WordPress censors another blogger unafraid to expose corruption and speak truth.


Dean Henderson is a friend, fellow blogger and author of interesting books still available on Amazon. Without warning, Dean had his blog removed by WordPress on Tuesday. I called him last night to verify that he didn’t take it down voluntarily. The message said: “This blog has been archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service. For more information and to contact us please read this support document.”

I, for one, will miss reading Dean’s blog entries. Funny, yesterday just after I called him the UPS truck stopped to deliver two of his books to me. Hang in there, Dean.

11 thoughts on “WordPress censors another blogger unafraid to expose corruption and speak truth.

  1. His subject matter & real names hit to close to the truth. Far more than the highly regarded Taos project/peerage papers.


        1. Thank you for asking this question that was at the tip of my tongue too:

          any thoughts on what specific Terms of Service WordPress uses to censor truth?

          That would be the first thing to establish instead of going into speculation about motives and future actions against any of us with a WP site.

          It might have been a “simple” copyright problem which may be avoidable in the future.

          Hence the importance of labeling images and sourcing them if needed (“dino fauxlex fossil”, cough).

          Ab at Fakeologist.com got a strike not from the ADL about my comments about jewism (how could they oppose that; it is their own philosophy that I try to tackle), as fear pr0n addicts pictured would happen, but probably because he was “promoting violence” by sharing a baby hoax video, don’t remember the exact psyop. It is spiritual murder to do that anyway, we shouldn’t give the psyop directors more ammunition; ideally DETACH from all media influence on your spirit.


  2. Hi Mark and POM contributors, thank you for all this great content. I read this site every day. I’m wondering if there is now out there an alternative, less censored blog host that would be ‘safer’ for ‘controversial’ (code for truthful) bloggers like dean and yourselves. In the YouTube video world as we know many content providers have be forced to move to other platforms like Bitchute due to censorship and demonetization. What is, or do you feel, will be, the ‘Bitchute’ equivalent to the wordpress blog world? It’s unfortunate that what started out as just a piece of software in now controlled by forces that have become political and feel a need to now censor their users.


  3. I’ve followed Dean’s writings for years. I’m really sad to see them removed by WordPress. If at all possible, please let me know if there is any way I can get in touch with Dean. His take on the Covid-19 FearDemic is something I really look forward to. If there are any links to Dean’s writings, could you please update me

    South Africa

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  4. Hey I’m just wondering. Is there any blogging platform that won’t censor a conspiracy theorist? It would help me alot.


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