Wagging the Moondoggie, the clip show

I would not be doing this were it not so much fun reading McGowan. He does have a nice sense of humor. I originally did this in reaction to Petra’s challenge, to find one scrap of evidence in McGowan’s 14 essays that in any way gives strength to the argument that we never went to the moon. Petra, if she can be believed this time, has now bailed. After one presentation!

Somewhere, in one of my moon essays, I showed photos of the supposed moon buggy used by the astronauts compared to a Willies Jeep. The guy did good work, getting hold of actual dimensions and then overlaying them over a buggy.

I thought I had written a post about this matter, but no luck finding it. I did search for the words “willies jeep” in our archives, and found that phrase was used in this post, in which I described every one of the 14 McGowan essays, so that the work I intended to do here was already done!  The clip show is over – just go to the link.

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The Van Allen Belts

The Van Allen radiation belt is a zone of energetic charged particles, most of which originate from the solar wind. The particles are captured by and held around a planet by that planet’s magnetic field. It surrounds Earth, containing a nearly impenetrable barrier that prevents the fastest, most energetic electrons from reaching Earth.

I did not understand the true nature of the Van Allen radiation belts when I dove into Dave McGowan’s Moondoggie series. They are far more than something we have to pass through on our way to outer space. If that were the case, we could merely take off from the poles to bypass them. Their true structure represents something, that when fully grasped, not only imparts the understanding that we never went to the Moon, but that even today we are bound in lower Earth orbit (LEO) in our space exploration (the reason that the Space Shuttles never went beyond LEO). This understanding comes from two sources. Here’s McGowan:

“In the very same NASA post that discusses Moon rocks being constantly bombarded with absurdly high levels of radiation, another curious admission can be found: “meteoroids constantly bombard the Moon.” Our old friend from NASA, David McKay, explains that “Apollo moon rocks are peppered with tiny craters from meteoroid impacts.” NASA then explains that that “could only happen to rocks from a planet with little or no atmosphere … like the Moon.””

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Moondoggie: Nobody went anywhere

This post concerns the work of Dave McGowan, author several books including of Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon and of Programmed to Kill, both of which I have read.

Weird Scenes is about the rock and roll scene in Los Angeles in the late sixties. McGowan exposes the military roots of most of the musicians of that era, interspersed with chapters on their deaths. Other than a cautionary word about Jim Morrison, he accepted every death as real. He did no interviews for the book, and did not even do the most elementary research into their deaths, such as checking to see if they were listed in the Social Security Death Index. Even I did that. The one photograph in the book, tellingly, is of Jim Morrison as a youth on board a naval ship with his admiral father, and it is fake.

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2001: The Moon is the Monolith

Our moon, fitting like a glove with the Jovian moons.

A commenter recently raised the topic of the moon, and this is such a juicy topic for a site like ours. I provided my theory then, that our moon was originally one of the moons of Jupiter, placed here with Earth…and I wanted to more formally expand upon that here. Keep in mind, I say “theory” in the strictly scientific sense. This is just an idea, and I welcome feedback (one commenter already very helpful in that regard). Keep reading, and see if you think I might be onto something.

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