Fake Food Fresh From the Lab

$u$tainability.  When you hear that word associated with something you might want to eat, stop what you’re doing and consider just what that word now means.  It means money, bio-tech foods and much more. 

A friend of mine, a self-described “vegan,” was telling me about the new, Impossible Burgers™, now being served at Burger King.  I’m talking about one of the leading meatless meats now being consumed by unsuspecting consumers flocking to eat meat made from vegetable protein to avoid all the animal torture, environmental degradation and slaughter associated with industrial feedlot production of beef, pork, chicken, lamb and fish.  The list of ingredients sounds pretty much like many of the vegan alternatives to animal products that have been on supermarket shelves for decades.  But these so-called foods, like meatless meat and cow-free milk, are cooked up fresh from the lab in fermentation tanks.  The cooks are some of the maddest of mad scientists in the world today. https://steemit.com/food/@camille1234/if-you-eat-food-you-don-t-want-to-miss-this

I could go on for pages and pages about the rampant expansion of patented formulations and processes that are entering the food we eat without proper health studies, basic consumer-safety regulations, or even a basic debate about the moral and ethical implications. Camille, the researcher who made the video link above, has covered (with lots of links) the widespread distribution and consumption of gene-spliced, pressure-treated, machine-textured, plant-based fats and protein engineered in unnatural combinations.  Just what qualifies any of this lab goop as food, anyway?  Don’t be a lab rat. 

So, please watch the video, and watch what you eat.  Only you can prevent self-inflicted disease from unwise food choices.  If it sounds too good to be true, or smells a little fishy, just say no. 

7 thoughts on “Fake Food Fresh From the Lab

  1. For the past year, I’ve gone on kicks for a month or two where I eat almost nothing but fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes-nothing processed. Then my lifetime habit of eating garbage gnaws at me and I start hitting the goddamn fast food drive-ins. Even during the relapses, I’ve eaten healthier overall than I ever did in my life, so I don’t feel like a failure. But when I go for weeks eating little or nothing that’s processed, I feel great. Seriously. I feel almost embarrassingly fantastic. So why do I fuck it up? Why, even now, is it impossible to imagine NOT fucking it up? Life without junk food made by corporations I don’t trust and actively despise seems as unthinkable as life without all the personal technology I also despise but also love but wish I didn’t love because I fucking hate it so much.

    Excuse me, had to get that off my chest. Anyway thanks for this post. Maybe it’s time to ban processed foods from my life for a little while again.


  2. They know what you/we like. “Sugar and fat is where it’s at.” A little ditty I picked up in one of the restaurant kitchens I worked in when before I figured out that life wasn’t for me. Like all business, the customer is studied, inside and out. Marketing ( propaganda) works when there’s enough data, and proper analysis of the data, is micro-targeted. Each item on the menu has its target. The feedback loop instantly adjusts to changes needed to keep the aim true — on target. There’s no escape short of self-imposed prohibition, IMO. That’s why I rather like Alton Brown’s ( tv chef and food expert/historian) creative approach: https://www.thekitchn.com/alton-brown-on-eating-at-home-105841


  3. Truly living in a scientific dictatorship and priests and witch doctors are turning us into the perfect manageable slaves theyve hummed about for centuries.


  4. The government experts decided to convert us to a high carb diet in the 1970s due to the high price of food, especially meat. This in large part led to our obesity epidemic. The Secretary of Agriculture at that time was Earl Butz. Appropriate name.


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