The Defense is Rwaawwng

Since this pandemic narrative began, I have imagined a scenario in which the alleged virus had its day in court. In this instance, I pondered that the case of a novel virus causing a widespread disease did not “hold water.”

When I watched this recent discussion from October 14 between Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon regarding the sloppy science and trickery amidst this pandemic myth, I had a “positraction” moment. I could not help but envision the iconic film clip from “My Cousin Vinny,” that made the word “positraction” famous. (1) I suggest watching Dr. Cowan first (from the 7:30 timestamp to the 12:25 timestamp), and then for fun, watch Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito (see the linked video above). So classic.

Others may not have the same reaction to Dr. Cowan’s “revelation,” nor see why I connected the two moments in my mind. Of course, I hesitate to call it a “smoking gun,” and . . . well, Dr. Cowan may not be as animated as Tomei. Nevertheless, it is extremely significant. In fact, Dr. Cowan and Sally Fallon felt that this particular finding from the reported study (2) was so important, that they published online a follow-up summation to highlight – ONLY POISONED MONKEY KIDNEY CELLS ‘GREW’ THE ‘VIRUS’. They emphasize that the “scientists” were unable to cultivate their desired virus in any of the human cell lines.

As Dr. Cowan explained:

“The shocking thing . . . is that using their own methods, the virologists found that solutions containing SARS-CoV-2 — even in high amounts — were NOT, I repeat NOT, infective to any of the three human tissue cultures they tested. In plain English, this means they proved, on their terms, that this “new coronavirus” is not infectious to human beings. It is ONLY infective to monkey kidney cells, and only then when you add two potent drugs (gentamicin and amphotericin), known to be toxic to kidneys, to the mix.”

Thank you Dr. Tom Cowan, “You’ve been a lovely, lovely witness.”

Addendum: I wrote this piece last night, and as I go to publish this morning, I am glad to see that Jon Rappoport is also reporting on this today. Please see his post dated October 19, “Dr. Tom Cowan explores the COVID virus invented out of sheer nonsense.”


(1) Actually, I need to thank Matt from Quantum of Conscience for placing “positraction” in my consciousness. He has referenced it recently, so I just want to credit him.

(2) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 from Patient with Coronavirus Disease, United States , EID Journal, Volume 26, Number 6—June 2020

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  1. Pure “dynamite,” Steph. Thank you and all your research friends.

    I particularly like the exposure of the contamination of cells in Dulbecco minimal essential medium (DMEM). From the link: “DMEM containing 10% fetal bovine serum, 2× penicillin/streptomycin, 2× antibiotics/antimycotics, and 2× amphotericin B at a concentration of 2.5 × 105 cells/mL.”

    What could possibly go wrong? “Science,” my ass.

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    1. Cowan mentioned that two of the antibiotics used are specifically toxic to the kidneys, which would surely put the fright into any peace-loving monkey kidney cells. Wiki has this to say re amphotericin B:

      “Amphotericin B is well known for its severe and potentially lethal side effects. Very often, it causes a serious reaction soon after infusion (within 1 to 3 hours), consisting of high fever, shaking chills, hypotension, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, headache, dyspnea and tachypnea, drowsiness, and generalized weakness. The violent chills and fevers have caused the drug to be nicknamed “shake and bake”….Intravenously administered amphotericin B in therapeutic doses has also been associated with multiple organ damage. Kidney damage is a frequently reported side effect, and can be severe and/or irreversible.”

      Where is PETA in all of this mess?


  2. Thank you Steffers. Basic logic applied to fake virology reveals a lot, doesn’t it? Meaningless computer modeling propped up with “consensus”, all about examining the genetic expressions of a tortured, out-of-body monkey kidney cell that appears to be world-class in its ability to react to poisoning, sending out many genetic signals in its attempt to survive and function. Once again the link to highlight this:

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  3. Thank goodness for the Joe Pescis and Marisa Tomeis who are on this, including you, Stephers. As I sift through the science in your references, my face looks more like Fred “Herman Munster” Gwynne’s in the above clip. Bravo.

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  4. Love the My Cousin Vinny reference. The guy who played the judge, Fred Gwynne, also starred in a (my era) TV show called Car 54 Where Are you.

    Someone should take the time to remake the song, Sars-C0v-19 Where Are You?

    Anyway, Stephers, you’re going to be up all night reading when you get hold of The Contagion Myth. It is killer good.

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  5. I’m still waiting for my hard copies to arrive from B&N. Got a few for friends and family! 🙂 I’ve been skimming through my electronic version, but I have trouble reading (comprehending) online. What resonates most with me is Chapter 7 on “RESONANCE”. Once people can understand and comprehend the mammoth fraud behind all of this pseudoscience, we can begin to spend more effort on how and why we have physical symptoms. While I do not perceive the current COVID situation as a contagion (except for the fear contagion which encompasses most of this event), I still liken the phenomenon of “viral contagion” (as in chicken pox) to the phenomenon of “contagious yawning.” Contagious yawning is an expression of empathy and RESONANCE. In fact, it has been studied that psychopaths do not exhibit contagious yawning. Interesting, huh? Well, it’s an interest of mine, as the concept of resonance directs much of the healing work that I do. I hope to attempt to explain this in further detail at some point, and Tom and Sally come pretty close in the book. I agree – they have done a superb job with their diligent research and references in this book, and I am so impressed and grateful.


    1. Okay, so this got my attention for a number of reasons…

      (1) I have been trying to get a hold of this book (had pre-ordered on Amazon);
      (2) It is very rare for me to witness (or hear) someone yawn and me not do likewise (Does that mean I’m not a psychopath?!?); and
      (3) My very own chickenpox experience is the primary reason why I have not been able to let go of germ theory.

      Sounds like I need to read this book. (I’m seeing that Cowan is now endorsing the Anti-Vitamin D supplementation as publicized by Stephanie Seneff and Pam Popper. Interesting.)

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      1. “(2) It is very rare for me to witness (or hear) someone yawn and me not do likewise (Does that mean I’m not a psychopath?!?)”

        I even have it with Molly, my dog. I heard there was an idea of “lack of oxygen” as a possible explanation but I think it still is a mystery how yawning can be so “contagious”.

        And now is the time to test this hypothesis; are those in the masquerade yawning much more than those not covering their faces for an invisible monster?

        You had chickenpox yourself? Wow, never heard that, can you explain in short how that was, how you got it, how you got rid of it and did you “infect” others while having it? Or link to a post where you did that before, I was away from POM for months.


        1. When I was in 4th or 5th grade, my younger sister (who would have been in 2nd or 3rd grade) said that a couple of her classmates were at home sick with the chickenpox. The very next day, she had them and was sick at home and my two other sisters then got them shortly thereafter. This was in mid-December right before the Christmas break. A week later, during the Christmas break, I came down with them too. I think I may have only missed one day of school (the first day back in January). Anyway, just about everyone that we knew around us who had never had the chickenpox before seemed to get them that winter. Everyone who had them before…no issues, exactly as described by the idea of naturally gained immunity from a previous sickness.

          Based upon that experience, it appeared that there was something contagious that was being passed around from person-to-person, exactly as described by the germ theory of disease. That’s my chickenpox story as best as I can remember it. How does that fit into other theories of disease?

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          1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. And I agree with you, there is some contagion happening. But it may be bacterial and not viral.

            Same with probably the most common “viral” (?) infection; herpes. You don’t need to have hung around with hookers to have caught herpes.

            The absolutist claims made that there are no germs is ridiculous. Microbes are omnipresent and bacteria are also “germs”.

            So finding out what is exactly happening can only be reached with sharing these contagion experiences that are very real. If it is not caused by X, then it should be caused by Y or Z (if X doesn’t exist).

            Good everyone recovered from it!


            1. However, extremely suspect is the obvious low quality of germ science. And absolutely damning is how germ science absolutely avoids industrial toxicology.

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              1. The “germ science” you talk about could just well be constructed or contaminated with BS to lead up to BigPharma. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is no contagious disease.

                I have my own experience that it exists. When I was about 5 years young, my sister was about 2, we got a new cat. As the case in our family we got it from the asylum.

                The cat infected all of us. We all got the same rash and red spots and for my little sister it was pretty dangerous. We got prescribed special shampoo we had to wash the cat and also ourselves with. In the end it went away and I have no way of knowing what it was, but that it was contagious and came from the cat was clear.

                Same with herpes which is HIGHLY contagious.

                So there IS contagion going on, it is stupid to deny that.

                But that doesn’t make the full Pasteur story real of course. There are so many intermediate stances than “pure germs” vs “pure terrain”.

                A combination of both seems way more likely.

                The stoopid popcornvirus does nothing to get closer to the truth. You may find the ridicule funny though,


                1. Placing bacteria and viruses aside for the moment, is it not entirely plausible that your cat had parasites or a fungus that caused the rash (ie – ringworm)? “Contagion” from parasites and fungus, from my research, has not been disputed. I could be wrong. Fungal spores and parasites (including eggs and larvae) can be seen with an ordinary microscope in most cases, and can therefore be “proven” to exist – without any adulteration or in vitro mixtures. So, again, that can be a cause of “contagion.” Additionally, you may have no way of knowing if the cat was subjected to some type of chemical or solvent prior to adoption (in it’s litter, bedding, bathing or food), and your family could have been reacting (allergy or sensitivity) to that. When we adopted our cat, I was allergic to her, but once we changed her food and litter, I was no longer reacting to her. It’s been six years, and I have not reacted again. We actually had our cat tested when we first got her because she born in the wild, and we were concerned at that time that we could “catch” something from her (before my current understanding of “germs” and “zoonosis”). The only “dis-ease” that was determined at that time was mycoplasma pneumonia. The vet said that it was “latent” and should not pose a problem for her, nor be transferred to us. In the first couple years we had her, she developed symptoms of a “cold” during times of stress in our household. She had no other contact with other cats, and we did not exhibit cold symptoms when she did. So, it seemed to me that, during times of stress, her latent pathogen would produce symptoms, only to subside again. This is just my observation, and was never put to rigorous and sound testing.


                  1. In terms of germs vs. terrain, Dr. Robert O. Young has recently presented a “middle way” of the two, suggesting that it could be possible that both may be plausible theories. I don’t think he has come to any conclusion, but has put it on the table, even though he leans much closer to terrain in nearly all cases. I can try to find the particular video that I saw in which he outlines this combined theory.

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                    1. My first encounter with R.O. Young was to find and read this article online. I saw it listed here,, being presented as a “peer-reviewed” paper.

                      The article’s first three paragraphs are from a source that i am uncertain of, but the balance of the paper is a word-for-word plagiarism of Stefan Lanka’s 2015 paper of similar title, and it is presented as being authored by Young. Scanning some other ‘writings’, i encountered plagiarism of Jim West’s polio research. This guy has his methods.

                      Young sells a lot of stuff, including himself, and champions the use of full-body ultrasound as an ongoing program of health. See the summary.


                  2. Sure, I agree there can be many different options. I for now subscribe to the idea that viruses are what their original meaning is, poisons, produced by the body.

                    But bacteria, fungi, parasites etc. sure could have been the case or even pollution.

                    But there is contagious things, that is the thing. Be it bacterial, or fungal or any other microbe or parasite that affects us and can be spread by contact.

                    I have had antibiotics in my life too, like most people. And I think those work, though now in the current craze I would probably not be eager to accept them.

                    In your research have you come across explanations for herpes? Or other common “””viral”””dis-eases?


                    1. In the case of herpes, the short answer, is that nearly all of us are already born with herpes (many of the variants) in our genome. So, technically, we don’t “catch” it from another, but rather our dormant/latent expression gets “activated.” As I have implied previously, this could be explained by resonance. A very brief explanation of this infers that a dormant virus can activate via electromagnetic signaling or a type of “sensing” mechanism (like quorum sensing). Think “mirror neurons.”

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                    2. what is a “dormant” virus?

                      does the virus you are talking about exist? if not, then its “dormancy” doesn’t either.

                      if it does exist, then we want to know how that is demonstrated, and then how its dormancy is demonstrated.


                    3. OM – All fair points and concerns, indeed. You gave me homework! 🙂 At quick glance, as in the case of most (if not all) “viruses,” there is no purified/isolated herpes virus, and no photos of a herpes virus in vivo (human and unadulterated). Always more questions than answers when it comes to “virology.” If I were to remove the concept of a virus, and simply infer that a human being can resonate like a tuning fork with another human being of matching resonance (vibrationally speaking) to express similar symptoms, that may come closer. As all cells oscillate and emit frequencies, an expression of symptoms (whether attributed to illness, or conversely, detox) could simply be explained by the electromagnetic terrain – no virus ever needed. In this case, a specific set of frequencies would result in a specific set of symptoms. This could also account for the phenomenon of pleomorphism, such that the changes in morphology/shape of cells would be induced by a cymatic-like effect in the terrain. Again, no need for any germ to be the cause. More to explore…I leave everything on the table, and I am in the process of unlearning and relearning as others are, as we transition from a faulty germ theory-based model to a model that favors terrain theory – at the very least.


                    4. Thanks Oregonmatt for that link.

                      I am not convinced however. There is a lot of faulty reasoning in that piece, for instance that you cannot be asymptomatic and at the same time suffer from a disease. You can have cancer and no pain (symptom), your teeth can be rotten without having toothache, etc. etc.

                      I reject this extremist stance that “pathogens don’t exist” and that “everything comes from the body” and “you can just think yourself healthy”.

                      Although there is value in those ideas it is never covering the 100% they claim.

                      Go stand in a body of still water and tell me how the many microbes in the water affect you (in Dutch you call it veteran’s disease, don’t know the English name).

                      That is the problem with this approach, it needs to be either 100% “terrain theory” or 100% “germ theory” (which they claim in that article doesn’t exist which is demonstrably bullshit, see the veteran’s disease).

                      Also, the idea that “parts of herpes are part of the parents DNA” that “just” “needs to be activated” does not align with the sexually transferrable diseases. A perfectly healthy person develops one of those STIs ONLY after sex with someone else. So it definitely is transferrable from one person to the other. Even if it is the “activator” part (that fluids from 1 partner affect the activation of your own body plan) there is a “contamination effect”.

                      On viri I think the terrain theory works well. But if they start claiming outside threats to us are not affecting us, it is all on the inside, they lose their credibility because we can observe the effect of bacterial or fungal infections.


                  3. There could be a psycho-social and environmental context.

                    The cat could have been the “miner’s canary” canary for existing environmental hazards, and its presence and microbiological behavior ‘suggested’ the same inflammatory (immunological) behavior in you.

                    That immunological behavior might have have been the best path, in the long run. However…

                    The ritual of toxic cleansing removed elements of this suggestion, or brought about a “pharmaceutical” ritual acknowledgement and rejection of this immunological behavior.

                    The “pharmaceutical effect” (as an increase in “health and vitality”) occurs due to “hormetic” responses to mild toxicity (the beginning of the dose/response curve). “Hormesis” represents the true toxicological dose/response curve, and this is exploited by the Medical system to give the illusion of cures and to manipulate the psycho-social aspects of immunological responses (which often what “disease” is).

                    The word “hormesis” is censored from textbooks and studies and used by hack industrial scientists to give the impression that some poisons are not poisonous.

                    Hormesis is commonsense and well established science however. It just means that the low dose creates a false sense of well being (like a shot of whisky), and the high doses lead to depression and death.

                    Most people intuitively assume that poisons relate to symptoms in a linear (straight line) manner, but not really. It is an S curve. Yet the low dose is also a negative in the long run, as chronic poisoning, accumulative effects.

                    But a toxic medical treatment gets the patient out the door happy, and gets his medical bill paid.

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            2. Popcorn is caused by a germ called popivirus. We have all noticed that popcorn doesn’t pop at the same time. One kernal, due to a pre-existing
              vulnerability, pops first, spreading the popivirus to nearby kernals.

              Infection cannot be more obvious.

              Exposed kernals pop and release more popivirus, which is a latent virus normally residing in all popcorn. Soon the entire pop-ulation is affected. The incubation time is from 0.1 to 1 second a second, as measured in high-tech laboratories.

              During the 19th century, scientists could think only in terms of heat and steam, because they were unaware of popivirus. However, they, like the scientists who believed that disease was caused by “bad air” (mal-aria), were primitive.

              Modern tech, such as, high-speed photography, confirms the existence of exploding steam affecting nearby kernal and their popivirus activation rates. Popivirus is heat resistant, but not at temperatures above 212F ! The electron microscope has confirmed characteristic cell damage by popivirus.

              Those absolutists who claim that popcorn is due entirely to heat are ridiculous. Moderation is the key here. Heat and popivirus work synergistically.

              We are lucky someone discovered how to activate popivirus with heat. Not good for corn, but good for us!


              Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is developing a genetically modified popcorn that will pop all at once with nearby popcorn. This only works with the additional use of the antivirus drug, apopivir, which represses and regulates popivirus activity. It is amazing.

              One problem. Popivirus could mutate if dairy cows eat this popcorn, and cause exploding milk bottles if not stored below 50F.


              1. Wow, what a great find! This may influence researchers to finally look into many other food items. Like pickles, especially the sour ones. Following this popivirus discovery, it is almost obvious what is the reason for pickles getting their sour taste. Btw, it’s obvious popivirus also causes the change in color of exploded popcorn. Is this a clear sign of virus mutation? It would also explain the fading color of infected pickles which are getting sour disease.

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                1. The Nobel Prize should be awarded for this discovery of the popivirus!

                  Anyone can ‘isolate’ the popivirus in their own kitchen ‘lab’.


          2. Lofcaudio,

            If I may, your experience with chickenpox confirms my own experience and theory regarding contagion as you got it from your sister.
            You are/were emotionally involved with your sisters and they are /were with you, so you all got the disease.
            Contagions happen on an energetic and emotional basis, no bacteria and no viruses involved, even among animals.

            Pasteur and his germ theory…he was a Freemason and a criminal.


            1. “Contagions happen on an energetic and emotional basis, no bacteria and no viruses involved, even among animals.”

              It is comments like this that make those critical of the Coronarrative or viruses in general look stupid.

              Not a single shred of evidence, just empty claims.

              Denying bacterial infections, I mean how far gone must you be?


              1. I don’t give a shit about your opinions about me Gaiasphere.
                Go ahead and think whatever you like, truth is I never get sick and you do, so maybe you should have your energy and emotional field checked by a good shaman, I’m sure there’s a few in Bolivia who are willing to help you.


                1. And yet again a claim pulled out of nowhere. Last time I had “the flu” is 7 years ago, signorina.

                  Bolivia? Bad at geography too I see.

                  I just ask you to stop spreading fairytales but “you don’t give a shit”. That is exactly why not more people look into these things because of fairytale types like you. You should join Fauci’s team, you guys fit. Fairytale claims and hoping nobody notices.


                  1. About time Maarten comes back here and introduces some science and logic again.

                    I will step away then, but BS claims need to be tackled before they infest this place further. FE levels.


                    1. What’s infested this place is the notion that people expressing viewpoints that others view as foolish somehow makes them look foolish.

                      It is comments like this that make those critical of the Coronarrative or viruses in general look stupid.

                      I disagree with Anna. But I disagree far more strongly with the delusional notion that a person, or a bunch of persons, sitting at their computers expressing views I disagree with make everyone who questions the Coronavirus narrative I do makes me look stupid. The idea that all commenters on this little blog must form a consensus or hive-mind mentality around certain topics for the good of the blog has become downright oppressive around here. It seems to me that some folks, commenters and contributors, are becoming the thing they hate.

                      But, who knows, maybe Maarten will swoop down from his ivory tower and set me straight on that.


                    2. Ho ho, you’re making up strawmen.

                      Why am I so picky on bullshit? Because you cannot fight bullshit with bullshit.

                      I refer people to this place as a beacon of reason in these Corona War Times. But if there are bullshit claims made on that same platform, that will turn people away as fast as they could have caught on to learning.

                      Stephers has taught me a lot with decent information, logic, no wild claims.

                      Since when are alternative people exempt from the same scrutiny as we should give to the mainstream? What is that desire to be “safeguarded” from criticism as soon as an alternative idea comes out?

                      And becoming personal against me because of it.

                      I don’t care, attack me as much as you (not you, Anna) want, I keep fighting bullshit claims, and I don’t care if others ban me for it, I am used to people not being able to handle criticism.

                      If we want to be taken seriously as alternative viewpoints that make sense, it is critical that we weed out the bullshit in our own thinking. If not, we’re nothing better than the ones we oppose, hence my Fauci remark.


                    3. I did not get personal. I argued with what you’re saying.

                      If we want to be taken seriously as alternative viewpoints that make sense, it is critical that we weed out the bullshit in our own thinking.

                      Yeah, individually, that’s what we hopefully do. And we can disagree and argue and call each other out on bullshit all day long. That’s awesome. What I’m tired of is the idea that people expressing views or presenting information on this blog that you, or Maarten, or whomever, disagree with reflects badly on you, or the blog, or whatever. It seems the vehemence and frequency of attempts to shut people down because their opinions “make us all look bad” has gotten really tiresome lately.


              2. “Denying bacterial infections, I mean how far gone must you be?”

                I will say gently, bacteria are not the cause of disease. See the following quote:

                “As far back as 1915, Dr. E.C. Rosenow, of the Mayo Clinic, was on that track. He demonstrated transmutations within germs of the pneumonia group. He took disease strains from many different sources, such as puerperal sepsis, arthritis, tonsillitis, and cow’s milk, and put them into one culture of a uniform media. After a while, there was no difference between the germs; they became all one class. Dr. Rosenow therefore concluded that there is no particularly fixed species of different germs and they all have the capacity to change their structure with changes in their nutriments.”

                Our bodies are loaded with bacteria. They are essential to life. As the quote implies, they change / adapt to the environment we offer them. Their normal relationship with healthy bodies is symbiotic. Due to choices (toxic choices, usually) we make, our bodies may become diseased in some way. We may inhale so much polluted air, for example, that we develop pneumonia. Bacteria do not cause pneumonia. It is the toxic effect of the poison we have accumulated in our lungs that causes the destruction of tissue. When we are presenting dying and dead lung tissue, bacteria will proliferate in order to CLEAN US UP. That is a big part of what they do for us. That is why they are associated with disease, though not being its cause.

                Your tissue breakdown may be large, therefore the quantity of bacteria will be large, and a large enough quantity of their waste will have a toxic effect. That’s when some may choose to ingest antibiotics in order to limit their numbers. However, this is a trade-off that may be to your disadvantage. Antibiotics will kill bacteria throughout the body, not just (as in this case) the lungs. The better choice might be to concentrate on healthy choices to facilitate healing, rather than a toxic pharmaceutical shotgun approach.


                1. But that is my whole point. This just covers 1 half of the equation. This idea makes it look like our bodies work in isolation from our environment.

                  There are beneficial bacteria and malicious ones. Cholera, bad. Food poisoning bad. And lots of beneficial bacteria we wouldn’t survive without.

                  But the idea that there are no bad bacteria that can infect and affect us negatively, coming from our environment! that is what I criticize. It is excluding the vast majority of what makes us us, our environment. And that contains inorganic toxins AND organic toxins.

                  That viruses are not an external threat, ok, but jumping then to the conclusion that there are no other organic external threats that harm us, that is a whole different beast and demonstrably wrong.

                  The 1915 experiment merely proves that bacteria mutate, not that there are no bad bacteria coming from our environment.

                  I cannot comprehend that people who have such a broad and deep understanding of this (and way more than me obviously) just skip or even deny the most obvious and especially regard the body as some kind of cocoon, working in isolation.

                  “Everything influences us, including frequencies and everything BUT bad microbes, they do not exist, because that is ‘germ theory’.”

                  That just doesn’t make any sense.

                  Why is it so hard to find a middle ground between external factors and internal processes? The BigPharma cabal places the blame 100% in one camp and terrain theory extremists do the same but then in the other camp.

                  What is the problem with acknowledging it is not 100% either way, but somewhere in the middle?


                  1. Pity the edit function is not there.

                    I use this against the masks, since the very beginning I have been telling people that they inhale back in the bacteria/microbes that need to get out (that’s why we sneeze and cough).

                    But now, according to ETT (extremist terrain theory) that whole advice is wrong, because there are not bad microbes so your body can safely inhale back in the crap that the body says needs to get out.

                    So what is your answer then? The mask is uncomfortable, but not bad for your body and immune system because “there are no bad microbes”?

                    An analogy I see is with the idea that nature strives to maximum entropy (thermodynamics) but at the same time we see beautiful crystal growth (structure, not chaos) so BOTH are present, it is not either the one or the other


                    1. If your exhaust ain’t working your engine ain’t gonna either, little buddy. Ever figure out where you get your isotopes from?


              3. Anna is expressing what the Great Minds (Freud etc) have institutionalized in “science” with the “psychosomatic” paradigms, and so, why not give her a break?


            2. Anna, I see bad emotions as symptoms of poisoning, part of the set of symptoms called a disease.

              re the perception of infection from person to person…

              If the “disease” is actually an inflammatory response (immunological) to air pollution (for example) then you could “catch” that response because it was suggested behavior, even microbiological or hormonal suggested behavior — suggested by a fellow. Like a yawn is suggested and accepted.

              If everyone is poisoned, then there are inflammatory responses, first coming from the vulnerables and viewed as suggestions too. If someone vomits, others will feel like vomiting. Or coughing, or coming down with a set of similar symptoms.

              These responses, are claimed to be the disease, and also blamed for your disease, like fever is falsely blamed for disease — when actually it is a symptom of poisoning, part of the inflammatory responses to poisoning.

              It is easy to prove that poisons cause disease. It not easy to prove that a germ causes disease without absurdly injecting diseased matter into a mouse’s brain — or doing a good simple experiment — that is, dropping a suspected ‘infected’ mouse into a group of 10,000 healthy non-poisoned mice and watching them die from the disease. Such a simple study is not done because it would fail.


              1. I want to thank Scottrc, OregonMatt and Jim West from the bottom of my heart for respecting my point of view (which I made clear in my comment) without necessarily agreeing with it or seeing it as a possibility.

                I never said, and never will, that what I experience or think or say is the ONLY truth, but at the same time I’m totally fed up too with this snobish and very much arrongant attitude of some commenters to consider what is not “scientific” according to their narrow minded way of thinking garbage, foolish, and so on.

                Science is ver far from its original knowledge and purposes, and I do not believe in it as it was never able to treat the real cause of my health problems in the past, my spiritual practices were.


                1. I would also like to point out that all science supporters I’ve been interacting with so far have never been able to explain how mankind could reach the astoninishing number of nearly 8 billion souls (if the official narrative about this is true ) on this planet going through ages where vaccines and medicine as we know them today were unknown and very far from being discovered.
                  Their only argument is that the average life span in the past was very short compared to these days due to all sorts of diseases. Same goes for quality of life.
                  Okay, so what?
                  Our ancestors used to live for a shorter time and yet they had the time to reproduce and live and work and do all the things mankind normally does.
                  What caused premature deaths in the past were poor hygienical conditions (and battles and wars of course), once those were improved life standards also have improved, and with them the average life expectation.
                  What we have today thanks to science is only a longer life plagued with chronic pathologies, meds intake and constant trips to doctors and hospitals.
                  What a great life!
                  But we live longer so…which is not even true.

                  And if I think about all those (few, unfortunately) “primitive” populations still present on Earth to this day, and who never knew a western remedy to their supposed diseases, I have the confirmation I needed that living in the Nature and treating every problem with herbs and spiritual practices is key to human health.

                  So, I just spare some branches of medicine, and throw all the rest (especially virology and oncology) in the bin.


                  1. I agree that natural remedies would be the choice and good to hear spiritual avenues helped you. Why make it so absolutist with claims you cannot substantiate (“Contagions happen on an energetic and emotional basis, no bacteria and no viruses involved, even among animals.”) ?

                    But now I see the problem. You confuse Science with science. That is the propaganda by the mainstream. science (the art of knowing) is a philosophy of truth seeking, by testing, experimenting and forming theories. Science is corrupting that, but you project the Church of Scientism on science.

                    “What we have today thanks to science is only a longer life plagued with chronic pathologies, meds intake and constant trips to doctors and hospitals.”

                    I have seen many normies do that, it hurts truth seekers online make that grave mistake too. science is our friend. Science is not. The first is a never ending journey the latter claims “science is settled” (so it is antiscience).


                    1. You’re always so predictable Gaiasphere, or should I say flat like your flat reasoning that never brings evidence of what you give us as the revealed truth? Or your flat denial of anything that lies outside your comfort zone?
                      Always with your useless sophisms to say nothing valuable, at least to me.
                      Playing with words doesn’t make you look like a Nobel prize you know…

                      By the way we’re still waiting for you to demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that the Earth is a sphere, satellites do not exist and Freddie Mercury is not Dr. Phil.

                      Oh but wait, you can’t of course. And never will, as all you’re able to do here is criticize and mock other people with your haughty I -know-it-all-and you’re-just- a-poor-shit attitude.
                      I’m not impressed though, you know.
                      Bored, more like.

                      See, I’m not trying to sell anything here.
                      No books, no miracle potions, nothing.
                      I’m not sure the same can be said about you.

                      And if you care so much about your reputation go to mainstream blogs where you can show the world how clever and logical and intelligent you are.
                      You’ll surely get your fair amount of sheep, ops sorry, followers.


                    2. Wow, that was an intelligent post, just personal, nothing of substance.

                      Don’t criticize Anna’s reasoning, she is above that. She is the one claiming things she cannot substantiate.

                      You have a beautiful day, I hope your hatred for me doesn’t consume you more than it already does.


                    3. You’re not worthy of anybody’s hatred Gaiasphere, so don’t get too excited at the idea you might succeed with me.
                      Hatred, like love is something one must earn for good reasons.
                      You have none.

                      I owe you nothing, btw.
                      I replied to Lofcaudio’s comment, you intervened with your usual snobbery bringing nothing valuable to the discussion but insulting me.
                      I never liked your attitude, so bye now and be careful not to fall off your high pedestal, the one you put yourself as nobody else cares to do that, especially here as you could witness in the last few days.


          3. It could have been air pollution. It can be interpreted as contagion. ABC News favorably reviewed my air pollution interpretation of West Nile epidemics:

            Here is my study of air pollution causing a school “influenza” epidemic: Wind direction analysis is convincing.

            I also studied a family that came down with chickenpox, and no one else in the region had chickenpox. The obvious cause was a newly installed swimming pool in their backyard. Wind direction and slow speed, correlated with the date of each case. Will publish eventually, but not yet, due to time.

            Another idea to account for the sense of contagion is ‘infectious behavior’. If someone yawns or vomits, others will instinctively imitate that behavior. It could be that we imitate a wide variety of inflammatory responses to commonly experienced pollution. That would enhance the sense of contagion. If a group of people is at the threshold of pollution symptoms, then one individual response could trigger others to follow.

            Liked by 1 person

  6. if one says things like “solutions containing SARS-CoV-2..were not infective” it only means that some proteins were not infective because no proteins are infective. SARS-CoV-2″ does not mean the virus because such wasn’t found yet as even CDC addmits. All they (claim to) have are some proteins, being part of 2 genes out of 8, which the still not found virus is supposed to be build of. If you think any of it makes sense, think again. That’s the official narrative. This German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich (which btw. means “purer fill-me-up” in German) oppenly calls the main protagonists lyers and crooks and is not getting sued for it. Why? Because he is controlled opposition in its purest form. He basically tells us: “you’re right, it’s fake. All of it. You can sue for damage. I’ll even give you my best lawyers. Go on and try if you can claim any damage.” And he is right because nobody can realistically claim any damage caused by the Corona measures. If a small business gets broke it is because it does not make enough money and not because of Corona restrictions. If somebody gets sick because of wearing the mask for too long, it is his own fault because there is no mask law. We all do it voluntarily or due to crowd pressure. They won’t take the masks back anytime soon, they even extend the pressure to wear masks in open places, at least here in Germany. And people do and the majority even believes it is a good thing. there is a contradiction betwen what the media reports and the reality. I’ve been on a demonstration a few weeks ago in Frankfurt, visitig a friend. Lots of people sitting together without masks, some police, some of them also without masks, some speeches. Nobody got arrested for not wearing a mask. Doctors will test you only if you have symptoms, they don’t stick anything up your nose, just take a simple saliva sample and it always comes back (a week later) negative. You even can fly for holidays as usual except you can’t book “all inclusive” and have to book the fly and the hotel separately. You have to wear a mask in the airplane and in the airport. As in the hotel while ordering food or drinks. Also in the shopping areas. You won’t get tested when you come back. Or be told to do fake quarantine. It all exists only in the media. The media produces scary fake news and people follow the media as they previously followed the law. No law is necessary anymore. Fake news control the world.


    1. In Italy people get fined from 400 up to 800 or 1000 Euros if caught without the mask (we’re also “obliged” to wear it at open air too now) but I don’t care, they’re free to fine me as I’m free to wipe my ass with their piece of paper.

      As for PCR tests I never had one and never will, it’s neither legal nor mandatory so again, they can stick it up their nose or ass or any other orifice as they please.
      But people I know had it done and came out positive so they’ve been quarantined. Idiots. Sardinia island is about to be closed down again soon after local elections on October 25-26th.

      As you said, people are willing to comply with this madness, there is no real law that forces anyone to do what they’re doing but they hate freedom as that comes along with responsability, and zombies just want to be told how to live, what to think and how to behave.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. OM – Thanks for the info on Young. I was also not aware that he and Migalko were pushing full-body ultrasound along with thermograms. I am a fan of thermograms, and I have had two breast thermograms over the years.


  8. GAIASSPHERE – Doug McKenty’s site has been added to the blog roll. Thanks for the suggestion! I have referenced McKenty in a previous post I did with regard to Freedom Cells. He is hosting valuable roundtable discussions, and recently interviewed Dr. Cowan. This is the contentious debate that he hosted with Dr. Young and Dr. Fleming: At the 1 hr 27 min timestamp he displays a chart in which Young compares germ theory to terrain theory to “germ terrain duality theory.”

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  9. I see that my name is being invoked above—à la Beetlejuice—in the hopes, I guess, of getting me to appear and weigh in on disease theories.

    On this sad day, I will not enter the fray. Today, this blog lost the best detective it ever had. I do not mean by this tribute to diminish the work of Straight or Kevin Starr or Gaiasphere, other writers who left POM and with whom I had a great personal colloquy. They are all brilliant in their own right, and agree or disagree, I learned a lot from them.

    Fauxlex is a wonderful and creative mind, an engaging and prolific writer, and a researcher of preternatural abilities. He brought a real joy and even playfulness to his work here, as well as a humility that is rare among our regulars. I am deeply sorry to see him go.

    I was sad to say goodbye to Straight and Kevin Starr, who left and never came back again, just as Fauxlex has said he will not. I am glad to see Gaiasphere back with his keen mind and sharp quill. I myself remain because I still have things I hope to say. But I have noted the shots across my bow, and I will stick to topics and viewpoints that are not off-limits … until they are.

    Tonight I raise a glass to Fauxlex. I hope he lands at another blog soon. The Trutherverse needs him now more than ever.


      1. Maybe not, but closing down comments under one’s post for no reason other than personal ego might be.

        Mark made a very wise decision to protect his blog.


        1. Fauxlex has deleted more of my comments than he’s allowed and he also memory holed whole threads before. Dude was basically telling us he was a narcissist from the get. I was just pointing out the irony.


    1. He’ll be invited back, but I needed to change his status from “Administrator” to a lower grade. Admin has the power with the push of a button to take the blog down, permanently. He was lashing out at me, which he can continue to do in a new status, but I needed to protect the blog. He does tend to be mercurial. If he decides to continue to write here, his choice, it will be from a status wherein he cannot harm the blog or lash out at commenters.

      Your comment is loaded with condescension and has a passive aggressive tone, by the way. I should delete it. Faux would.


      1. Mark, I have invited you before, and invite you again now, to tell me specifically what it is that irks you. I spoke ill of no one. I merely praised the work of writers that you brought to this blog. Please tell me why there should be a problem with that.


        1. Specifically, in the past, and this is mere annoyance, is that you used the pigeonhole form of argumentation, ignoring the bulk of a position and reducing everything to one thing, using that one thing to say “game, set, match” as you leave the building. It’s haughty. For instance, all my hundreds of hours of photographic analysis out the window, becuase the length of lenses can vary. Case closed, you said.

          Secondly, a little more than annoyance, were your witch hunts. You attacked Dr. Cowan, severely maligning his character, and the same with Kaufman, who has had the courage to let his medical license lapse. I can judge, as can others, the content of a person by the body of work, while you chose to jettison all of that and reduce everything to a character attack. [I should add, you were on the same path with Firstenberg.]

          Finally, the beauty of passive aggressive is the ability to deny that your comment above was an attack on me.


        2. I should add that while these things are irksome, I do not carry such things around with me and have always enjoyed your being on the blog. The good far outweighs the negatives listed above. No doubt I am irksome as well. In my marriage I use the “loaded gun” idea, that is, if I point my finger at my wife, three fingers on that hand are pointed back at me, and each will go off and each will find its mark, so to speak. So I never point my finger at her for any reason.

          So I bear you no ill will, and I will, in due time, invite Faux back, though I suppose as things currently stand with him, he’ll not accept. We did have a private exchange where things got tense.


  10. The ego tends to equate having with Being: I have, therefore I am. And the more I have, the more I am. The ego lives through comparison. How you are seen by others turns into how you see yourself.”
    — Eckhart Tolle

    Thought equals ego. Ego takes, the heart gives. Add excess adrenaline and you’ve got a personal toxic waste site. Life is not a competition.


      1. You are most welcome, Anna. This too shall pass. There is an unusual amount of negative energy in the universe these days. Like moths to the flame, very few can resist it’s powers. That said, there are always new possibilities emerging even as the negative forces gain the upper hand temporarily. A woman who seems to have a pretty good feel for what’s going on.


    1. Stubbins was supposedly invalidated because he used matter from “late stage patients”, non-infectious, as declared by the arrogant Wikipedia:

      “However, it later emerged that the samples used by Ffirth for his experiments had come from late-stage patients who were no longer contagious”

      But Wiki lies. he used first stage patients, as from his book, page 56:

      “The serum of the blood drawn from a patient in the first or inflammatory stage of the malignant fever, was taken, was taken, and four drops of it inserted in my left leg; the wound was closed, and retained so by the dry suture ; a slight degree of inflammation was produced, and the wound healed up in a few days. This experiment was frequently repeated with precisely the same consequence. It was also swallowed in considerable quantities without producing the least effect.”

      The original 1804 book, photocopied:

      Click to access 2554015R.pdf

      He states that yellow fever is like cholera, and Scobey says cholera in early days was like polio, of which the toxicology of polio is delineated here in terms of arsenic compounds and similar chemicals:

      Arsenic was used centuries ago as a preservative, and found in many foods. Slow shipping durations might have encouraged the use of arsenic. Or maybe it was just a way of disposing arsenic, like fluoride is disposed today in drinking water.

      During the late 1700s toxic industries were starting upstream of the shipping cities like Philadelphia and New York City, where cholera and yellow fever epidemics were flourishing.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Jim – Thank you SO much for the photocopy of this treatise. Notably, Ffirth submitted his treatise to Dr. Caspar Wistar at U. Penn. Here is a 5 minute history of the Wistar Institute, named after Wistar and founded by Wistar’s great-nephew Isaac Jones Wistar in 1892: Both Wistar (one of the first advocates of vaccines) and the Institute in his name are central to the vaccine industry, and the Wistar family bloodline is at the nexus of royalty (literally) and Big Pharma – and even plandemics. Ras Ben discusses this fascinating history of the Wistars here with Greg Carlwood, “Ras Ben | Yellow Fever & The Cycles Of Time”, in which he aptly states that Yellow Fever was the first plandemic, and points out the glaring parallels to this current scam: Geographically speaking, the nexus point was Germantown, PA, where Ras Ben lives, and where my mom was born and raised.


        1. One of “The first plandemic”(s) likely was The Great Plagues. Or the “skin diseases” requiring quarantine in Chronicles (The Bible).


      2. Jim – Check this out: Enclosure: Caspar Wistar’s Statement on Yellow Fever, 15 December 1805 This was a year after Wistar received the treatise from Ffirth. I think it’s safe to say, and sad to say, who hijacked/subverted the Ffirth material, and reclaimed the contagion narrative. Germantown, PA features once again here (see my other reply) by Wistar as the epicenter (patient zero?) of yellow fever.


  11. just came up with this point in a discussion in a Discord server:

    even before I got to understand there are alternative views (terrain theory) on “viruses” I was opposed to vaccination (rape with poisons).

    And think about it; all medical treatments depend on the body, no 2 patients get the exact same treatment as it is based on the state of their own bodies.
    But suddenly with vaccines, they present to us a one size fits none “solution” that is the same for everybody, and even the most helpless of humans; babies.

    That One Ring To Rule Them All solution is thus by definition antiscientific, antimedical, denying (and even destroying) the variability between humans and their respective immune systems.

    what are your thoughts?


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