Medical fascists attack skiers for having way too much fun.

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Nerd/nərd/noun: a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.

There must be no real joy in the fields of medicine or medical research. I have expressed my gut feeling before that the fascist nerds controlling this psyop seek revenge on the non-nerd population for being hazed and belittled in school and in homes with multiple siblings. Sports and music events and other popular social gathering places like bars, restaurants, and political rallies seem to piss off the “white-coats” more than other activities. Skiing in now in the cross-hairs. Not many nerds out on the slopes craving that sensation of floating in bottomless powder (pow) or feeling “the need for speed.” How insensitive? How long should this bullshit go on?

Paging Dr. Pastula. Sieg Heil!

“Dr. Daniel Pastula, a neuroinfectious disease physician at UC Health University of Colorado Hospital, said the outdoor element of ski trips is generally safe during a pandemic, but the virus could spread if people congregate in places such as lift lines, lodges, restaurants and bathrooms.

“I think you can ski smartly and safely. Again, not completely eliminating the risk, but really reducing it,” he said. “

Who is this clown? “…the virus could spread…” Notice, he didn’t say it would spread. Now that’s as arbitrary a reason to shut down skiing in 2020 as any I can imagine. This clown is former CDC, and worked on Zika, with a special talent for designing “track and trace” surveillance systems worldwide. Oh, how “neat.”

“Pastula, a neurologist, medical epidemiologist, and former Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officer at the University of Colorado School of Medicine has been working with CDC to investigate the link between Zika and Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). 

In February (2016), Pastula deployed from his home in Colorado to Puerto Rico, where he helped the Puerto Rico Department of Health establish a surveillance system for GBS. The goal is to track the number of GBS cases, determine whether the number of cases is increasing and, if so, whether Zika is the cause.”

Enough! If this ass-wipe is able to shut down the 2020-2021 ski season worldwide with no data and no evidence I may have to do a little track and trace of my own in my spare time this winter, which will be considerable since my annual season’s pass says “unlimited skiing”. I fail to see how needing a mask and “reservation” is the same as “unlimited.” I guess we’ll see, but sure as hell hope the greater skiing community rejects these Orwellian tactics before the sport is killed all together.

24 thoughts on “Medical fascists attack skiers for having way too much fun.

  1. Dr. Dan can piste off! Killjoy. Life is for living not hiding indoors like a coward. Masks are for hiding behind.

    I watched a documentary on the Beatles on BBC4, and one scouser said that in the 50s, Liverpool was a grimy, dirty place, you’d go out in a white shirt and it’ll be black from the pollution when you got home.
    One ex-Merseybeat man (I forget which band, not big players) said the Beatles would listen to a hit single and rip off the chord progression, song structure, or some such, to write one of their own.


  2. Reminds of this review I just read:

    “Strevens also has some pretty uncharitable things to say about the majority of working scientists, painting them as mostly uncreative drones, purged of all nonscientific curiosity by a “program of moralizing and miseducation.” The great scientists were exceptions because they escaped the “deadening effects” of this inculcation; the rest are just “the standard product of this system”: “an empiricist all the way down.”

    Sounds moderately interesting, but there’s a large literature on sociology of science. And I don’t know if ANY of them really explain what’s going on behind the curtain. I can’t quite say it’s pure bs “alchemy,” an army of deluded drones guided by occult insiders; and I can’t quite say it’s genuine empiricism and Baconian sifting of every grain of sand to reveal empirical truth.


  3. Oh, yeah, I feel you, as the kids say. This was us last March; I was apoplectic:

    But they couldn’t hold the line. By July they were stumbling backwards trying to get out of the way of the crowd on their way to the break, mumbling “stay safe” to try to reclaim their dignity. The surfers just shook their heads: From Baja north up the coast all the way to Pismo is a veritable Great White rookery. If you haven’t been bumped, you haven’t been surfing.

    “Will do, officer!”

    The weak character and quivering obsequiousness of the Mask Brigade (which is what makes them mentally susceptible to all this in the first place) prevents them from being to walk the talk — at least in an outdoor setting, where there’s no door to bar entry.

    Dr. Pustule’s resume singles him out as an over-educated, mindless striver who never encountered a psy-op he didn’t immediately volunteer for: His dopey grin and soft face don’t signal the hardened malice of someone “in the know.” Lenin loved guys like him.

    Steve, though I haven’t been in years, I’m no stranger to the slopes. Here’s hoping your season’s a good one — eff that, a great one.


  4. Thanks, PASO. I doubt police will engage but “ski patrol,” will be all over it. Red jackets with the (Knights Templar) cross makes one feel extra special, I suppose, almost born to bark orders to enforce rules, however idiotic to “keep the order.” What’s not to like for a fascist wanna’ be.


  5. The same thing is happening here in the North East, the ski areas are limiting to pass holders only but to make it even more difficult, they are requiring you make reservations as well. Not surprising given that the majority of our ski areas are now corporate owned. The insanity continues. Given the cold, snow, high altitude, I never imagined skiing/snowboarding would be covid challenged, it’s ridiculous!!


  6. Thanks, DTOC. With RFID syetems in place at ski areas, each ticket window and each lift line, will be able to “track and trace” (mass surveillance) each pass-holder and day-pass ticket-holder. Each ski area becomes another “Checkpoint Charley” contributing to the new, heightened global control systems being installed under the pretext of the global pandemic psyop. The psyop is the catalyst, the cover for the covert action planned long ago. The “emergency” significantly helped speed up the implementation schedule. The action is the installation of the global (currently, 5G) digital infrastructure to control your every movement, your consumer preferences, your thoughts and emotions. The RFID is a primitive first step, which requires a battery to operate the “reader.”

    Soon, if we cannot derail this psychotic-technospheric wet dream, we (yes, you and me dear fellow human being) will become the power source, or the “battery” for all the “tags” being distributed with and without our knowledge. All of this eventually contributes toward the goal: monetizing and mechanizing every aspect of nature, including the transitioning of natural man into a blend of man and machine, i.e. becoming trans-human.


    1. Dehumanism, posthumanism, full satanism (destroying Gaia) is preprogrammed in our present Transhumanist age:


      There is no conspiracy. The psyopaths brag about their “eu”genics (why are they all so ugly?) programs.


    2. UGH, contact tracing (pit in stomach) I didn’t think of that. I was fortunate to go to Park City last year and now I recall they had the credit card type passes and all the lift attendants had the scanner guns. The tracking part never entered my mind. It had been years since I skied and had only experienced the sticker ticket hanging off my jacket so the lift kid could see it.

      Looking back, it’s obvious (now) how this was planned long ago, all the family owned ski areas sold out over time, and the corporations ensured that this would happen.
      Back in the day, the majority of our ski trips were spontaneous, we drove 4+ hrs and rarely made hotel reservations, yet always found vacancy somewhere near the Mt. And it was affordable for all, especially families, but now the lift tickets are big $$$!!!

      These small ‘freedoms’, like skiing used to be, (there are others that I refuse to mention to not give AI any ideas) are being destroyed, and it literally sickens me. Like dogs on leashes 24/7. It’s so against the nature of our being.

      Thank you, Steve!!


  7. We have a much bigger clown in Italy, an entomologist who studies mosquitos and has participated in GM mosquitos projects who claims to be also a virologist and keeps ranting these days about the extreme necessity of a lockdown over Christmas or even before, in order to “reset everything” (his exact words). His name is Andrea Crisanti.
    He’s been exposed and humiliated by one of his old university professors but keeps making himself ridiculous with his pathetic rants.

    Thanks Steve for your always insightful posts.


  8. You conspiracy nuts are insane. The day you need a doctor or nurse (and there WILL be a day when you desperately need one), here’s hoping you DON’T get one in time.
    Also, two points on your skiing comments because I’m an avid skier here in CO since Inwas a kid:
    1). No one who really grew up in a mountain state says “pow”. That’s a tourist or “transplant” term.
    2). If you were a real skier, you would backcountry and have your AT gear. Again, a “tell” that you are not a real skier. BTW, no lift ticket with “tracking” included.
    Stop attacking our medical professionals you ignorant selfish fools.


    1. “You conspiracy nuts are insane. The day you need oil or gas (and there WILL be a day when you desperately need one), here’s hoping you DON’T get them in time.

      Stop attacking our boys abroad in Iraq, Libya and Syria securing our oil and gas supply you ignorant selfish fools.”



    2. Decaf, Ricky, and thanks for gracing us with your love and appreciation. We seldom get such a special person to share their infinite wisdom with such common folk. BTW, I have noticed “pow” used widely among younger skiers, not the tourists so much. But then I haven’t skied Colorado since the late 1960’s. Surely it’s so much groovier now with all those “real” back-country skiers. I suppose we’ll somehow, God willing, we’ll find a way to endure.


  9. Oh c’mon Steve look past yourself. This pandemic is real. No one is trying to take your ski season away but rather just trying to figure out a way to do it safely. My husband and I have ski passes and are avid skiers, we contracted COVID-19 skiing in the French Alps in mid March. We did not look past ourselves and ignored the warnings for some epic “pow” and steeps but paid the consequences. This is a public health crisis and we need to realize this will not be ski season as usual. Nothing is as usual during a pandemic. Oh and for the record I am a white coat medical professional nerd that does hit the slopes and I should have known better…


  10. Sorry, I don’t get it. Did he say anything that you disagree with? He said it “could” spread indoors, that you can ski smartly and safely, and that we should continue with standard safety measures (6 feet, masks, etc.) when appropriate. Those all seem pretty clear and uncontroversial to me???


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