Has “the game” really changed?

Global Warfare: “We’re Going to Take out 7 Countries in 5 Years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..” – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

US Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper described the assassination of General Soleimani as a “decisive defensive action” while confirming that the operation ordered by Donald Trump had been carried out by the Pentagon. “The game has changed” said Defense Secretary Esper.Michel Chossudovsky, January 4, 2019

If it isn’t our old friend Amy Goodman (AKA, Janis) with the retired “good” general managing public perception as the new Middle East Plan is unveiled. It hardly seems – to me at least – that “the game has changed.” https://www.globalresearch.ca/we-re-going-to-take-out-7-countries-in-5-years-iraq-syria-lebanon-libya-somalia-sudan-iran/5166

It’s the same game, always. Why would anyone want to continue playing this game?

25 thoughts on “Has “the game” really changed?

  1. (The Plan)


  2. I doubt they really killed him. He’s got the “man” in his name. Apparently many fake stories have someone with the “man”, or “son” in the name. We see it a lot more than the name Smith for example.


    1. I also doubt that anybody died or got hurt in this supposed ‘drone strike’.

      Look at the photos they gave us of the ‘wreckage’.

      Clown show.

      Baudrillard was right.


  3. Here’s what I mean about it being daunting to get up to speed on climate science (or the rhetoric around it.) I’m sure the charts in this article are probably bs, but I would have to familiarize myself with them all, and know their own arguments better than they do themselves. Otherwise, the well versed ones will always just say “but what about the hexane pentameter? And Brogues Law?” And on and on. Meanwhile I have no way to communicate my spider sense for bs and propaganda that cuts through all the gibberish in one fell swoop.



    1. I know but it’s an ongoing topic of interest to Mark so I thought I could slip it in, especially since this thread wasn’t blowing up with on topic comments. So sorry to have offended your sense of blog protocol! :/


      1. In the end the “War On Carbon” (us) is relevant in the whole scheme.

        Why not push the world into a carbon hysteria and electrification, while the Voodoo People secure access to one of the biggest oil reserves in the world.


  4. Why would anyone want to continue playing this game?

    1 – because there is a lot of money to make from “war” (no matter how hoaxed “wars” actually are).
    2 – just like Transhumanism, there is no “Greater Israel coming”. It is already there.
    3 – the big gap between all the other invaded countries (Syria, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan) has to be filled.
    4 – Plan Persia, cf. Plan Patagonia, is mainly executed to convert the traditionalist huge market into the same nihilist hyperconsumerism as in the rest of the world
    5 – on top of that the gigantic oil and gas reserves, but also enormous unexplored mining areas for the grab (cf. the post-Soviet Union mafia boom)
    6 – a long history and thus a huge archaeological record. Who doesn’t like to have a “””Sumerian””” (everything Prenaissance I consider shaky; Anatoly Fomenko) statue in their Manhattan mansion?

    I see enough reasons why psyopaths keep playing this game.


  5. Telling yourselves its all ‘fake’ is just wistful thinking. One commentator from Iran said ‘what hero from America can we take out to avenge our General? Sponge Bob Square Pants? Years ago it would have been Mickey Mouse……….that irony is priceless.


    1. What’s not fake about it? The so called leaders of these things we call countries I dont believe for one second are enemies with the faces that are put out in front of other places we call countries/states. By now I think its pretty much one big consortium the only problem theyve had is there have still been some islamic factions that theyve had to war/crusade against, pretty much think kissinger summed it up when he said what we in america call terrorists are really groups of people that reject the international system. As usual

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  6. It’s interesting to me that Suleiman wasn’t prepped in American media as a bad guy.. Thus not much initial gravity to the strike for Americans. I remember when news of Bin Laden strike came out.. I literally heard cheering from a house in the neighborhood I was in. Place with lots of college students, might’ve been having a party that night already when news broke. I think some of them actually broke into that embarrassing “USA.. USA..” chant people do.


    1. War as a Hoax is an important concept to keep in mind.

      Look at the wars here; all “sides” (the cartels, the government, the autodefensas = paramilitaries and FARC were all supplied weapons and military training by the gringos and… the Israelis.

      The idea pushed in media and schoolbooks of a “war” is however completely false and most if not all major “battles” were nothing more than theater pieces.


        1. Don’t forget the war on Europe and North America and Australia, New Zealand and Colombia gets relatively the biggest hit.

          The SJW’s with wet lips waiting for those millions of “enriching” exotic DNA Kalergied into Europe.

          I can see the signs with “refugees are more than welcome” already being written.

          Everything that goes well needs to be infiltraited and destroyed. Jewism at its core.


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