Common goals in differing public hoaxes

A short while back I learned from a Climate Change website I frequent, WattsUpWithThat, run by meteorologist Anthony Watts, that since 1980 the earth had experienced a 14% increase in greening effects, caused mostly by increased CO2 in the atmosphere. Eureka!, I thought. Of course. That’s the reason for the Climate Change hoax and demonization of CO2 – more greening leads to more food to more people. Climate Change, like Covid-19, is backed by eugenicists.

First, let me address an annoying topic in this (hopefully) short post: If you are a believer in warming and climate change and all of that, how can you be so dense? Look around, look at statistics (that have not been altered by EPA), and see that yes, while a little warming has been going on since the bottom of the Little Ice Age in the late 1600s, it only benefits us. We tend to thrive in warmth, perish in cold. Warming periods such as the Minoan, Roman, Medieval and now Modern eras saw great advances in civilization. Greenland ice cores show that there is no correlation between CO2 levels and temperature. But my real question for you is this: How can you stick your head out the window, see that nothing is changing, and still think everything is changing? You make no sense! You are purely a product of the power of suggestion. Every doom and gloom prediction coming out of junk science produced by climate alarmists is just that: A prediction. According to noted climatologist and all around really smart dude Prince Charles, it was all to be over for us in 2017. When that didn’t happen, the cretin merely changed the Doomsday date. If you think Climate Change is real, I want your photo to place aside Chuck’s in the hall of deceit and stupidity. (I deliberately searched for goofy pictures of Chuck. I was offered a wide selection.)

Anyway, final notice if you are a true believer: Smarten up.

This post was triggered by two pieces of writing I’ve recently come across: You Just Bought A Half Billion Deadly Vaccines, by Miles W. Mathis, and The Covid Vaccine and Depopulation: The Beginning of the Trail, by Jon Rappoport. Neither write about the link between Climate Change and the Covid-19 vaccine. That’s my little addition to the game.

There is great similarity to the “science” behind Climate and Covid – it is junk, of course. But it is also extremely totalitarian in nature – those who push these matters act more like petty dictators, punishing anyone who steps out of line. And they mean business. There’s no career for anyone in climatology, epidemiology, “virology”, (allopathic medicine or nutrition) for those who do not, in advance, toe the line. If you make your way through into professions and see the light, you’ll be de-funded and/or fired. You’ll be ridiculed by people of half your intelligence. That is because it is understood by the elites behind these psyops that there is no good and solid science to support the ideas, so, that it all has to be faked. It only succeeds due to propaganda, agitprop and a monolithic news media.

Rappoport makes the point that vaccines are intended to cause depopulation. That’s why any who question or criticize are labeled freaks and cranks and quacks.

Real scientists do not attempt to prove hypotheses. Rather, they attempt to disprove them. It is only after time and rigorous failed attempts to disprove an idea that it finally graduates to a “theory,” rarely “proven” and always subject to modification or replacement by something better. Said Richard Feynman, “The first principle [of scientific inquiry] is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”

Anyway, if you’ve time, read the two pieces. That’s all I set out to say. As usual, my fingers ran away from me.

PS: Nothing new under the sun: “It’s terrible to have to say the World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. This is so horrible to contemplate that we shouldn’t even say it. But the general situation in which we are involved is lamentable.” (Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, UNESCO Courier, November 1991). The vaccine might be Cousteau’s wish come true.

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  1. “There is great similarity to the “science” behind Climate and Covid – it is junk, of course.”

    Thanks for the laugh 🙂

    I tend to agree with every point you’ve made. I would add to your thesis that Climate Change – Crisis – Warming is a precursor to CO2 quotas, which is a precursor to CO2 footprint taxation, with the final goal being total control of individual’s energy consumption, which is of course the latent, underlying reason for all this shenanigans they dared to name science. A definite example of social engineering. They are actually using some half-baked science in their attempts to alter the weather, and further poisoning the population and environment, while this gives them the needed alibi to prove their propagandized Climate Crisis.

    On a side note, I’ve read Miles’ piece and while his thesis is about the grand robbery of national tresuries as PTB’s agenda with Covid, I tend to disagree here. Why would the owners of all the money printing machines and banks, the hidden trillionaires, be chasing the money? I think they’re motivated by something much more important in terms of continuing the status quo and their hegemony with it. I think their agenda with Covid is not primarily about the money, but is mainly focused on transforming our society into a more controllable version of itself, aka social engineering. As much as I was able to experience the changes in behaviour while among general populace, who are in majority severly susceptible to propaganda barrage, PTB’s trick seems to work. People haven’t noticed the money heist, but they neither had any second thoughts about trusting the TV news, so you can seldomly find anybody with his brain still intact. No money could buy this happening, but they will of course snatch it if the opportunity is ripe for it. If they didn’t, this money could be used to improve i.e. the quality of life of all th people, which is abolutely out of the question while they’re chasing transhumanistic agenda and population control and doing everything they can to maintain the status quo. So no, they’re not after our money primarily, the money needs to be sucked dry so we couldn’t use it to actually improve anything meaningful. What they’re really doing with Covid is inciting changes in people’s behaviour, which leads to new societal order, where they get to keep the top rulling positions and put us under more control.

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    1. I agree. Good points.

      I don’t agree with everything MM writes, but so what. As General Patton said, “If everyone thinks alike, then nobody is thinking.” I am of the view that the economy is run by computers of high sophistication that keep things churning along, and that the money supply is controlled very carefully to keep inflation in very low digits. But the money itself is never an issue, as we have seen time and again they just create it when they need it, as when we go to war.


  2. But my real question for you is this: How can you stick your head out the window, see that nothing is changing, and still think everything is changing? You make no sense! You are purely a product of the power of suggestion.

    This approach is a little too simplistic.

    I had a discussion with my father-in-law (who HUGGED and THANKED me for helping him see that the moonlandings were fake, he was 35 in 1969!) about the topic of Anthropogenic Global Warmongering (not “climate change”, that is the rebranded version which is the natural result of solar activity and the position of Earth w.r.t. the Sun).

    He said to me that in his childhood “it was so much colder and less cloudy when he was young”, prompting me to explain the warming he experienced (and was real) in the last 80 years.

    Most of the world population lives in cities, just as he did. He has lived in the US for a while, but mostly here in Bogotá.

    Any city growing from about 1 in his early years to the current 10 million will experience this warming trend. Not because of a global phenomenon, but because asphalt, bricks and tiles capture more heat during the day and release it much slower, causing more cloud formation (there are about 5-10 clear or partially clear nights per year) and an overall warming trend. Grass, water and trees are much less efficient in this heat transfer process than man-made materials.

    Anyone who ever has walked on a nice summer night (never the case here; days are relatively fresh and nights are always cool) from an urban area into a park or other green pasture has felt the sudden drop in temperature.

    So if you come across people “confirming” the warming trend from the past and they live in urban areas, it is the urban growth over time that causes the warming they experience (and is real), not some global phenomenon that cannot even take place; mankind is much too small to cause global climatic effects, either warming or cooling. 70 % of the Earth’s surface is oceans, a whole continent is covered in ice and those are much bigger than the “Texas+a little footprint-sized” global human impact we would have on the atmosphere.

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    1. I guess I knew all of that – I was deep into AGW before Covid came along, and I’ve got stacks of books on the subject, I’ve still got to reread those books and take notes, but I am aware of the island effect that cities have. We live at 7,800 feet, 2,237 meters for a Colombian, and typically we are 10-15 degrees (F) cooler here than Denver down below us. It’s more than just the elevation difference – walking in a parking lot in Denver is brutal, the temperature well over 100%, but in a city park it might only be 90.

      Congratulations on changing your father-in-law’s beliefs about the moon landings. As I often said about my oldest brother, there are many ways to approach him on any subject. None work. How on earth, so to speak, did you pull this off? What evidence affected him?


      1. Mixing AGW with covid, here’s what the fine folks at G7 came up with a couple of days ago.

        Topics of discussion included developing a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged to call for the G7 to work on a global approach to pandemics to ensure an equal global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and to prevent future pandemics.[18] He proposed a five-point plan to prevent future pandemics, which includes a worldwide network of zoonotic research hubs, developing global manufacturing capacity for treatments and vaccines, the design of a global early warning system, the agreement of global protocols for a future health emergency and the reduction of trade barriers.[19] The G7 nations agreed to pledge 1 billion vaccines to other countries.[20] South African President Cyril Ramaphosa urged the group to boost COVID-19 testing, diagnostics and vaccines to help finance the World Health Organization’s program on those issues.[21] Johnson also focused on climate change, a top priority for the United Kingdom ahead of the COP26 conference, which it is due to host in November 2021.[18] UK Secretary for Business Kwasi Kwarteng has indicated that Johnson sought coordinated action on carbon border taxes, green finance, the phase-out of coal and helping poorer countries to step up climate action.[22] While the taxes have been backed by the EU and US, EU climate ambassador Mark Vanhuekelen indicated that Australia may oppose the measures.[23] The G7 nations pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.[20]


        1. Effing frightening. These are eugenic-monsters masquerading as humanitarians, hiding behind Covid and climate change to accomplish their goal … fewer useless eaters. It never occurs to them, as they do not own mirrors, that they may be the biggest problem, useless eaters with power.

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          1. Mark, Gaia-

            You might want to check out Joseph Postma’s site. He’s an astrophysicist, and tears AGW/climate change to shreds, has been doing so for years. One of his most helpful reveals for me is that they literally use flat earth models (not that they are actually saying the earth is flat, of course), and by doing so end up denying that the incoming radiation from the sun is what heats planet earth. He explains it better than I, and I recommend the following video.

            His site is “”


            1. It’s astounding these people are pushing an idea that Sun’s influence is irrelevant. It’s unbelievable they keep ignoring the Charge’s role in our reality, even though the Charge outweighs all the visible mass by 19 : 1 ratio, thus explaining mechanically the existence of their ‘dark matter’. Charge can also explain the real cause of magnetism, electricity and EM field, and it does so by applyication of actual physical mechanism underlying it.

              It baffles my mind as these people at the top of scientific committees, so called researchers and peer reviewers, are blind to the understanding of what the heat actually is. Just look at the wiki entry or others similar vague explanations at MSM sites. They’re clueless and can only conclude that heat is a force, which can be measured by temperature and then transfered onto another body. So what’s the cause of heat, mechanically? The charge, of course. Earth’s heat emanates from Sun’s heat radiation, true, but that is only one part of the reason. The second source of Earth’s heat, larger in terms of a measurable impact, is charge recycling process, which is coming in mostly from the Sun, but also from the Iovian planets and galaxy’s mass. These two sources combined are the reason for experiencing the heat and its fluctuations.

              The idea of mankind being capable of changing or influencing Earth’s heating and cooling cycles is arrogant to the extreme – the real mechanical causes of heat production, transfer and retention are a mystery to them, so they’re attributing these latest fluctuations to mankind as the source of it. Probably on purpose, since mysticism allows the manipulation of our understanding, as proven by the religious experiments.

              The real knowledge seems to evade their minds, apparently. It baffles my mind why is it that so many people with degrees are satisfied with non-existent, half-baked and outright idiotic definitions of most fundamental physical facts. What’s up with that?


              1. Hey! I have a degree. The problem is, however, that when I graduated from college, I did not know Jack. I only thought I did. I read a fun book years ago, Doubt: A History, by Jennifer Michael Hecht, where she talked about doubt as being the seed that feeds curiosity that leads to real education. Doubt is not taught in our schools, only certainty. The scientists have it all right, and no one can doubt them. After schooling, life and work begins, assisted by news, entertainment and sports, and thinking, which never really began anyway, takes a back seat.

                So you wonder why the right questions are never asked – no one knows to doubt authority figures except a few of us. (“Doubt is the beginning, not the end, of wisdom'” (George Iles.) I would amend that slightly – Doubt is the beginning, not the end, of education.


            2. Ha thanks for sharing the video and that blog that has extensive commenting. i started watching the video and at 6:45 he shows an image published by Kiehl and Trenberth in 1997. He comments that the 342 W/m^2 incoming solar radiation (at the top of the atmosphere; Kármán ‘line’ ~100 km altitude, I presume) is about 1/4th of the calculated value of 1370 W/m^2, a value he says is also measured.

              But in that same image it says that surface radiation, with an arrow pointing up, so coming from Gaia herself, is 390 W/m^2.

              1st – if this image is correct, that would mean the atmosphere has net warming, because according to those values the Earth should heat the atmosphere more than the incoming solar radiation does. That seems ridiculous already.

              2nd and more important – that 390 W/m^2 cannot be correct. Surface heat flow values range between about 30 and 100 mW/m^2 with a rough average of 50, so about 7-8,000 times LESS than what that image claims.


      2. It was in late 2016, when I was recently married, at lunch with my mother-in-law and Paolita, that I started talking about it with him. Just a relaxed chat about it and that moment when he hugged me was next time, 2 weeks later. I was completely and happily surprised by his reaction.

        As with most topics, and I have been improving in that over the years, I try to present my points as holistic and basic as possible, without the need for scientific or other deep knowledge about the subject. And I try to use the passions, expertise and interests of the opponent to make the points.

        Comparisons I made were with the settlement of the Americas. 50 years after the first ‘landing’ (although I think the real discovery of the Americas happened in the decades before 1492 and Columbus was like the media character to “take the cake”) many cities were founded, underlining the point that when something is possible, it will be done. And in this case because he was already an adult during Apollo 11, the mainstream propaganda helped; they were thinking back then that in the magical year 2000 people would be living on the Moon…

        Other points were the material sciences; no material can withstand both extremely high (sunlit side) and extremely low (shadow side) at the same time, which I tried to explain as basic as possible, and that is one of the points I brought onto the table in the famous “Do rockets work in a ‘vacuum'” thread at Cluesforum.

        Just a month before I had the best experience I have had about this topic, my nice and relaxed talk (in English!) with a Colombian astrophysicist whose AirBnB was my place of staying. His reaction after the hour long conversation was beautiful, a man of about 75 then who has written books about plasmas in space I couldn’t even grasp the first page of.

        His “I don’t have any scientific arguments against your points” was enormously important as a test, but also helps with the people who (still) look up to ‘credentials’, which is of course not entirely untrue. Hence my focus on using the Cowans, Kaufmans, Stephers, Oregonmatts and Rappoports of this world as argument; not all experts are following the mainstream views.

        I must have used that astrophysicist example in the conversation with Mr. Escobar and that triggered him.

        Because I dived into Apollo so deeply, up to making the only existing 4D geologic (selenologic) model of the Moon, I had so many points that even the main other researchers haven’t come up with. The infamous fossil wood example is given all the time, but the absence of new minerals found in 378 kg of moonrocks and (impossible to exist) ‘regolith’ I had never heard before I made the point. Something which is geologically impossible, knowing that the Vesuvius alone already is the type locality of 42 minerals (type locality merely means that a mineral was described first at the Vesuvius, not necessarily that it hasn’t been found elsewhere on Earth). Or take an average mine in Western Australia, also so many unique, new or rare minerals compared with other locations.

        The same with the geologic maps of the Moon. They were made before 1969 based on astronomical observations and a model of how the Moon formed and selenologically evolved and were not changed or updated.

        Compare not having been to London (or any other city), making a preliminary map of the city based on aerial photos alone and then when you visit it, it is exactly as you expected beforehand. That does not make any sense and I think that point also hit.

        All this is related to the frustrations shared by Stephers in the last year about her friends “not waking up”. When you break things down to the bare minimum, without using jargon or advanced scientific or psientific concepts, it tends to stick because the arguments become inescapable.

        That is also the stance I share with everyone (I am as open about my views in real life as I am online) about vaccines; I don’t care about the science or nonscience behind it, I just don’t want my immune system to be messed with by an outside thread. That removes all the discussion about details or the baiting into having to be informed about the science/psience behind it.

        The same with the Komodovirus; “there is allegedly an invisible monster that only a very select, elite, group (I try to use “cartel” here, for obvious reasons) can see, and we have to believe them. I have seen a bit too much of things to be very skeptical about that”. That shuts down a lot of kneejerk reactions by ‘opponents’ in discussions.

        So in short; main tools are what I call the boomerang effect; throwing back the mainstream arguments to the story to make it obvious how nonsensical things are presented, breaking things down to the bare minimum (“chopping down the tree at the trunk“) and using analogies (the settlement of the Americas vs the Moon) as much as possible.

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        1. As I said about my older brother, GRHS, all of these approaches are possible. None would have worked. But congratulations, as you are dealing with an unusual man, one who thinks and listens.

          The best evidence I’ve seen concerning Apollo 11, covered in the link below, had to do with a Super 8 camera film of the launch, a continuous piece of film (most NASA footage is spliced sections from various sources). Once critics ascertained that it was real and intact, they determined that the rocket penetrated cirrostratus clouds at 105 seconds. Such clouds generally hover at about 26,000 feet. NASA claims that at that point in the launch, the rocket was at 97,000 79,000 feet. In other words, the unmanned rocket was going nowhere but out to sea to ditch.

          Apollo 11: Something went somewhere

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        2. Gaia,

          Here was my latest non-science argument. I really don’t have any expectation of waking anyone up, but this was a friendly chat with an old friend who at least doubts a lot of mainstream media, even if he buys into the Covid hoax.

          We agreed that Bill Gates and the WHO are on record a out wanting to reduce the population to less than a billion. I also showed him the Jon Rappaport article Mark linked, where he reports that the WHO has a Task Force for Birth Control Vaccines.

          I said something like, “Let’s say I have a family of ten people. I meet a doctor and he says, ‘Whoa, ten people. That’s too many. I’m going to get some colleagues together and see if we can figure out how to get your family down to two or three people. It’s a problem we’ve been working on for a long time–reducing big families to little tiny families. It involves vaccines and food and stuff, but it’s all totally safe and harmless. Don’t worry, we won’t hurt anybody. Have a great day!’ That doctor is the last person in the fucking world I will take my family to when we have a major health scare, yet this is almost an exact analogy for what every human being on Earth is being coerced into doing.”

          My friend laughed, agreed with me, and then said he prefers to just go with the flow because it’s easier. Sigh. (However, he has worked in the medical field and has a lot of friends who still do, and he told me in all seriousness to let him know if I ever need a fake vaccination card. So that was a plus. And maybe a lesson in why I need to make an effort not to alienate myself from the “sheep.”)


    2. The 1930s were hotter than anything your grandfather, your father, or you have ever experienced. 80% of the country was in extreme drought.

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  3. Fear and Control. But then again, Fear is only a means…to greater Control. Is there any one which does Not fit this recipe?

    Ozone Hoax
    Global Warming and latest Intl G7 15% tax
    Alien Area-51
    Asteriod Extinction Event
    1979 Fuel Crisis / Peak Energy
    Boston Bombing
    Charles Manson and William Gacey
    Sandy Hook
    Las Vegas Massacre
    Denver Orange-haired Movie Theatre Massacre
    Thousand Oaks and Florida Nightclub Shootings
    Osama and the Bin Ladens..
    Adolf Hitler
    Kim Jun Un and his Nukes
    Deadly Contageon

    It LITERALLY is endless!!

    But, Still You (meaning ‘The Masses”) Believe!!



    “Climate lock-down” is still in the R&D lab, but nevertheless is being studied and funded by our favorite billionaires. Speculation at this point, perhaps. Buzzards are circling. Is that a sign? I dunno’.


    1. I’ve seen quite a few articles about climate lockdowns over the last 6 months or so and I’m becoming convinced that’s what’s in the pipeline. Maybe it’ll happen at the same time as a massive cyber attack and the next deadly zoonotic viral pandemic.
      Here in the UK we’ve just had our restrictions, which should have been easing off on the 21st, extended for another 4 weeks because of covid variants. The mainstream media is raising questions like is it time to ditch non vaccinated friends?
      In some parts of the world restrictions seem to be easing off and people think this is all drawing to a close. I think this is just the beginning of the changes being implemented to change the way we’re allowed to exist.


      1. Yes, looks to be possible ENERGY brown/black outs,
        depletion zones blamed on the people. We know our
        vigilance is key as their Nonsense Repeated Gets Truth Deleted…


      2. Hate to say it, Rob, but your synopsis sounds right to me. Climate lockdowns, cyber attacks, freshly minted zoonoses…all part of the big boy’s playbook. Not to mention that covid has unlimited shelf life, as you and I are both experiencing.


        1. Covid variants are the gift that keeps giving.
          I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, light in my head and dead on my feet. I went to the doctors today, turns out I’ve got the Baker Street variant.


      3. The Animal Farmers treat us like the frogs in the pan, turning up (Boris J.) and down (‘easing off’) the gas below the pan at will and with zero logic (science) behind it.

        It is quite sad that in the known blogo- and podcastosphere there seem to be just 2 people from South America. Me from Colombia and longtime user and former mod Flabbergasted at Cluesforum from Brazil. I think he is also an immigrant like me, so no native South Americans posting in English at POM, Fakeologist, Hoax Busters Call, Cutting Through The Fog (I assume, haven’t been there in ages, but never seen South American posters there) and on Eye am Eye Radio I have just some real life people from here, not purely online contacts.

        The comments by Flabbergasted are quite scary and are similar in tone and planned restrictions as what I heard here from one of my friends who informed me of the media talk here (DETACH, DETOX, DEPROGRAM has as upside that I am not programmed by the narratives, but as downside that I miss quite some useful information, so I get that from talking with others).

        What I understood of the plans for the farther future (not tomorrow or next month) is that us, humans, cannot even leave the city anymore. That “privilege” is solely reserved for mutants in the future. Paolita told me that that is because apparently the Colombian constitution (!) puts the “common interest” ABOVE individual interest… And of course according to the Coronarrative we, the humans are a danger to them, the mutants…. rrrright.


  5. funny thing with the current G7. There are some videos showing Merkel and Johnson and Biden and others making the elbow dance (ritually touching their elbows as a form of greeting) and having lots of fun with it. One video shows Merkel wearing a mask but still shaking hands with other politicians. Then they walk together casually. And then there is this stage presentation at the beach where they walk in with the sea in the background, keeping distance, positioning themselves, etc. The point here is not if it makes sense but why are they showing us this videos? This is a very close society , very secure and they can easily avoid any wrong impressions, yet still they let us see their absurd rituals. At a press conference of our government they even said, they cannot comment on the “choreography” of this stage presentation, which admits that it is a show. Biden seems to be in good shape now. Or they found another one?


    1. There is not 1 Joey Biden. They have multiple people playing that role (like they did with Dolfy H. and Saddam H. and most probably many others). I try to avoid looking at ‘that’ freak, but even in the few examples I have seen there are several “Joe Biden”s. Ear shapes don’t match and just his facial features do not match either.

      Maybe an idea for a face chopping exercise Mark? Though I don’t want you to get affected by looking too much at the filthiest freakiest U.S. president ever….


      1. Good idea – maybe get to that tomorrow. I know that it is not unusual for powerful people to use body doubles for security purposes. Obama probably had one or two. In addition to Paul McCartney being twins, I also found body doubles.

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  6. How does it all connect to “The Dinosaur Hoax”?

    Well, THEY say that the dinosaurs died in a major disaster 65 million years ago. Of course, like the dinosaur itself, the date was simply made up, with the important point being the “65”, a number witch has been all over the COVID HOAX as well.

    During the after-math of the AMERICAN CRIMINAL WAR that ended in 1865 so there is that number 65 again and 18 = 1+8 = 9, while 65 = 6+5 = 11, so a sortof “9/11” as you know THEY use the uncle sam’ codes and numbers repeatedly as markers for the cons.

    The “CIVIL WAR” was all about the smashing of small businesses by the INDUSTRIALISTS. Sort of connects to the current COVID HOAX that has as one of its primary objectives, the smashing of small businesses.

    One of my ancestral families had a plantation in Kentucky that was taken over by the UNION ARMY during the WAR and used as a base of operations to launch aattcks into Tennessee. All of the horses werer stolen and shipped to New York City. The AREMY OFFICERS gave my ancestors a piece of paper stating that the horses would be returned after the WAR, with the stated reasoning that the horses could be taken by the CON-FEDERACY so to have them on the plantation was a risk to the WAR effort.

    Of course it is all hogwash, as the UNION ARMY was stealing horses, land, buildings, food and any other resource under the guise of, “it’s for the WAR effort”.
    Sherman was even burning entire CITIES TO THE GROUND AND IS SEEN AS A “HERO” for ending the WAR. He was just another CRIMINAL with a LICENSE to Rape, Pillage & Plunder.

    Now we shall divert for a seemingly unconnected asshole writer (TRUST FUND BUTT PLUGGER) by the name of Sam Fels, who writes for DEADSPIN and recently wrote a scathing piece about CUBS players JASON HEYWARD and ANTHONY RIZZO publicly styating that they will not be taking the vaccine.

    I had never heard of this piece of shite before so decided to check him out. Of course he is not connected by blood to the Sam Fels of FELS NAPTHA! wink2X!
    Well it all deepends on what you consider “blood connection”.

    One of the many meanings of the word “son” is “initiate”. The Sam Fels that fled “persecution” in Eastern Europe, arriving in the United States in the mid 1850’s is the homosexual that foiunded “FELS NAPTHA and a hole host of other businesses and organisations, some witch were founded by his “wife”. Of course THEY had no children because a man funkin another man in the assets cannot produce a baby per se’, butt THEY did adopt an 11-year-old orphan boy from Russia who was “the initiate” and a musical prodigy and that is how POWER has been handed down throughout history, just as ALEXANDER took over when PHILLIP of MACEDON was assassinated by one of his gay lovers/sons/initiates.

    The vast majority of ROMAN EMPERORS had no children and NERO went so far as to marry his gay lover in a lavish public ceremony.

    Now take a look at how many of the CITIES in AMERICA are run by the LGBT! LIGHTFOOT in CHICAGO is just one of thousands of positions of power occupied by this notorious murderous group. THEY make great ACTORS as THEY have been pretending to be normal their entire lives.

    Long ago there was a homosexual man who looked at “nature” and decided “nature got it a;; wrong” and THEY have been at WAR against all things natural ever since.

    THEY were banned from the clans by the Clan Mothers for the negative impact on the harmony of the Clans and THEY would find each other while wandering in the Wilderness and would “band together” (to get her, the Clan Mother) and THEY became known as “BANDITS” and would make raids upon Clan Settlements to “Rape, Pillage and Plunder” with the Grand Prize being the Gang Rape of the Clan Mothers who had banned them from the Clans.

    Eventually some of the leaders of these LGBT groups became known as “BAN KINGS” and since THEY had no permanent home, THEY had to devise a mobile way to barter “buy things” and it was THEY who invented MONEY as a means of exchange and you may have already noticed that BAN KING is BANKING.

    So if you stumbled by accident into a Gay Bar and saw Bezos and Gates having a chat, would either of them seem out of place?

    Here you will find “the truth” about the “wife” (Jennie Mae) of the Jewish Immi-grant Samuel Simeon Fels. I know “she” looks a bit mannish butt seriously folks, give “her” the benefit of the doubt, will ya?

    Ever heard of Hiram Samuel Grant?

    Oh we almost forgot about the “dinosaurs”. In the after-math bean-counting rooms of the post CIVIL WAR period, it was determined that a most outlandish story had to be concocted to distract the populous from the murderous theft that had just taken place.

    The American Version of the DINOSAUR (CORPORATE FICTION) was based on the “Kangaroo” of Australia so if you look at images of Kangaroos and T-Rex type fictions, you will notice the similarities.

    The Kangaroo is a member of the family of animals that also includes Rabbits and there is a connection between “Rabbit” and “Rabbi” and The POPE is the “Rabbi of the Cross” and in The MATRIX they said “Follow the White Rabbit”.

    The extinction of the Dinosaurs is also an allegory for the destruction of small businesses during every WAR but once you eliminate all other currencies and force every business to use just “one currency”, you can control all businesses so you no longer need to destroy them all as they all become your servants.

    That is why WARS always lead back to the BANNED KINGS!

    Now, we are fast approaching the 300-year analversary of Vacci-Nations witch began in 1722 so hole don tight cuz it’s gunna bee a bum-pe’ ride!


    1. There is no “Dinosaur Hoax”, that is Eric ‘Flat Earth’ Dubay psyopology.

      There is a Fossil Hoax, where certain fossil finds are hoaxed and others are not, but that is not restricted to the arbitrary choice of “dinosaurs”.

      The K/T boundary has been adjusted to 66 Ma now, back in uni I also learned 65.

      But that boundary is there, it is of course debatable if it was really 65 or 66 or another value of millions of years, but the boundary itself is not debatable. There is a clear difference between the Cretaceous and Paleogene, with especially ammonites (which are real and can be found everywhere on Earth) disappearing.


      1. gayassfear,

        Dunno hoo Eric Dubay is butt nice connection between the Flat Earth Hoax and The Dinosaur Hoax. Impressed with the big words too like Cretaceous and Paleogene! Fossil Hoax vs Dinosaur Hoax is kinda splittin hares yes? Yeah that pun was a good one! Is anyone concerned about inflation in the anal lube market doo to the CHEMTOOL fire at Rockton Illinois?


      2. Hey Gaia,
        I’m intrigued by your refinement of dino doubt here – care to elaborate? What’s the real scoop on fossil hoaxing, in your view? Which parts of the story are fiction, which are genuine?


      3. As far as the dinosaur hoax is concerned, Eric Dubay was actually not the first person to say that dinosaurs are fake, so it wasn’t his original idea. Skepticism about the validity of “prehistoric” dino fossils goes back as early as 2011, years before Dubay first made his video calling dinosaurs a hoax in 2017.

        Besides the question of whether dinosaurs were real or not, there’s definitely plenty of undeniable evidence that a lot of your artifacts in museums, etc. are, in fact, forgeries. The dinosaur skeletons displayed for the paying public to gawk at are manmade models made of clay and other pliable material. There’s also a lot of fraud in archeology. So there is some degree of fakery involved, even if dinosaurs did really exist at some point.


  7. The earliest “Dinosaur” bones found were a mixture of species…to better affect the Con.

    Bones of alligators, pigs, camels, whatever else they can come up with, all tossed into large burlap bag, and proclaimed “Dinosaur”.

    It’s all BS.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Mark,
    Brilliant point above about doubt vs certainty. I run into that so much – people who are just content/ complacent in holding onto their “answer” to any issue under discussion. They don’t see the “profit” in entertaining doubts, even – that’s an alien way of looking at the world. The goal is to get as quickly as possible to a final determination on every topic, and then cling to it tenaciously against invaders. It helps for psychological comfort to just go with whatever has the most cultural authority behind it (or subcultural, for those who identify with some niche or other.)

    Some claim they DO give skeptics a fair hearing, but you can tell by their talk that they read skeptics with actual skepticism, while giving their experts full deference and total credulity.


    1. Indeed … it is rare for anyone to change their mind about anything in response to reason. In the real world, people do change their minds and attitudes in response to advertising and propaganda. These professionals know not to reason with us, only to undermine us.


      1. TIMR and Mark,
        Change is possible, constant, actually. I remember. Still (the memories) vivid.
        Here’s what I remember about change: “Can’t Find My Way Home,” Blind Faith. Artist: Steve Winwood

        This type (creative expression) is no longer permitted on “public” airwaves. Machines took over everything resembling rock music.


      2. …And rare to even enjoy the intellectual game of entertaining different hypotheses! I’m not always 100% certain of my “skeptical view,” or debunking of a given mainstream narrative – but I don’t MIND going down different trails to see where they lead, see what turns up. It’s certainly made my mental world richer, introduced me to all sorts of voices (POM for example) that I’d never have encountered otherwise. Unlike those who “play it safe” inside the mental guardrails of orthodoxy.

        This doesn’t really bother me as a general rule, I understand that’s human nature – it’s the ones who are actually very studious, nerdy, intellectually dogged, but use it all in service of dogma, that frustrate me a little. They seem like they’re missing out with their anxiety about looking over the fence – they have the brains to contribute more, to tear down veils, but for some psycho-emotional reason or other (some Freudian superego thing? A latent response to fear of parental punishment?) they dare not tread there.


  9. Re Potential Vaccine ‘side-effects’

    Not sure I’ve seen this question raised:
    As one would expect, vaccine uptake is highest among the most “educated,” or as some call them, the Professional Managerial Classes (PMC). And lowest among the “deplorables”, the great unwashed of Flyover Country…

    So… this was surely anticipated by those running things. And my question then – any negative side-effects, long term disability, reproductive effects, etc. would have a disproportionate effect on the system’s best and brightest (or most dutiful and useful, in some respects) servants.

    I would not absolutely rule out such a plan, one could conceive of reasons – if there’s a takedown of the nation-state for instance, no problem weakening its top 20%. (Though the tippy-top might need to be tipped off to fake compliance?)

    But on its face, one would not imagine that result to be in the system’s interest…


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