This is Your Mind on Super Bowl Commercials – Part 1

The Super Bowl is one giant social engineering wet dream. The entire country sitting around a television glued to the commercials, completely oblivious to the psychological effects being beamed on them. I decided to break down each commercial one by one and discuss exactly what they are suggesting to you and how they are affecting you. By the end you will realize that every single one of these commercials is made by the same centralized committee. Madison Avenue is one giant spook operation. My suspicion is that even if you had the money to pay for a Super Bowl ad, they would not allow yours on the air unless it was made by a “pre-approved” ad agency.

Let’s start with this commercial. Glorification of violence as cool and sexy. Women kicking ass, part of the gender neutrality psyop. First they make it “sexy”, then they will remove the “sexy” and just make them masculine. Alcohol and torches as cool. Torches are what are used for smoking”dabs” nowadays which is the new Marijuana fad. They want us using Marijuana to keep us unmotivated and in a mental fog. The real reason for the sudden legalizations and scientific and mainstream support.

Free websites are important for digitizing small businesses, and eventually eliminating brick and mortar completely. My hunch is that food trucks serve a similar purpose. Would like to hear comments below on what they are really up to with the rise of these food trucks.

This one is very insidious, and I did not realize how until I heard the reaction of women sitting by me at the Super Bowl party I attended. In the gender neutrality psyop, they are focusing women on promiscuous sex with attractive men. Basically, they are attempting to shame them out of having sex for personality and mainly be attracted to male looks. This is contributing to the rise of “lookmaxing” websites for men which are a one way road to depression since most men are not good looking, and are supposed to watch helplessly as the good looking guys get all the sex and women, thus the confidence which is one of the real attraction points for women.

Tom Brady (who is a twin, but that’s a different story) is a very good looking man. In this commercial, they do the humorous 360 replay while he is doing gross things like yawning with morning breath, brushing his teeth (while his mouth is filled with white toothpaste, connected to the recent rise of white mouthwash instead of blue/green. I’ll let you figure out why they would want to do this to push homosexuality psyops), eating food off the floor, and a quick joke before he goes #2 in the bathroom.

During these 360 replays, I heard girls behind me audibly go “ew”, and not in a goofy way either, but a genuinely grossed out way. What they are doing is attaching an emotional anchor of grossness to good looking men. It is the next early step towards lesbianism. We are seeing similar blackwashing things in the Jon Hamm H&R Block commercials.

A feminized man desperately urging a girl to come out and greet him. Meanwhile the girl is disinterested in him, and only interested in the junk food he is throwing at her. Pushes gender neutrality and disinterest in romance.

Racial mixing and destroying of cultural identity under the guise of acceptance. Face chops thrown in too (to mock our work?).

Blood and violence anchored to humor. A slow transition to psychopathy.

Connecting a destructive substance like alcohol to the timeless beauty of nature. I assure you one is not like the other.

Personification of animals. Part of the “humans as animals” psyop to keep us in a subservient and low self-esteem state. Also a slow transition to seeing animals in a negative light, first by attributing them with negative human qualities under the guise of humor. Dogs give joy to people. TPTB cannot have that. First they use dogs to replace children, and later they will replace dogs with robotic ones.

The man has long hair, which is seen common nowadays with “man buns” which are a transition in the gender neutrality psyop. Beards are also being used during the feminization phase to give the appearance of testosterone, but will eventually be phased out for a pure feminine look. The beards are in fact a mockery of testosterone. I will show this in later commercials.

The commercial itself’s main purpose is enforcing the idea that “cool friends drink alcohol when socializing”. The idea is so ingrained in American culture, it will take generations to remove.

Healthy, well-adjusted, active people love alcohol too!

Equal number of men and women working out. I have more to say about the “women working out gender neutrality psyop” here. 

Notice at the 0:08-0:11 mark the woman is excelling on the bike and in the next shot the young man is struggling during a run. You don’t need special insight to know that women being equal to men in the gym is not a reality. It’s just not the biological truth and there doesn’t have to be any shame in that. They even put two muscular women front and center in the thumbnail shot above.

The first of a few “immigrants are good” commercials to fuel a subconscious divide between Trump and anti-Trump supporters during a supposedly leisurely game. The truth is some people are good and some people are bad, whether they are immigrants or not. This commercial is part of a cross-platform strategy to push people’s buttons under a guise. You’ll be seen the word “guise” often in this post.

Virtual reality immersion. From the moment the first actor wakes up, he’s on his phone playing a game. Father and son bond through video games (a fighting game no less, conflict between family members psyop?). A boy and girl competing against each other and the girl winning (I could have told you the girl was going to win before I saw it). An Asian man and a white woman dancing together (racial mixing, frustration for Asian women and white men). A young man on the couch playing video games with focus (rather than doing something productive in society), little kids playing in a group because why not get them as young as possible, college students both male and female playing instead of actually learning anything (college appears to be a giant psyop to get college students to do anything but actually focus on learning during an important intellectual phase in their life), two guys playing at a laundromat which is an early part of the recent “men cooking and cleaning is attractive” psyop related to gender neutrality which you will see more of later in this post, and finally another girl beating a guy, this time only implied.

The chorus goes “you break me down and make me a believer”, which sounds a lot like brainwashing technique if you ask me.

The KFC gold campaign is related to all the other gold symbolism show all over the news. Go here and here for more info on it. It is likely in many other commercials, but I was not actively looking for it. Promotion of junk food is a long term psyop in itself.

My opinion is that gold is intimately connected to financial collapse and financial anxiety. If there is ever a collapse of the Federal Reserve, they want to see the public rush to gold as an alternative currency so that will still keep the main power systems in place. I believe TPTB’s worst nightmare is a return to the barter system which would eliminate so much of their power.

Military glorification. We can’t watch football for a second without being inundated by “support or troops” propaganda which is social suicide to oppose. I won’t go deep into it but it features a male soldier and a female soldier. Again part of the gender neutrality psyop. I am seeing many girls I know personally going into the army, so it is working.

There has been a push lately to promote girls traveling the world solo. On the surface I support this, but there is always an ulterior motive to these things so I’m suspicious. I think it ties in to the rest of the gender neutrality psyops. I think traveling alone is more of a masculine pursuit whereas women usually prefer to travel in groups or with a man (my guess). If anybody has any idea, please comment below.

She kisses an Asian guy in the video, which again is racial mixing seen several times in these commercials. As American women become more and more masculine and dominant, they will begin to prefer more submissive Asian men. That may be why we are seeing the Asian man/white woman mix more often.

The commercial legitimizes the manufactured refugee crisis, riots, etc. all while on her smartphone app using Expedia. She then makes a vague “wise” comment at the end of the video, with the assumption being “wise people use Expedia”. Notice that as she grows old, there is no man next to her. The idea being a woman can live a happy, successful, fulfilling, and giving life by being alone (or being lesbo?).

We see one of the many Justin Beiber twins here (the singer and dancer twin) making a general fool out of himself. Part of his psyop has been to blackwash the teen idol archetype that teen girls obsess over.

The first part of the commercial promotes regular evolution timeline with humanity starting with cavemen (I strongly disagree with this timeline but this blog isn’t the place to dive into it). Rob Gronkowski, the New England tight end, is portrayed as a dumb caveman spiking a football. The idea being that football is a primitive, dumb sport and that women cheerleading are also primitive and dumb. The goal being to eventually dismantle football as the #1 sport and replace it with something more gender neutral like basketball or soccer.

And now we see the first of several twin and triplet images from last night, with no real reason or explanation. It attempts to be humorous, but I don’t see the humor in it. More likely it is rubbing the truth in our faces. The truth that many celebrities are twins as this blog has discovered (while being mocked for it).

We then see a girl scoring a touchdown. A theme connected to the “women excelling in sports” psyop. There has been another recent commercial showing a girl kicker on a male high school football team with her proud father watching. You tell me if this is based in reality. They want you saying “I think it’s really cool that girls are excelling in sports”, but they want you feeling confusion and shame as you beginning to lose touch with your gender identity.

You’ll also notice that throughout last night, we saw perhaps dozens of moments involving shirtless and pantsless men, including at the end of this commercial, but almost no moments of female skin. This is again connected to switching of gender roles, objectification of men, and homosexuality programming. The commercial for the Baywatch remake contains nearly nothing but male nudity, and only a quick shot of a girl with a masculine body in a swimsuit from the waist up. Get used to this.


A hair commercial showing mostly men with great hair. The women are seemingly mocked with dirty hair, dog hair, an animal on a girl’s hair, and finally at the end short hair on a lesbian looking woman. The goal is to blackwash beauty on women such as makeup, hair, etc. and promote it for men. Total gender reversal. Since woman get so much of their happiness from looking and feeling beautiful, you can imagine the long-term psychological issues. Same with men who feel good from being active and focusing on their purpose, rather than being in the kitchen or focusing on their looks.

A “funny” commercial about a man trying to fake his death to get out of a cell phone contract. Is it a nod to the Truther/fakery community? Probably.

The first commercial after kickoff and the spookiest of the bunch. Shot in a melodramatic “home and family” way while pushing the newest Google bot to place in your home so it can eavesdrop, record, and monitor every aspect of your life that your smartphone isn’t currently recording. I assume it will also be another device to add to the cocktail of harmful high frequency waves surrounding you in your home. Just look at the love in the face of the men above. Google bots = love. These people have no morals or ethics.

A commercial for the similar Amazon Echo. This commercial shows a gross, out of shape, bearded man eating Doritos while his wife looks at him with disgust and resentment. She is sitting taller than him and far away on the couch. Meanwhile in the far left there is a taller man with a more athletic build that she is sitting closer to and touching arms with. That’s right folks, subtle cheating programming for women. Cheat on your feminized husband with a better looking man.

If you think this is new, I will in future posts show you that they have been promoting cheating like this for women since the early 90’s in music videos, movies, and commercials. Cohort studies show a rise in female cheating since at least 1991, around the time these psyops began. This is how they plant the seeds and breed male-female hatred found on websites like The Red Pill where male distrust of women is at an ultimate high. Since The Red Pill is an intelligence creation (along with the Pick Up Artist/Seduction community) the hatred is directed towards women instead of the people in charge programming women. Through bunk evolutionary theory they are led to believe that women have always cheated via hypergamy, rather than the truth that for women it is mostly the result of dissatisfaction or daddy/approval issues. There may be some truth in hypergamy, but the recent epidemic of cheating is not something seen in humans without intense social programming.

I’m a little overwhelmed with how much time this has taken and want to get this out today while there are maximum eyeballs after the Super Bowl. I will complete Part 2, and potentially Part 3 later this week. Thank you and comments below!

8 thoughts on “This is Your Mind on Super Bowl Commercials – Part 1

  1. Interesting…… I definitely don’t agree with all of the conclusions that you reach. But I couldn’t help but wonder the same overall idea about social programming during last night’s commercials.

    Where I disagree with your conclusions:

    That cryptic “troops in Poland” commercial was an attempt to normalize a new Cold War, and also the start of an increasingly likely Third World War!
    I took the Budweiser commercial to simply be a not-so-subtle protest of Trump, the alt-right, and the immigrant travel ban. Same with the Lumber 84 and the Airbnb commercials.
    Since when was “race mixing” a bad thing? Are you living in the 1950s???
    The blow torch in that one commercial had absolutely nothing to do with marijuana. It was probably just added for dramati effect!

    As a marijuana user, myself, I also dispute your assertion that people behind marijuana legalization efforts, like my anarchist friends in California and in Oregon, are in bed with TPBB in promoting a “brain fog” for people to live in – I think alcohol, politicians, cola companies, mainstream media, and sports networks, by and large, do enough to make a lot of people willfully ignorant, as it is. I, for one, often feel much more clear headed and focused and creative when I use the right strain of marijuana. I often feel more alert, more empathic, and more “woke” to things, like this thread, than I do when I decide to get drunk! I feel that, if anything, the powers that be don’t want to see marijuana legal for a multitude of reasons. They make a fortune off of the war on drugs, as does the alcohol industry, the prison industry, and the whole pseudo-scientific “rehab” industry.


    1. Thanks for the comment Jerry.

      Let me start by saying that I agree with your stance on the Budweiser immigration commercial. I just believe it is not about “protest”, but about divide.

      I don’t see the World War III theme you mentioned in the Hyundai military commercial. Watching it closely again I noticed some subtle homosexuality, terror, and even pedophilia themes, but not a WWIII or Cold War theme.

      You misinterpreted my race mixing concept. It is human nature for people to be attracted to members of their “group” or “tribe”. It causes distress when there is too much inter-mixing, especially among family and the opposite gender of those races. What they are doing is taking the positive attribute of “acceptance” and perverting it to mix races for the final goal of “no individuality”, thus “conformity”. It is insidious. The one common theme in all these psyops is taking a healthy concept and overshooting the mark completely. Taking it to the other extreme under the guise of improvement.

      Imagine a dart board where the goal is the bullseye and over the years the public has been shooting to the right side. Rather than shoot for the middle, TPTB are now telling us to shoot to the left side instead. They want us off-balance.

      With my familiarity with their subconscious themes, the torch represents both a gun and a light for Marijuana dabs. You might be familiar with the “dab” dance that spread like wildfire over the last year, directly in line with the rise of “dabs” which is Cannabis oil. I have never seen torches portrayed in commercials before, and showing a torch now during these pro-Mairjuana days clearly points to one major thing.

      As for Marijuana, it is best to not use any substances at all. I have smoked plenty in my day and there is no strain that makes you clear headed. A good night’s sleep, healthy diet, exercise, and feeling good about yourself gets you clear-headed. Marijuana is a psychological addiction, inhalation of smoke, and a “better” band-aid for health than Western medicine but still a poor substitute for preventative healthy living.

      If it was good for you, it would not be nearly universally supported like it is now in media and news. The only reason it is still federally illegal is to keep an underlying level of fear in Marijuana users that they might get in trouble. Note that I do not support alcohol either, and never claimed it was better than Marijuana. Both are harmful.


    2. Due to fake nuclear weapons, I am not sure they will start WW3. Conflicts are limited to a few sand boxes like Syria,Iraq and Ukraine (how much cgi and radio controlled airplanes are used to amplify the perception of war in these sand boxes). A state of alert due to ‘tensions”, “tewowism” and what not is more useful.

      The race mixing is bad because it is not left to evolve naturally. You can probably see that in many of these commercials the white male is made to look bad. Not to mention the many high profile white men fake serial killers/shooters . Also I wonder if there is actually more white talent (as percentage) in sports/athletics than the official statistics. A lot of propaganda against white man (by extension white race). Do mixed people have more psychological problems on average? Besides Asians , the other races have lower IQ (Asians probably have higher conformity). How many revolts in Roman Empire vs Persian Empire , China. Who has more traditions of citizens with weapons.

      I avoid alcohol, illegal drugs and medical drugs. Maybe the war on drugs is not that useful anymore because the elite decided that now it is the time for the next stage. Something like Brave new world, with the drug called soma playing a big role . Video games and virtual reality are another form of soma.


  2. We have a son in advertising, big-agency type ads. I’ve long wanted to grill him on the business, but they are secretive about their methodology. I do know that behavioral psychology is the beating heart of the business, and that before an ad is constructed, an underlying theme must be met, again, from the central part of the agency, the behaviorists. He does not tell me that – I only know that generally – maybe from Chomsky. He did say at one time “Our job is to get you to change your behavior.” And these behavior changes are slow and subtle – they never push. They always nudge. I what direction? I agree with Jerry A above that it should be a debatable topic, and a blog like this is the perfect place for such a topic.

    I look forward to more of this. I didn’t watch any commercials last night, didn’t watch most of the game actually. Is it just me, or did others find these ads tedious and hard to watch?


  3. I try to avoid commercials as much as possible so I’m not up to date on what’s current – this is scary. I think that the Expedia one is just downright irresponsible. It’s mainly middle class young women who get the opportunity to travel, they’ve had university education that fills their heads with Leftist and feminist thought, such as they have a right to dress how they like and not be attacked and raped. I agree with that, but it doesn’t work that way in many countries. Women travelling on their own in countries where women’s behaviour is generally far more restricted makes them a target for attack. I have seen many traveller photos of women in shorts and skimpy t-shirts in countries where even the prostitutes dress a lot more modestly, and that is just plain stupid and culturally insensitive. The woman in the ad has her long red hair loose, which is considered slutty in many countries. When in Rome…


  4. The looksmaxxing incel blackpill Intel project has sprouted tentacles for sure. I’d love to see another article on this.

    The gist of the program is to basically demoralize men as they attempt to change their facial features and body through dangerous surgeries and pharmaceuticals to look like male models. On some of these forums there’s even a new phenom known as trannymaxxing and softmaxxing which are the next logical intermediate and final steps for these sickos.

    Being good looking is not enough these days because most women especially in America are paranoid of strange men in general and it takes an incredibly long time to establish rapport. Plus with vaccines and zoomer internet culture tearing through fundamental socializing between the sexes, we’re seeing this breed nothing but a destructive demographic paradigm ie lower fertility and depop.


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