Jimi Hendrix/Cornel West revisited

See Addendum below on dental comparisons.

for-openingOne of the “zombies” we discovered some time ago was Jimi Hendrix/Cornell West. This particular assertion has created doubt, even within our group of writers here. At least part of that doubt comes from rookie caliber work – I was new at this and easily satisfied once it was established in my head that I had found a match. Consequently, others did not see what I saw, and naturally thought I had reached. I’ve got a lot more experience now, and can maybe do a better job here.

I have redone the Hendrix/West match not with the idea that I needed to prove I was right, but from scratch and letting the photos talk to me. They either convey a match or they do not.

Jimi Hendrix was, like Janet Joplin, an illusion painted right before our eyes. He was an iconic image, and said to have substance abuse problems writ large. So when we heard that he died of a barbiturate overdose and choking on his own vomit in London, was it a surprise?

It is called “predictive programming.” Once firmly established in the public mind that Joplin or Hendrix were addicts and alcoholics and prone to highly charged and erratic behaviors, we greeted their deaths with a sigh of regret, but not surprise. Of course, people who live their lives like that are going to die young!

Thus did Jimi Hendrix exit the stage in 1970. And once dead in the public mind, we did not look for him, so that after a period of time he is free to reappear in new form. Thus it is with all of these fake deaths among musicians and actors.

Further doubt arises because these fake deaths are certified by officials, coroners,  police, doctors. Can they really fake someone’s death and enlist the cooperation of all of these people? The short answer: Yep. After all, it is a fake death, so there is no real crime. Just deceit.

Jimi Hendrix was probably an Intelligence asset recruited out of the military. How did he get out of military service? As it turns out, he just wasn’t interested, so his superior granted him honorable discharge based on “unsuitability!” How many people drafted into military service get out easy just because they don’t like it? None. But with Intel, anything is possible.

Hendrix received his training and was reassigned. He was part of a a large group of musicians with Intelligence connections who entered the scene during the Laurel Canyon years. He inspired use of drugs, modes of dress, seeds of rebellion, and when finished, faked his death and went on to a new assignment: Cornel West, philosopher.

Is that absurd? No more than Joplin becoming “Amy Goodman, alternative news broadcaster.” The absurdity of the situation helps to sell it. Who’s gonna believe it anyway? Janis Joplin is Amy Goodman? Yeah, right! Next you’re going to tell me that Jimi Henrix became Dr. Cornel West! And what else? Mickey Mouse became Tom Brokaw? (We have searched high and low for Brokow’s previous life without luck. He is a phony, this we know, and while Mickey Mouse did not work, some other vapid on-screen projection will.)

Hendrix, Joplin, Curt Cobain, Brandon DeWilde, Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke … all of them are actors, professional liars. Intelligence training teaches them how to lie efficiently. After a training period (often as a musician), lying becomes second nature. I wonder if the Goodman twins ever wonder anymore if she is telling the truth or lying or even knows the difference. Same with Cornel West, formerly Jimi Hendrix. He’s living a lie, but he has done so his entire life. The face that he sees in the mirror could be Hendrix, West, or some other person with a real name (which we do not know).

In our original piece on Hendrix/West, we relied on face splits to make our case. It was enough for me, but there was indeed alight misalignment, enough to create severe doubt. Even as I have spent hundreds of hours now with photographs, and have seen enough mismatches to know when I’ve got a match, confirmation bias is always around. I never doubted Hendrix/West, but face splits are more an indication rather than strong evidence, and are understandably not enough for most.

Here is where I started:


That was all I could do back then, and I added some math, the unlikelihood of facial alignment given all of the other coincidental intersection of the features. It was just a hard sell, especially since Hendrix died in the public mind.

So. for starters, here are some photos of Hendrix, and some of West, and some more splits:

There is the same basic alignment of features in all. These are the usual workup, placing pupils at one inch, and no monkey business to get desired results. One problem I have encountered over the past year or so is that glasses tend to distort the image, making a head slightly smaller in comparisons than without due to the magnifying effect of the lenses. There is nothing I can do but mention that to be factor, as any attempt to adjust it leads to confirmation bias.

To further advance the comparison, I have now started to work with profiles. There is not the exactitude in this that I get with frontal analysis, as there is no bedrock measurement I can use for comparison. It is an inexact science, but nonetheless, I grabbed two profiles – this time, side views:

I matched head size based on distance from back of ear to tip of nose. If these are not the same people, that is meaningless. So what follows is admittedly subjective. I think it is useful only after having done frontal analysis based on pupil distance.

I added some contrast to Hendrix, using yellow to highlight the facial features I wanted to compare.


I would love to do an ear-over-ear comparison, but neither Hendrix or West ever show much ear – these two shots are the best I could do. Nonetheless,  I superimposed one over the other, making a gif of the process as follows:


The perpetual beard on West and the glasses obscure quite a bit, but I can see Jimi Hendrix under that disguise. And, the ears match, West showing slightly longer lobes, as we all do with the aging process. Ears are perhaps the best evidence we have of a photo match, as they tend to be unique, like finger prints.

Note also that there are no photos of West available as a younger person – he appeared on the scene a fully formed adult. There is an age discrepancy, Hendrix eleven years older than West, but that is something that can be fudged on both sides. These are fake people, and birth dates are fake too. Note that West did not become a public figure until 1984. We know that with Intelligence they can write a back story. Everything before emergence on the public scene can be faked by Wikipedia, also an Intelligence front. Thus did Hendrix undergo a fourteen year transfiguration after his death into West.

Hendrix/West’s birth dates have spook markers – note that I don’t truck in numerology except when numbers appear outside of normal coincidental occurrence. Also, numerology never, by itself, proves anything. Even so,

  • Hendrix was born on 11/27/1942, digits including a ’27’ and adding up to 27, and dying in 1970 at age 27.
  • “27” is a common number for deaths of musicians, and includes (among scores of others) not only Hendrix, but Joplin, Jim Morrison, Pigpen McKernan, Pete Ham (see below*) and Amy Winehouse. All are likely still alive, or if not, death occurring much later.
  • The key number that spooks use to signal one another is ’33’, and 27, 3 raised to the 3rd power (3^3), is but a manifestation of 33, as are 6 (3+3) and 9 (3*3).
  • Cornel West was born on 6/2/1953. Eight is another favorite of spooks, and note that West has two on them in that birthrate, 6+2 and 5+3.

Enough of that. There is more there than mere coincidence would allow if you know what to look for.

But why? Why take a musician and make him into a fake philosopher? I can only speculate. I do not know what motivates the controllers to do what they do.

West has heightened the divide between black and whites in this country, and we know that Intelligence and governments like to divide and conquer. It is better to keep us at each others’ throats than to promote harmony. West has done his part to keep the divide sharp.

West has also come under criticism for lack of academic rigor, with Professor Lawrence Summers suggesting that he lacked gravitas for his position. West instead has concentrated more on public appearances, leading marches, appearing in movies and frequent appearance on Bill Maher’s Real Time. (That is rather humorous, as Maher himself is a zombie, once known as Badfinger musician Pete Ham*.)

It doesn’t hurt that West cheapens philosophy with his shoddy work. Intelligence has corrupted science, art, literature, movies, music, male/female relations, male and female identity, so why not philosophy too?

West has a small part in a much larger play, with hundreds of our “stars,” “journalists,” “musicians” and actors, and as seen here, “academics” messing with us, pretending to be what they are not, carrying out a nefarious script written by others. All the world is a stage, and ours these days is crowded with creeps, many of whom have faked their deaths and been reborn. Report on that, why don’t you, Janis Joplin/Amy Goodman.


Addendum: Daddieuhoh mentioned the noticeable gap in Cornell West’s teeth, which I also noticed. Teeth are variables, that is, their location can gradually be changed, and their appearance can be radically altered by veneers, caps, crowns and implants. They are not definitive. I seriously doubted that changes would have been made to make West look worse rather than better. I tried doing an overlay of teeth, and there is an apparent lineup of teeth between him and Hendrix outside of those in the front that are show the large gap. Notice how the lateral incisor (right next to the incisor, or the “buck tooth) and the canine (next in line) match up quite well. But this is not conclusive, merely indicative. It takes a lot of concurrence for teeth to align both in placement and shape, so merely add this to the sum total’of evidence thus far gathered.


What I took from this was not only the alignment of the teeth, but also the perfect alignment of upper lips.  These particular photos are crops taken from those where the eyes are aligned at the same distance. Still not overwhelming evidence, but getting better.

I ran across this photo:


The teeth there are perfect, but the gums are blue. Is he ill? Are we looking at a denture? I gathered up some more photos, and noticed that Hendrix seems to have an overbite, and that he usually had his photo taken with mouth closed. When he performed it was rare to see any more than the tips of his upper teeth. I found no photos with his bottom teeth visible.  Here is a sampling:

Numbering the photos in clockwise sequence one to six, notice the overbite in photo two. Those are the same teeth we see in the purple-gum photo above. That has to be a denture. Notice how it protrudes beyond where normal teeth are usually seen – this could explain why his mouth was usually closed. I do not know what to make of photo three – a Chicklet? [Slapping my forehead here – of course! In photo three  – is Hendrix toying with his denture? Is it one that pops in and out and which is used to hide the wide gap between his front two teeth?] Close-up reveals it is a piece of gum or some foreign object.


This could also explain Cornel West – he did not have dental work done in his post-Hendrix years. He merely stopped wearing the denture, allowing the gap in his front teeth to be exposed. He shows no sign of an overbite.

This was useful too in disguising his true identity.


In summation: we have alignment of features in face chops; further near-perfect alignment in profiles. We have a compatible timeline. We have a lightweight intellectual, a poseur masquerading as a philosopher. We have alignment of front teeth outside the two incisors and evidence that Hendrix in public was wearing a denture, indicating that his teeth too might have been severely gapped. We have a perfect match of upper lips and ears. It is enough for me, perhaps for you as well. The original assertion that the man known as “Jimi Hendrix” faked his death and reappeared as Dr. Cornel West stands.

58 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix/Cornel West revisited

  1. This sort of thing really messes with my mind. I actually don’t know why this is harder for me to believe than, for example, the notion that the JFK assassination was faked. But it is. Maybe because Jimmi seemed like such a soft-spoken man of few words, whereas Cornell is such a talker. Yet once again you furnish such convincing evidence.

    One thing I’ll say is that it isn’t necessary in this case to invent Cornell West’s credentials. Jimmi died in 1970, the same year that West allegedly started his BA at Harvard. Academic circles in the Ivy League are very small. From my own experience I would say it’s nearly impossible that a place like Princeton would hire someone whose degree from Princeton was fabricated. Unless we are to believe that all the faculty in the philosophy department are spooks. Which I suppose is possible, but again I believe highly dubious. It would also be extremely difficult for him to hold his own in that kind of academic environment with no background in that field, say what you will about the quality of his work. In any case, his biography as Hendrix and as West are basically compatible, so no need to assume he suddenly appeared on the scene in 1984 with a fake PhD from Princeton.

    One last observation: Cornell West has a huge gap in his front teeth that Jimmi didn’t have. So they must have added that. Should we assume that’s possible?


    1. We will flesh out the academic credentials here, as it needs to be done. I would operate on the premise that there are two tracks at major universities, and that spooks can be transported through them without having to go through the rigors that ordinary smart people do. After all, once in their new role, what good are credentials? It is an acting gig. Cornel West, if you look at his career, has been on a stage and not socked away in an office. His career is on TV, in marches, on podiums, in movies. How does he get these gigs?

      If they can invent an academic like Chomsky, who even as he reluctantly taught classes also spent hours each day on the Internet (teaching not his real job) they can invent a Cornel West. They can invent a Joplin, a tedious ball of onstage energy with no real talent – and by insinuation and praise in the right places have her remembered as a first class talent. They can pull off miracles, in my view, by use of authority and power of suggestion.

      And yes, teeth, noses, even ears can be altered, and often are, so that I didn’t take the gap as damning evidence. They can alter appearance, but they cannot change the location if features, so that when two faces overlay with such exact fittings as these two do, we either have a zombie or a replica.

      I am slowly moving away from the notion of twins even as we have ID’d forty sets here. These are not anything we in normal life have a word for, so “twins” is not working for me anymore. I am open to batches, and perhaps Hendrix and West are that. This is a slow awakening process for me.


      1. Hi Mark;

        Great work ! I wish more people would find this web site.

        If I may:
        I’m curious what you mean when you say that you’re open to ‘batches’ ? I mean, I think I know–but would rather have you say it than have me say it because to many people or to most people it is just not something that humans can wrap our heads around never mind believe is really happening, no matter how much occult (hidden) information is both coming out anew as well as information that is just now being discovered that was there all the time but was hidden (again, occult info). I’m also curious why you’ve hardly ever (to my knowledge, or memory, if ever) used the term ‘clone’. I feel that in many circumstances that is what’s going on in this world.

        Thank you for your work exposing these psychotic madmen.


        1. Batches would refer to Brave New World and the Bokanovsky process where a single egg is split many times to allow for creation of the same person many times over. What we noticed was that Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jimmy Kimmel and many, many other famous people resembled each other in facial features to an astonishing degree, all the way down the the widow’s peak. It was far beyond probability as Straight calculated while he was here. We thought maybe it was just that movie stars are good looking, a possibility. Nothing can be discounted.

          Cloning I know nothing about.


  2. I don’t mean to be rude but, since I do post here occasionally, I should mention that I don’t buy any of this “zombie” stuff at all.

    I could write a lot more about why I don’t buy it but I’m not interested enough to invest the time and effort to do so.

    I will say that:
    1) the data (news photos) used in these comparisons have too many variables brought about by shooting angles, lens focal length, facial expressions and other factors to be relied upon for any sort of scientific comparison like this
    2) human facial features and dimensions are too similar from person to person to use candid photos for this sort of comparison IMO
    3) the “matches” that I’ve seen aren’t even really matches anyway due to small differences here and there which is what one would expect since human facial features do have small variances in dimensions and positions of features.
    4) If you compared something more unique to an individual such as ears , audio voice prints, palm prints, etc it would be different but, to me, the general layout of facial features recorded in candid photos seems way too unreliable to be used as a benchmark for this sort of thing
    5) And, lastly, it seems highly unlikely that celebrities would be “re-cycled” in this way due to the risk of recognition by the public. The supply of fresh spooks seems to be endless.so why would they need to? I CAN see re-using some minor players such as what we’ve seen with some of these psy-op “witnesses” but I think the re-use of celebrated figures known the world over to be highly unlikely.

    Sorry but that’s how I feel.

    Oh, and Happy New Year. 🙂


    1. What got us into this was not any kind of need or interest in the subject, but rather the fact that 70 or so musicians all disappeared from the scene in short order during and after the faked Tate massacre. I started out assuming that they could not have died, as deaths like that are so uncommon among young people as to be rare, and yet here we had seventy. Where did they go? I guessed they simply went off and lived low-profile lives, maybe back at Langley or in embassies somewhere shuffling papers. And indeed that could be the case with many of them. But when we discovered Bill O’Reilly, and then Thom Hartmann, and then a host of others, we began to rethink.

      I see two possibilities: One, the antiwar movement was gaining steam, and so called for a large psyop. A decision was made to reassign some existing intelligence assets into music as a lead to influence change in hair and dress and alienate youth from the mainstream public and eventually snuff out the movement. They were trained for a few years and then given instant stardom as can be done in music merely by power of suggestion. Any fool can be a rock star, especially when real musicians were backing them up, playing the instruments and overdubbing the voices.

      After Manson/Tate, with the antiwar movement dead in its tracks, it was re-positioning time, and the assets were recalled and sent back to there original assignments.

      That is one possibility, a response to a perceived emergency. The other is harder for me to accept, that it was all planned beginning to end. This is easier to support however, knowing as we do that the antiwar movement was led by fakes, Intelligence assets. That took long-term planning to make sure that the opposition was completely under control, music but a part of the larger picture.

      Anyway, all of your objections having to do with camera angles and have been dealt with ad nauseum here, and I won’t address those matters again. Read up above under “Start Here” the Math of Facial Alignment and Head Angle Distortion. It is not like we just jumped off a turnip truck. We have worked this in depth, and our zombies are real.

      By the way, George Michael, age 53, is another fake death. At that age (5+3=8) he is not going to be reassigned. He is retired now and his body of work will be re-positioned and re-monetized. Death at age 53, as with Garcia and Denver and others, is a business move.

      Happy New Year to you too, lux. I enjoy your comments and appreciate that you are willing to openly criticize our work. It is the milk of debate, to be able to disagree freely. Where we have had a need to discipline others has to do with “blackwashing” subjects, which we fear, like flat earth, lizard people, Illuminati, UFOs and the like.


      1. I figured the death of George Michael was perfectly timed for families to discuss a gay celebrity throughout millions of American homes on Christmas. I mean the last thing he was known for was getting arrested in a men’s bathroom for soliciting. One seed at a time.


      2. Dallas Goldbug is an Intel agent, and it is his job to muddy the waters by making outrageous claims. He is a psyop. In so doing, he muddies the waters for honest researchers like us. It distresses me that his psyop is working so well, and I also note that you are not the first to grab Goldbug out of your pocket to discredit us. Mark Devlin did the very same thing. It is almost reflexive, as if according to plan.


      3. By the way, Dallas Goldbug is on our list of prohibited topics, and for this very reason – as a psyop mere introduction of his “body of work” discredits everything we try to do here, which is his intent. In line with that commenting policy, your comment mentioning Goldbug will be deleted, and I am politely asking you not to bring up the subject again.

        Please read commenting policy.


        I will let this sit for a couple of hours before removing both yours, Straight’s and my comments. Please do not bring up Goldbug again.


  3. Cornel West is part of the “black people are loud, scary, and crazy” psyop, mainly directed at white people. Take a look at some of the top images on Google.

    It would not surprise me in the slightest if he wears false teeth in public to make him look worse. Most racial conflict of the past 50 years has been manufactured from the ground up. The true reason for white guilt is the real underlying racism and superiority that exists subconsciously that they are ashamed of and try to cover up for.

    Where does that superiority come from? From the thousands of psy-ops just like this that make black people look bad. Supposedly one of the brightest African American thinkers and he looks like a lunatic. The quicker we bring this crap to the surface, the faster we can wash ourselves of this.


  4. More camouflage is the fact that Jimi, in interviews, was a mellow, amusing guy who often looked to me like the cat that swallowed the canary- West, obviously, isn’t played in that style- Another feint to hide the switchover-


    1. This photo is an oddity to me – at first I thought he was flicking his dental device with his tongue, but on closer inspection i cannot be sure. I am suspicious that Hendrix had the gap in his front teeth and wore some sort of dental device there to mask it, a denture that snapped into place and was held in place by the other teeth. That made his front teeth appear wide enough to cover the gap. That is why he appears to have a set of veneers, but the teeth outside the front teeth match up in the gif above where I show the two mouths blending. In that gif the grain of the photo is too low to show distinct teeth. But if all other facial features align, then there has to be some monkey business with those two front teeth. Has to be.

      I’ve been staring in his mouth for several hours today.



      1. Great work on the teeth, Mark. Definitely seems like Jimi is wearing a denture, and it’s totally plausible (whereas adding that big gap struck me as quite implausible). And that top lip really looks like a carbon copy. In the picture above (number 3 in the addendum) it looks like gum in his mouth, and you can see that the teeth above the gum (or whatever it is) show no gap, indicating he’s not playing with his denture.


      2. Thanks Ty. I am working hard at persuading people other than myself. Daddieuhoh, I did the same enlargement and came to the same conclusion … gum. Today 8 am going to find a photo of Hendrix and try playing with the contrast to see if the two middle teeth respond to light differently than the rest.


        1. I did work with Hendrix photos today … best I could do was the the white of the two front teeth extended far above the gum line. They were like a couple of Chicklets stuck there. But the reaction to light was the same as teeth around, so there was nothing to write home about.


          1. I found a combination of two pictures in one picture of Jimi Hendrix where you do see the teeth in a rather clear way: One of Hendrix as a boy and one of him as an adult. I copied the link to the page, but when you type that in to see where it leads to it does not lead to the same page. I have been able to download the picture, but the link to the location of the picture again leads to nothing (no results). Is there an option for me to send the picture by email?
            The link to the location of the picture: http://diffuser.fm/files/2014/08/Jimi-Hendrix-Central-Press-Getty-Images.jpg?w=630&h=420&zc=1&cc=000000&a=t
            The link to the website: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/jimi-all-is-by-my-side-dvd/#photogallery-1=51


  5. Amy Goodman has appeared on Bill Maher’s “waste of time” as well. When Bill Maher had hecklers in his crowd regarding the third tower that fell he ran out into the audience in a fit and returned to the stage flashing the 666 ok hand sign (which you can no longer find on youtube). Bill’s persona promotes pot as sexy while demonizing Americans for how fat & dumb they are, when sadly they have been conspired against to become fatter & dumber. I have special anger for Bill as I wasted a lot of time watching his show when I was asleep. He is without a doubt Pete Ham reassigned, I recognize his eyes & face shape, dead ringer.


  6. Haha, using the most recent “fake news” script I see. This site is a little too advanced for that. Step your game up.


  7. Regarding Jimmy Hendrix being an Army “washout”, he was in the elite 101st Airborne Division. Rangers, Special Forces, and various Intelligence agencies frequently recruit 101st Airborne soldiers. Unmotivated soldiers aren’t typically sent to jump school and placed in elite units, so I’d say you’re on the money with that being the point when he was recruited by Langley.


  8. W-O-W…and serious congratulations on this…I was a huge ‘Jimi’ fan but I knew, way back in the 60’s that he was actually an ‘elite Paramilitary’ a ‘Paratrooper’…and ‘they’ don’t just ‘drop in for tea’…it’s linked to Intelligence. That never ‘meshed’ with me. I was young…but not totally stooopid.

    The whole Crosby, Stills, Nash tripe (almost all military brats, as you will be aware) just would not ‘sit’ right with me either, and time went by. I’ve done wardrobe for many musicians and ‘seen’ quite a bit ‘backstage’…but I’m a tad…shall we say ‘dog with a bone’ when something intrigues me…I…want to know…’wot’s wot’. I’m not easily ‘fobbed off’.

    I’m a glutton for real information though, and after doing a stint as a Journalist…I ‘saw’ enough to ‘quit that –it, pronto Tonto’ and have been ‘doin’ ma own thang’ in this ‘Awakening’ process for decades. I am not yet suffering Dementia…so I still ‘ferret’ out information…and as much as I loved the music and whatnot. Things which fail to ‘add up’….bug me.

    My Intuition constantly ‘nagged’ me…for which I have often been very grateful indeed and at other junctures, decidedly…ticked off. I’ve been down more ‘rabbit holes’ than Bugs Bunny. Like many. regarding many and varied issues…but that military link, referencing those mentioned and many others…always bothered me. I’m cynical…

    I told lots of folk that I know, what I thought, as many of my friends and acquaintances were and are…well known musicians. I’m ‘my own counsel’ and people are, by and large, lazy…and do not wish their ‘heroes’ to go from ‘Shining Stars’ to ‘Verdi Gris Vases’…whereas, I just LOATHE being lied to.

    You have utterly convinced me…this is great work and it’s ‘Jimi’ alright…I’d bet MY dentures on it. I also utterly concur with your take on ‘Assange’…or whatever identity the PTSNB are ‘cooking up’ for him at this point. Thank you for your clarity…and another song comes to mind…’…another one bites the dust’…it is, what it is…and one needs to KNOW…’what it is’ to be able to address it. Later, always Annabelle.


      1. I never came across anyone who wouldn’t Mark. Thank you for your response I know you must be bizzee.

        I’ll let a couple of them ‘trickle’ out when it’s relative to your stuff…which I am right in the midst of reading right now

        …keep up your awesome work…you will no doubt hear from me again. Toodles, A


  9. Just a thought…HANDS. Jimi had beautiful hands…delicate…but strong and he was Left handed as a player…but that does not preclude ambidexterity.

    As I am in ‘The Land Of Oz’ (which has it’s own…er..um…issues). Dr. West was unfamiliar to me. I also don’t watch tv…haven’t for years, or read ‘papers’…(I don’t wish to deprive anyone from their ‘Canary Cage Liner).

    So, typically…when I don’t know something…I re-arrange that situation and become…educated… a degree. As opposed to FOR A DEGREE.

    Your work has taken me down yet another avenue and I’ve been looking at Dr. Cornel West, as a result. The man is a philosopher alright and so was ‘Jimi’…passionate, intellectually adroit, yet coherent and invigorating to watch and powerful (stage presence/star quality)…and he is also making considerable ‘sense’…but…he has the most BEAUTIFUL HANDS!!!

    He also makes innumerable ‘musical’ references…and can recite poetry (lyrics) with aplomb. This has been a most instructive morning…but as you were denied, the ‘ears’ and what not. I could not find, conclusively, whether or not he was Left handed.

    Right now I’m comparing the voices…phonetically…and whilst there are some differentiations…for which certain allowances, need to be made. 47 years of them to be precise…I am still ‘weighing that up’. Many thanx yet again…those HANDS though…utterly elegant. Always, Annabelle


      1. Cheers for that Tyrone it’s the exact same clip that I was referring to. On it, ain’t ya? ‘incoherent’…not really…’whackadoodle’…very possibly. UTTER SELL OUT…to millions…TOTALLY…have a groovy day at work and thanx muchly again. A xo


  10. BTW…as, simply, a courteous addendum….I could not ‘hear’ similar tonal quality or ‘register’ in the voices of ‘Jimi’ or ‘Cornel’…they ‘sound’ like two different entities…but I’m sure that others would have more ‘techno-savvy’ ways to draw the conclusions that I was seeking. Always, Annabelle


  11. Nope this guy is not Jimi, not even close, but again, this is an entertainment site… People who are hand selected to be famous get tired, and specific companies help in changing a name, perhaps they get a little plastic surgery etc… No big deal, what’s in a name? All names are fictions.

    I hate t burst your bubble, but the individual who represented the name, Jimi Hendrix is dead.


    1. … but the individual who represented the name, Jimi Hendrix is dead.

      That is just a statement.
      While I’m personally open to all possibilities, I am now waiting for some proof…


      1. And Mark, what are photographs, are they not manipulated images depicting and or mirroring a real or unreal image?

        How can a photo be consider evidence of a natural man or woman when what we’re looking at isn’t a man and or woman but rather a manipulated image copied to photo-paper?

        Photoshop is a technique used for manipulating photographs, airbrushing is another method, touch ups, adding and or subtracting content within the film or photograph is common place.

        Hollywood is an example of a place where production houses or studios work diligently to manipulate an image just right in order for us to buy what they’re attempting to sell us…

        Again, I appreciate the effort but the info provided for us here cannot be considered seriously as being factual and hence is according to my discerning mind highly suspect, and most likely based on a sequence of fictional fairy-tales. Though I’m entertained by these notions and so it makes me wonder within the framework of my imagination and the cherished wonderland where there are countless forms of magic and fire breathing dragons…

        Come on, show me some esoteric knowledge that is based on fact and not an easily repudiated and manipulated image of an unreality that doesn’t exist.

        That which ceases to function ceases to exist, Mark.


    1. Ahhh, I understand.
      You speak about about the stuff (“ID”, “LEGAL NAME”) the non-entity “STATE” emits.
      Seems you are a so-called sophist.


      1. No, I think for myself. I actually flunked out of school and am ignorant according to Jared, but I once made love to a woman who answered to the name, Sophie so maybe I am a Sophist… LOL

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  12. Really, I’m using names to identify fictions, and the real man is exactly that, a real man! Do you see, I’m just pointing out a few tactics that we use to control people. They volunteer to enter our domain by incorporating themselves to play our game under our rules!

    Clearly define fact from fiction and you too will awaken to the real world

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  13. I find the Hendrix/West Analysis compelling, and hopefully, still alive despite other commenters declaring it dead, however: I’m not sure that CW’s hands are big enough to be Jimi’s. JH’s hands were big and long, West’s not so much. But, possibly CW’s are pump up with Collagen so they don’t look so Hendrix-like. (Is it possible to shorten fingers surgically ?)

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  14. They may have exaggerated his hand-size while he was Jimi (i.e. like they played with his teeth, etc) , then use illusions (generous cuffs/sleeves), collagen to give CW more proportional hands


    1. Looking at older interviews they seem to have similar movements, tone of voice. I can buy this matchup more than the Dr. Phil/Freddie Mercury one. As for the ears Jimi has an attached lobe and Cornel has a free lobe. Do lobes grow on an attached type or can be inserted on later?


      1. I understand. No problem. Plastic surgery is common but I cannot imagine someone would employ it solely to detach earlobes. As I recall, I was most troubled by the teeth on this one. I think I concluded that Hendrix wore a partial. But that muddied the project further. I am standing on shaky feet with this one as more and more discrepancies are pointed out to me.

        This I know – as with all of the youthful deaths of rocks stars of theat era, his was probably fake. Whatever happened to him after, hard to know. Cornell West was a good candidate. Needs more work.

        Dr. Phil/Freddy, came away feeling that both were sets of twins. On that one, I am comfortable that one is the other, but based on things other than photos … AIDS is itself a scam, and at that time they needed high-profile people to “die” of it lto sell it. AIDS is a lifestyle disease among people using too many drugs, and in the SF bath house scene, poppers. It is real, but not caused by HIV, is not transmissible by contact since it is not caused by a virus.So when Freddy Mercury was said to be the latest victim, there was a very good chance it was a fake death. (I also suspect Freddie was not gay, a case of a fake out of the closet guy who inside the closet was/is straight. The needed him gay for their project.)

        For him to turn up as Dr. Phil surprised me … and then not. first, I found that photos of a young Dr. Phil were not him. That’s a tell. He does not have genuine photos of himself in his earlier years. Then I was struck by the strong resemblance between the two, but found internal discrepancies both among photos of Phil and Freddy indicating each could be played by two people, twins. I think I abandoned the project … I don’t see where it is in the blog anymore. I need to revisit it.

        Did you know that Dr. Phil has a son who plays in a rock band and who sings in falsetto?


  15. Well, I guess we know why he heard his train a’coming; Then he “put it all in his shoe (Jimi) and gave it all to you (us)” , and then got off at another stop, and became Cornell West, sort of a lightweight intellectual, like if he was a college, he’d be the Cornell of the West. Or something


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