involvement of “Intelligence”.


      1. It’s funny- since I found out about these markers- I will think about some person or event in the past that affected me for some reason- usually because the story was just so bizarre or stuck out for some reason- and I go look it up- and more often than not- more often for me to dismiss- my jaw drops at the dates and numbers in the details. Just now- I decided to look up the unsolved Gardner Museum heist – the date- 3/18/1990. Jim Jones DOD (the mass suicide) 11/18/1978- number of victims- 909 (18). DB Cooper 11/24/1978 hijacking- and he got 1,180,000 in today’s dollars according to the helpful Wikipedia page mentioning that.) OJ Murders- 6/13/1994- sums to 33. Idi Amin- date of his declared rule- sums to 22. It just goes on and on.


  9. I hate to clutter up this page with my mind spewings- But just for the hell of it- I decided to look up the date the NFL was formed- 8/20/1920 = 22- then known as the APFA- renaming itself the NFL in . . . 1922.


  10. Date of the spy plane U-2 crash over the Soviet Union 5/1/1960. Sums to . . . 22.
    Date Robert Hanssen was arrested for espionage 2/18/2001. 2+1+8= 11. and the 18th. And he was born on the 18th.
    Date Aldridge Ames was charged for espionage 2/22/1994. (I tend to think the formal CIA and FBI are zombie organizations now- not where the action is at all- and both have been heavily purged in the last couple of decades or suffered massive defection to the private sector of “contract intelligence.”)
    Date William Colby’s (Former CIA director) body was discovered- 5/6/1996. 5+6=11.
    Date CIA was founded 9/18/1947. 9+1+8= 18 and on the 18th. (18 being shorthand for 8 and 11).

    Control check (Just a date of an event that I know of and that I wouldn’t expect to have a spooky number- the Great Molasses flood of 1919- 1/15/1919- sums to 27- nothing spooky about it.

    Date the Berlin Wall came down 11/9/1989. I knew it was gonna be November before even looking. 1+1+9= 11 and on the 11th month.

    WW1 Armistice- 11/11/1918 and it was signed at . . . 11AM.

    All just random events from my memory I decided to check.

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  11. Founding date of Israel- 5/14/1948. Sums to 32 (some say that is a spooky number but I try to keep the numbers tight otherwise it just becomes ridiculous.) So nothing spooky about that date . . .
    But, it was founded a day before the end of the British mandate on 5/15/1948. 5+1+5=11 and it sums to 33. Tricky.

    HBO now has on a puff piece about Warren Buffet – born? 8/30/1930. August the 8th month- and 8+3=11. His entire bio is absurd- especially his childhood business exploits. It really is this easy and this pervasive.

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    1. In my Dreyfus paper, I point out that the UN vote to partition Palestine was Nov. 29, 1947, which is 11, (2+9)=11, (4+7)=11, which of course sums to 33.

      Oh, and our opinion here is that 27 is a marker, since it is 3 to the 3rd power. Just look at Wikipedia’s entry on The 27 Club, “a term that refers to the belief that an unusually high number of popular musicians and other artists have died at age 27.” If you then look at what it says there under ‘Scientific Studies,’ you’ll find this: “Informal research using an automated query across Wikipedia data (via DBpedia) in 2012 effectively reached the same conclusion: “There may well be a 27 Club of accursed musicians, but the 74 Club is more popular.”

      How am I not surprised? (By the way, I downloaded the database of names mentioned there if anybody is interested in seeing it.)

      For more of my thoughts on the question of spook markers, see my response to Straight in this thread.


      1. I wonder if 27 is the first age in a spook/actor contract to “opt out”. I think there are elaborate contracts with the spooktors (spook-actors – and yeah- I’m claiming that term as mine!).


  12. In the documentary on Buffet- he mentions a book by Ted Williams on batting science that influenced him- on a hunch- and because Ted Williams has a lot of odd stories about him- I decided to look him up. Turns out- Buffet and Williams share the same Birthday August 30th! Ted Williams was born 8/30/1918!


  13. When you think about the game of American football- you’d be hard pressed to invent a game easier to fix. Each team practices and drills elaborate plays- where every player’s position and movement on the field is a known. The quarterback then shouts codes at the scrimmage line before the play- that could easily tip off any defense on what is about to happen and even what the desired outcome should be- gain, loss, sack, interception, fumble, penalty and on who- etc. Player helmets have probably been wired for one or two way communication for decades.


  14. Daddieuhoh,

    In regards to how far back hoaxology goes . . .

    Everyone who arrives at this point wonders that and I’ve learned that things that I found fantastic as a youth during my education in light of what I know now are good places to probe deeper. One of the things that I always wondered about with a sort of sick fascination were ancient battles where armies of thousands in tight ranks would engage in horrendous hand to hand combat- hacking and stabbing and clubbing at each other until mountains of corpses were piled up. The focus of such history is on rulers and tactics and strategy. But I always wondered about the rank and file foot soldier who had to wade into such slaughters. Killing a man in close quarter with blades and axes and clubs? I wondered about the logistics of moving such armies- the cost per soldier. The man hours needed to train and equip and feed such armies.

    I now believe most such ancient battles were either highly exaggerated or themselves outright hoaxes. For example- we are told the Romans lost 50,000 men at the battle of Cannae. Really? 50,000 trained and armed men were lost at a time when the population of Roman Italia was probably no more than a couple of million? Legions just seem to pop up in Roman History to replace the loses overnight. I have a hard time believing that Ancient rulers would risk their very high priced protective services- the guys who enforce their rule- in mass slaughter battles with other rulers. I tend to believe that real battles were few and far between.

    We are told that “life was cheap” in Ancient Times. No. Quite the opposite. Human labor was not cheap. Indeed- the loss of a trained cobbler, a trained stone mason, an experienced farm hand . . . would be felt far more then than it would be today.

    So I went back to what is said to be the first well recorded battle of Ancient History – the battle of Kadesh between the Hittites and the Egyptians. And what is mentioned as an aside in these histories pops out at me now- like how the Hittite and Egyptian royal lines were already intermarried! Flag one. So the line is that the Pharaoh took his enormous and extremely expensive army and his fleet of chariots several hundred miles away from his territory and fought a pitched chariot battle with the Hittites in the periphery of the Levant? The outcome was inconclusive though both sides claimed victory- and the Pharaoh commissioned a long poem to be written about this “Battle” and many stone reliefs and columns were made to tell the story. It was pure propaganda which the mainstream admits. I’m saying the battle never happened at all. The Pharaoh and the Hittite ruler met at Kadesh- had lunch- and went home- both armies fully in tact.

    A side clue is that the famous “War Tent” of the Pharaoh that is depicted in many reliefs was copied exactly by the Ancient Jews for their Tabernacle – the seat of the Ark of the Covenant. Did the Ancient Jews- traveling along with Pharaoh’s army as support services like tailors, cobblers, blacksmiths etc. . . see the hoax and were impressed by it?


    1. CJD- Interesting questions indeed- In studying Renaissance art decades ago, I was taken by the fact that Italian city/states, when in conflict, rented armies, usually from the Germanic territories- Two rented armies would meet in a field, with picnic basket toting spectators at the periphery, and negotiations would ensue- Generally speaking, the sponsors of the armies would hash out a deal, borders would be redrawn, sons and daughters would be pledged in marriage, and the armies marched back to their transports and sent home with their regular pay- I have no doubt that kind of “battle” was the norm going all the way back to the dawnless past- The intermarriage of rulers kept swords sheathed unless some inbred heir was too simpleminded to rule or reproduce and then a relative with clout might take umbrage, as happened with the Spanish war of succession after Charles II, a complete inbred imbecile, died childless, ending the Hapsburg rule of Spain, at which point everyone in the conflict loaded up with Hessians to do the fighting-


    2. CJD, I wonder if you are aware of chronological revisionism. For now I consider this (Pillars of the past series) and this as useful if combined together. I believe even before the 20th century, there were a few people that proposed even more extreme chronological revisions. More recently (70’s ?) A.T Fomenko also proposed a very extreme chronological revision (also very Russocentric). For now I consider this very plausible : 1) human history is probably very ancient, 2) around 850 BC a comet hit the world and we have a reset with the written history starting around this year, 3)years between 230 AD and 930 are fake (read Heinsohns to see how these years were filled with historical events, 4) maybe another comet hit around 230 (230=540=930).

      Interesting possible revisions: Hittite empire= Lydian empire, Mitanni= Persian Empire, Sumerian= Scythian allies of Persia. I believe Akhenaten (some believe he is Moses) is very important , since he is probably connected to all the elites of today. It is possible he was kicked out of Egypt and maybe went to Persia .In book 3 of Herodotus, the Egyptians say that Cambyses 2nd has an Egyptian mother (Herodotus doesn’t believe this story). In book 3 Herodotus also tells a story about how young Cambyses tells his mother Cassandane (accepted mother) how he will turn Egypt upside down because his father Cyrus treats his Egyptian wife better. Maybe Cambyses is a grandson of Akhenaten that wants revenge on Egypt (and Herodotus may provide clues by telling all the contradictory stories).

      My comment is connected to sports being scripted. After all the primary sport of the elites is to write fake history.


      1. I’ll check it out. The “dark age”, since I was student, has always seemed like it was just rushed over – Rome fell- then it was dark nothing to see here- to the suddenly the Crusades. You look at Ancient maps and there are literally zero cities shown in most of Iron Age europe- like nothing was there but “barbarians”. Yeah- that whole age is suspect.


        1. My suspicions about the “Dark Age” was that it pretty much mimicked the conquest of Christianity over the “new world”- was extremely violent and messy- not “warfare” per se- but prolonged persistent terror at the hands of well armed gangs of men paid very well to “spread the word”- ie monetize Europe. It wiped out all but whispers of a past in Europe before Christianity.


  15. The “Immaculate Reception” footage captured by “EE” Ernie Ernst is considered the “Zapruder Film” of sports. “FF” Frenchy Fuqua (#33) was the intended receiver. Chuck Noll (grassy Knoll).
    (food for thought).


  16. Nearly every game we play is modeled after what seems like the only story we know: that of the Sun/Son.

    Take soccer. Let each half of the field represent one half of the celestial sphere, upper or lower. Each side’s goal is to get their Baal into the height of the upper celestial sphere, respective to them, i.e. their Baal’s solstice point.

    This is also FootBaal. This is also hockey, where the solar ball is replaced with a black solar disc, but otherwise is the same. It’s ping pong, tennis, basketball. It’s any game with two halves of a field or table and a Baal going back and forth. They’re all solar games.

    BaseBaal, as pointed out, is more specifically masonic with its “squaring the circle” field design,, which is also solar. Even so, the square is circled in soccer/footbaal/hockey/whatever, just in a different way for each. In soccer, for instance, both team’s 11 players plus the Baal represent the 12 total signs of the zodiac, which cooperate to each move 90 degrees or minutes through the celestial sphere. If we let the two sides represent the zodiac at either of the two equinoxes at the start of the game, opposing one another, then after 90 minutes (degrees) each has traveled to its respective solstice point, one team going from spring to summer making 90 degrees of arc, the other from autumn to winter and another 90 degrees. God v. Satan, Lion v. Unicorn, take your pick. They have “squared the circle” by hitting all four points of the compass in their movement through the celestial sphere.

    It’s all about the sun. It’s always about the son. There’s nothing new under the sun. Sports, Hollywood, whatever. We really only know one ritual, and this is it. The others are all derivatives of this one. Specific signs and their associated myths or whatever. But ultimately it’s all the same tale.

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    1. Joki,
      Why do you think it’s a ritual and not just unconscious sacred geometry archetypes naturally coming into fruition?


      1. To use an example, I just used the word “fruition” there which may have been a subconscious reference to the Fruit of Life, a sacred geometry pattern. That was not done purposely. How much of this symbolism is done purposely and how much is done without thinking about it?


      2. Your question is an odd one. I did not claim that these games are ONLY ritual to the exclusion of all else. You ask why I think it’s ritual and not JUST “unconscious sacred geometry archetypes”? The short answer is that I don’t think that. Your question seems to imply that you think it can only be one or the other. Is that correct, or have I misinterpreted you? For the record I think it’s very much both, and more.

        @marguerite: I haven’t thought about golf before now. I know it’s referred to as the “sport of Kings”, yes? Or is that horse racing? Assuming my memory of the “sport of Kings” thing is correct then I’d assume the club itself is a modified royal sceptre, a staff or the like representing strong will or backbone. It looks enough like one, to be sure. The old Dutch word colf means sceptre. There’s german Kolben, which is a mace. Probably all of these are descended from the Egyptian Kherp, which means sceptre, but also means first, chief, foremost, i.e. it could easily be applied as “king” as well.

        9 is an obvious number of birth/gestation. The sun/son, meeting the Virgin/Virgo at the autumn equinox, magically impregnates her. 9 months later that “son” is at the time of the summer solstice, i.e. “born a King”. Have that same sun born at the spring equinox, and he dies at the winter solstice, down there in the icy pit of hell. A game divided into a “front 9” and a “back 9” would seem to me to be a game about birth/rebirth, life/death and so on. It’s the two stories of Jesus. The one in which he’s “born a king” and the one in which he is “born” in the Spring and thus later crucified on the winter solstice equinoctial cross, the same 9 months of gestation being applied as the period of time of “life” of this sun/son on earth.

        There’s probably far more, but without actually researching all this is guesswork. The putting green and putter may be related to the Egyptian put or Put/Punt (another american football term, as well), which has many meanings that could apply. Now that you’ve got me thinking about it I suppose I know what I’ll be reading about this afternoon. 🙂


        1. A better question is why do you think it is ritual and/or purposely based on the sun at all?

          In my opinion, when you are breaking things down to that level, you may find that form of geometry/physics everywhere. Besides I see the sun as a universally positive symbol of love and light and not masonic, unlike say, the moon. You’re posting this on a page where we are discussing the level of scripting in sports, that is the reason for my assumption that you are alluding to a deeper form of ritual.

          We have lots of disinfo here whose sole purpose is to lead us down dead-end rabbit holes. I want to make sure this isn’t a new rabbit hole. Forgive the bluntness.


          1. I agree with SFTDM… ritual or not, it adds very little to the fact that the business of Sports is controlled and fake for the most part. Ritual or not ritual, what is at stake is people control (minds, emotions) and profits.


          2. Sorry for not expressing myself more clearly in former comment. To clarify: I agree with SFTDM about the rabbit holes/LHs… and from my own harvest, I add: I think following the path of ritual or not ritual associated with sports, that is a path that adds little to the fact of control, faking and dishonest profits.


          3. No worries. I understand your point and your concern.

            Every “hero story” we’ve ever been given is a re-telling of this story, because it’s the only one we seem to know. It is indeed deeply ingrained in our collective psyche. For all I know it’s embedded in our genes at this point, it’s gone on so long. Being aware of this is the very first step toward not allowing oneself to be conditioned or motivated or manipulated by it. You see what I mean? That is why I think it’s important. And I definitely think the majority of ball/baal games have been deliberately designed so as to be symbolic of the sun’s course through the heavens, of the “battle” between the lower and upper, dark and light, etc. That this story is so old is what makes it so powerful, and I don’t think an organization like the NFL is unaware of this when their scriptwriters sit down to hash out that year’s “storylines” to feed the public.

            You write that you “see the sun as a universally positive symbol of love and light and not masonic, unlike say, the moon.” That’s great, and I’m not trying to change your personal view of the sun or the moon or any other celestial body. However, I have to say that if you believe the sun as symbol is “not masonic” then you have some learning to do. As just one example, why do you think they refer to themselves as “sons of the widow”?

            The article is about sport fixing, and manipulation or ‘mind control’ of the viewing public, no? My intention in pointing out that nearly everything is about the sun/son is simply to provide the info for those interested. I feel it’s directly relevant, and anything but a “dead-end rabbit hole”. However the choice is yours to take it or leave it. Margeurite is correct, in my opinion, that these things “still play a vital role deep in our consciousness and we don’t even realize it”. My hope is that more people will begin to realize the truth of Solomon’s words that there is nothing new under the sun, and that by recognizing it they will in large part have disarmed it, or negated much of its power to sway their thinking. Certainly they won’t do so if they’re ignorant of the basic facts of the matter.


          4. Joki,
            The disconnect is that you haven’t yet explained why modeling a sport after the sun (if this is indeed done purposely) is a negative thing and should be disarmed.

            Explain to me like I’m 5.

            1. Why would they do this?
            2. Why is this bad?


          5. @straight:”Joki,
            The disconnect is that you haven’t yet explained why modeling a sport after the sun (if this is indeed done purposely) is a negative thing and should be disarmed.

            Explain to me like I’m 5.

            Why would they do this?
            Why is this bad?”

            Since I haven’t made either of those claims it would be difficult, to say the least, for me to attempt to explain your disconnect.


    2. @Jokie:
      I’m really curious as to how Joki would describe the game of golf with two nine hole divisions. Why 9? Last single digit? 18? power number with 8? I don’t know. I love golf as it takes me outdoors, but why not two divisions of 7? 18 holes can be way too long to play most days. Life is one big mystery and ancient pole star worship, precession, solstice and equinox importance, constellations all probably still play a vital role deep in our consciousness and we don’t even realize it.


  17. Aaron Hernandez, the Patriots player convicted of murder a few years- and recently acquitted of another murder a few weeks ago- killed himself in his cell this early AM. Yeah- no. I saw the clips of him in his immaculate silk suit- with purple tie- in the recent trial. Cameras inside a trial pretty much means its fake. He was laughing it up with the witnesses. It’s interesting that the story in the New York Times mentions some obscure legal doctrine in Massachusetts that vacates his sentence for murder- making him not guilty- since his active appeal process wasn’t over. So in other words- his conviction is vacated. He is innocent of the murder he was sent to prison for as well! His suicide allegedly occurred in the same prison that famed pedophile priest was murdered in shortly after his conviction- also technically an “innocent man”.

    The post 9/11 Patriots were/are a project. With Brady as the lead role. Hernandez was a side story. It couldn’t be all champions and puppies and ice cream with Brady. Hernandez was brought in to put a little tar on the Patriots.

    Also interesting that Bill O’Reilly ends his career at Fox under a bad cloud today as well.

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  18. Everyone was in the military back then. There were 2 world wars and unmatched patriotism at the time. The same goes to that Laurel canyon conspiracy garbo.


    1. No- there wasn’t “unmatched” patriotism “back then.” First- the American flag was not the ubiquitous presence in popular culture that it is today. Every business from car wash to bank did not fly an American flag. Even the identity of “American” is a creation and was not widely embraced. If you asked someone what they “were” in 1950- a minority would chirp “American.” Ethnic identity was primary over the generic “American”.

      Identifying as an American means you identify yourself as an artificiality.

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  19. Aaron Hernandez. Long before I came to this thread I knew the govt claimed AH hung himself in his jail cell. They said he tied a bedsheet to the window. Two big problems with that claim. I saw pictures of his jail cell. The window was too close to the ground for any man of his size to hang himself. Worse, you can’t tie a bed sheet to the window of almost any jail cell, as there is no place to tie anything, which makes their claim ridiculous. And I know in the Oakland, California jail system they don’t provide bed sheets for they can be harmful to inmates and staff in numerous ways.


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