Hail Belarus!

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I linked to this  Google document to the left  via a report titled Evidence that the COVID 19 pandemic is false, prepared by Kevin Galalae, with due credit given (Galalae appears to suffer from personal integrity) to a “Swiss Doctor,” who prepared a lengthy report distributed in 19 languages called Facts About Covid-19. Both documents are full of important links and are incredibly valuable resources. The Swiss document opens with a reference to a book by Camus, as follows:

“The only means to fight the plague is honesty.” Albert Camus, The Plague (1947)

I reprinted just the top of the first page of the Google document because it surprised me. It is but two pages long, but describes all aspects of life in Belarus, everything including trips to supermarkets and parks and transit stations. How the hell is Google able to compile this information?

Back during the toilet paper shortage (is it over now?) I had to chuckle, as in the old Soviet Union, toilet paper was always in short supply. I think that it is a standard method of totalitarian rule –  to keep basic commodities in short supply to create distractions and lines. Has the United States, the self-described “Home of the brave and land of the free”, become the new Soviet Union? We are certainly being given a high dose of fascism, but then too, as I read, so are the Russians being given the same treatment. I hoped for better from Putin, though I don’t know why I had that hope.

Belarus is a different story. There have been few restrictions on movement. President Alexander Lukashenko urged citizens to be outdoors, to engage in sports, to be in the fields riding tractors. He described the response to Coronavirus as “psychosis” and on March 28 played a game of hockey (zounds!) saying “It is better to die on [y]our feet, than live on your knees.”

Did you catch that, home of the bravers? The leader of a country, a former USSR satellite no less, telling us how best to behave against tyranny – with courage. Belarus is no more or less affected by this “scourge,” this cold virus if even a real thing, than any other country. Right now I would rather be there riding a tractor in a field than be here in the land of superstition where cowardly frightened people imagine a mask and six feet can save their sorry asses from a threat that does not even exist.

I have a slightly runny nose as I write this. Don’t tell anyone. I might be quarantined or shot, excuse me, given a shot. We have not yet descended into the madness of killing people, though I do not know what horrors the vaccine being prepared by President Gates will rain upon us.

[Note: Later that morning, Mr. Tokarski collapsed and died, another Covid-19 victim. “Damn I shoulda worn a mask” were reportedly his last words.]

17 thoughts on “Hail Belarus!

  1. The Great Toilet Paper Scare, of 1973. In the US, no onions too, and a stock market crash. Endless war, nothing new overseas.


  2. Lukashenko has been around. He knows lies and deceit when he sees it. This kind of stuff will bring out the heroes of the world and he is definitely one of them. Ijust hope next week we don’t read about him “dying” from corona. Even if somebody does take him out, he’ll go out the way he wanted and on his own terms: FREE!


  3. Here’s an interesting explanation of how viruses work. It’s mostly audio, and could be sped up to shorten the time, but it lays out the role of viruses in a clear way.

    In a nutshell, viruses are released by the cell in order to break down toxins that are too strong for microbes to handle directly. They aren’t transmissible cross-species, and even person to person. We can’t study them inside the body, but have to remove them from the “terrain” in order to study them, which requires poisoning them as well as changing the environment from which they are designed to operate.

    What appear to be contagious diseases are just people shedding toxins common to their environments, and the “symptoms” are what one would expect when the body is expelling toxins.

    The video states that viruses can’t be transmitted person to person because they won’t be recognized by the cells of a different body than the one producing them. They will be seen as “toxins” to those cells. (My wording, it’s not stated exactly that way)

    (My thoughts on this begin here)

    BUT, what if viruses are designed to spread from person to person, not to “infect” but to share the information of how to respond to environmental toxins common to a family or community of people? It would make sense that “early adopters” who respond to the environmental toxins entering the body who are healthier would have cells better able to respond and create “viruses” that can break down the toxins. If those “viruses” spread to others in the tribe/community, they could guide the cells of those others in how to respond to the shared crisis, with minor “mutations” there because of differing responses.

    (This would be another reason for “social distancing”)

    These “viruses” in a sense would be “whistleblowers” about the environmental toxins and behaviors spreading them. Those who don’t want that information to get out would want to “shut them up” before they upset the apple cart. (I’m badly mixing metaphors here, so I hope the point gets across.)

    If the “terrain/toxin” theory of disease is correct, we don’t need endless drugs, vaccines and damaging medical practices of all sorts. Trillions of $$$ can’t be made off fighting dogged “terrorist viruses” engaged in endless warfare.

    If the “germ theory” is correct, we don’t have to examine the behaviors, both personal and societal that are leading to massive toxicity and disease. We can blame the virus, instead of facing up to what is really being done. We can use the magician’s trick to divert attention from the real cause to one that is insanely profitable, yet insane.

    From the book “Virus Mania'” it’s telling that the incentive to blame a “virus” was shared not only by big pharma (led by Fauci who is still at it) but also fully endorsed by the homosexual lobbies and groups, who didn’t want to be told their behavior could be playing a role. Even to the point where these groups fought to preserve access to “poppers” which they claimed were “essential” to their lifestyle.

    (I knew that Magic Johnson quit taking AZT almost immediately, but didn’t realize he kept doing paid endorsements for it long after, until he switched to an alternative poison for a bigger payout. What a complete piece of shit.)

    We’re well over 100 years of full on AMA war on viruses and everything not designed to fill their pockets. Pharma is becoming the largest industry on earth, and pharma stocks are major parts of almost every investment portfolio. The biggest investors are governments, so that there is no real difference or honest oversight.

    The same people pushing every other fraud we discuss here are full on promoting the war on viruses, ramping up the herd to a frenzy once again. How many people are invested in this? Admitting they were wrong would make admitting the moon landings, Sandy Hook and 9/11 were false flags like a walk in the park.

    With all these factors, could it really be this hard to figure out what’s really going on?

    Getting to the heart of this virus “friend or foe” issue will be a key lever in fighting back.

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    1. Thanks for recapping the video/audio, as I don’t have time to listen right now. We have unnecessary traveling to do. We are going to a local open space to XC ski. I am curious if others there will be wearing masks?

      I had to plow our very long driveway this morning, as we got hit with a snow storm yesterday. Often when I do that the snow blows back in my face, very irritating, like being poked with needles. I was going to cover my face with a neck scarf, but didn’t, as it would look liking I am being a Coronaviruspussy.


      1. I wore a mask while cleaning my chicken coop. No mask in public. Getting long stares from mask-wearers at the grocery store. Can’t resist staring back with my best look of “who’s crazy in this picture?” This lasts 15-seconds or less; haven’t lost a stare down yet. Still can’t find a black market barber. Long hair is making a comeback.


    2. IB, that is a really interesting presentation. I dozed off for parts, and have to sit through it again, but found it comprehensible and even logical. Thanks for bringing it by.


  4. That would require me to believe “leaders” actually govern I can’t go backwards. It’d make sense to have a few leaders seemingly “doing their own thing” though to uphold that illusion. Those that appear to be doing their own thing could be purposefully used for universal shaming as the cases mount to only eventually impart the same stringent measures as everybody else.


  5. Perhaps the false narrative will collapse soon:

    “Drilling down into the US numbers reveals two states account for 59.41% of the Covid-19 deaths in the United States on the 12th April 2020. When the Covid-19 deaths for New Jersey and New York are removed from the US numbers it’s evident the United States is not experiencing a Covid-19 epidemic.”



  6. Don’t worry about the runny nose Mark. It’s hay fever season .
    Wonder how many hay fever sufferers will find themselves forcibly removed from their homes and quarantined never to be seen again. Just another Covid 19 ( I feel ridiculous even writing the stupid word ) statistic!


  7. A Gem of a Man is President Alexander,first the World Horror Organisation offered a “support package” of $90 million if he impilmented a Lockdown like Italy,he refused.The IMF then approached with a ten fold offer with a long list of Convict 19 conditionalities,the Great Man refused again saying ” I don’t have a $ printing Press as you do and can not crash my economy”.Next comes the payback in form of a “regime change” the three traitors that western media and politicians are cheering on happen to have dual citizenship[Israelias I read].Last week the blood soaked Zionist shit stirrer/fire starter Bernard Henri Levi met one of the traitress Svetlana that has run away to Lithuania.This prick BHL brought death and destruction to Libya and Syria formenting the fake revolutions,coordinating arms,funds and telecom between NATO and the savage rebels/terror gangs.I’m deeply worried about what hell is going to be unleashed Upon Belarus just like the monumental lies about Gaddafi leading to the destruction of the richest country in Africa that had zero foreign Debt to Wall Street.


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