The Self Fulshilling Prophecy

This will be a shorter one compared to the Peculiar Plot series. I can understand people lack the attention span to read long pieces, but at the same time do not want to fall for that “Twitter 140 character soundbite” culture where 6 second attention span seekers with the patience of a ferret on crystal meth seem to rule, up to even people who are accustomed to read long pieces or listen to hours of talks, like people in their 50s and above, half or a full generation older than me.

The idea I want to share is the self fulshilling prophecy. It is one of my many neologisms; I like to invent new words to use because the language given to us is scripted to a large extent. By using our own ability to form language, we are humans after all, we can pinpoint what we mean much better without being compromised by agenda pushers.

Back at the (now dead) Fakeopedia, I described it as

“By constantly repeating the idea that “they are mind controlling us” with a topic, you actually reinforce the mind control and thus do more work for the perps than against them”

I want to expand on it a bit more.

What I have learned in the past years of “waking up”, or rather “going through a second phase of adolescence” (see below), is that a counter agenda is pushed that leads to paranoia and detachment not only from people we don’t know, but also people we do know. In my view that leads to a (potentially) dangerous detachment from reality.

I think there are good things to learn, even from people who are controlled, planted or otherwise pushing stupid ideas. And I think it is important to keep doing that.

In real life, outside of this “obscure” corner of the internet, this is a common theme. The idea you have to agree with everything someone else says or thinks is ludicrous. You never ever reach a 100% agreement level, not even with our closest friends, family, partners, parents, children, etc.

Why should it be any different online? And why push the idea we need to have that impossible to reach goal for us to be thinkers?

In this past year I have seen a lot of this new dialectic, that boils down to “agreement = endorsement” and the opposite “disagreement = throwing someone under the bus”.

If we would live our lives like that in real life, we wouldn’t have any life and end up very lonely. But online this dialectic appears to be pushed a lot in these circles.

I think there is nothing wrong with taking good, valuable, insightful or useful ideas and thoughts from people who otherwise may push wacky ideas. Taking away a good point from someone does NOT mean you endorse that person fully or believe everything that person says.

Iconoclasts shouldn’t exist in a mentally stable and mature thinking way. But the absolutism of rejection is equally, or even more, dangerous.

I myself have learned stuff from -known- controlled clowns as Alex Jones, David Icke and others and I am sure I am not the only one (here). That is nothing to be “ashamed” of, it is part of the process of our second phase of adolescence, something that differentiates us from others, who only went through one phase of adolescence.

I ditched the craziness and took their speeches with a huge bag of salt, but that doesn’t exclude the good content you can gain from it. The same for some mainstreamers, other alternative researchers or planted puppets.

The first phase of adolescence, we experience as teens, is rejecting the full authority of our parents. But the majority of people, including us before “waking up”, replace that by embracing authority of others. Be it “the media”, “the history books”, “government”, “scientism”, up to “alternative” “conspiracy theorists”, a new phase of respecting (unmerited) authority started for most people. And I think what binds us is that we went through a second stage of adolescence, also rejecting those unmerited authorities (I am not talking about merited authority; if your car breaks down you take it to a car mechanic because (s)he knows; has merited authority- how to fix it).

But the idea to go full rejection of anything and anyone is just as bad. There is truth spoken in words by people, even in the mainstream. It is not all lies, it is not “everyone is after us”, it is not a fully controlled 1984 style structure. And the whole self fulshilling prophecy is what that does; it reinforces the idea that we are controlled, without actually exercising that (mental) control. The suggestion of control is stronger than the actual control itself. Das Leben der Anderen (watch that movie).

We are free. Humans are inventive, we are not robots, we have the capacity to discern lies from truths, even when they are spoken by shady characters.

As a statheist (another one of my neologisms) I reject the idea of government, in an atheistic way; I don’t believe in that authority. But that doesn’t mean every single government employee is some evildoer, of course not. Most of them are just dupes who have been scripted to believe that immoral and illogical idea and their hearts are good, it is just they miss out on the falseness of the premise.

It may be even described as a third stage of adolescence; not falling for the tricks that even the “alternative” agendists try to push. It is walking straight on the thin line between healthy skepticism and outright crazy paranoia.

It becomes a self fullshilling prophecy if you fall for the nihilism and paranoia that no idea ever presented by anyone can be good or valuable. I think that self fullshilling prophecy is way more dangerous than the agendas those controlled people can ever push.

Blind belief is just as bad as blind rejection. It is the blindness that is the problem, not the effect following from it.

10 thoughts on “The Self Fulshilling Prophecy

  1. Obviously there is more truth in some people/talks/texts than there is in others. (Moral) relativism is a danger, there is objective truth (the way things really went), objective moralism and real value.

    A nice and valuable podcast I was listening to while typing I just found through good people at HBC:

    Enjoy. Or not, if you think “3.5 hours is too long, I ain’t gonna waste my time on that”.


    1. I just spent the first hour with this guy. Not sure that I can hang on for another 2-1/2. I like what I am hearing. I’ll strap on some headphones later tonight to get more of the rest. If he does not spend the last hour talking flat earth, we may have something valuable.


  2. 3.5 hours is a lot to ask of someone’s day, especially people who work long hours. I have some garage work to do tomorrow, and it should make good background, however.

    Truth is, and this is only me, that I don’t travel to many websites. I do the exchanges with commenters here at POM, which I enjoy, and Fakeologist, Reptile Dysfunction (if only to visit my roots), and Mathis. Everything else is for pleasure.

    I liked some of MM’s recent Titanic work (skimmed the genealogy ) because it was fresh insight. I notice that in his latest piece where he had an email fight with Ed Chirabi he still claims that I am working for Langley, which he knows not to be true, so he is indeed running a game.

    I mentioned before that I think much if the world of trolls and spooks is just TIC, and to do that they have to keep feeding us fresh stuff, most of it just filler. I think it is safe to assume that no one fears us or our work, and that perhaps they even enjoy some if it. They have to appreciate that the world has some smart people in it, and maybe they even help us along. Am I a dreamer? Probably. POM could be gone any time they want, flick of the wrist.


  3. Great stuff for the honors class. I do think the slumbering, lumbering segment of the not-yet-awake subset will need a lot more exposure to Sec. 101, Intro. There is much to teach, and learn, before worrying to much about blow-back from repetition of the self-evident truth of the situation. We are definitely conditioned by lies and propaganda. I am not sure “pulling punches” will bring the vast majority any closer to the water, more less get them to drink, even if they’re dying of thirst for a little dose of reality.


    1. Steve, I had great conversations this week with my best friend irl here in South America, who is open, yet reluctant, to see the (full scope of) trickery all around.
      I honestly think there is a lot of ground to gain there; people who are skeptic by nature (especially in the non-academic parts of society) are not too hard to convince we have been lied to big time.

      I don’t know about others, but my experiences in showing the levels of fakery were very positive.

      Break it down and focus on the points you can talk about with “authority”.


  4. On UK TV they are currently showing ‘watch out for suspicious terrorists’ bags, whatever’ advertisements…
    I prophesize another planned event on the 22nd of this month…


    1. I was headed back to Boston from L.A. when I was invited to the sox ,astros game at minutemaid in Houston. How could I resist? Jackie Bradley Jr’s Grand slam took a 2-1 ALCS lead over the Astros for an 8-2 win. On the way back to the Hotel just a little while ago I was thinking about how Explosive that moment was,and what an impact it had on the fans…Both, sox fans and astros alike. it was pretty intense,and being a Red sox fan,it made me wonder ,if they knew I was a fan of their enemy,would I have gotten out of there alive? Thinking of Explosions,I’m leaving for an early morning flight back to Boston and I was thinking about all the Explosions that recently happened back there. On Sept 13th, there were massive Explosions just north of Boston,not far away in the Merrimack Valley. I’m sure you must have heard ,or read about it. Houses exploding, multiple fires. They claim a pressure build-up in the Gas lines, But in June there was a lock-out with national Grid over contract disputes. They claim no “FOUL – PLAY”…coincidence,or what? TPTB…The-Place-To-Be. The-Powers-That-BE…And, “The-People-To-Blame”.


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