Contaminating the Human Virome: SARS-CoV-2

Discussion on my Chromosome 8 clarification post was very interesting and left me with a few big takeaways.

First, PCR might be a red herring in all of this. I pointed to the elevated seasonal coronavirus signal coming from the PCR tests, and this was mostly not discussed directly in comments. That is fair enough, but it is something that I hope everyone understands. Basically, it goes like this: In places where people are feeling unwell with cold-like illness, the PCR machines begin to detect an elevated percentage of positives.

You might think this is me taking a mainstream position. In fact, I know several of you are thinking that. However, this could not be further from the truth. I am simply saying that PCR truly does accurately detect an elevated population-wide signal in a population with colds.

This says nothing about whether that cold is deadly, or whether that cold is caused by a “novel virus”, whether SARS-CoV-2 is the cause of that cold, or whether we should all be locking ourselves away and wearing a mask as a result. It is simply detecting a particle that seems to be correlated to colds, although by no means exclusively. A correlation. Do not think I am saying anything beyond that.

The detection of an elevated PCR signal is stressed again here because when we theorize about underlying causes for all of this, we need to do so by addressing the available evidence head-on. To dodge widespread evidence is to create bad theory. Whatever you think about this whole situation, it is nearly irrefutable that the percentage of PCR positives moves in coordination with cold-like illness. Ignore or deny this at your own risk.

What does that leave us with? More questions than answers.

One question, still unanswered for me, is how those doing SARS-CoV-2 sequencing know that they are specifically sequencing SARS-CoV-2? That would be one for Mr. Tic, if he is still out there.

We must remember that the human virome is home to TRILLIONS of viruses. Estimates go as high as 380 trillion viruses, all living within you right now. Just like the trillions of symbiotic microbial cells living in our bodies, we are also home to an unfathomable number of viruses at all times. How could the scientists doing the sequencing possibly know that they are dealing with SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV-2 alone? I am still very fuzzy on that question. The viruses are too small to be seen, and too similar to all other viruses to be distinguished. Especially if you are claiming that this is a NEW, unknown virus.

The only way they could be so positive about its nature is if they created it, or have been familiar with it for quite some time.

Furthermore, it is known that the human body is home to harmful bacteria which does not inherently make you sick. This is important. It implies that there are unknown balances of health and bacteria at play. We should also consider that similar balances are at work with viruses. Harmful viruses are likely to exist within you right now, doing you no harm until your body reaches a certain favorable point where it activates.

This raises the key question: What if this cold that we are all suddenly feeling more heavily in the fall is simply a virus that was introduced into the human virome at any previous point?

My theory is that the propaganda target for all of this was the 2020 Presidental Election. The narrative had to be controlled. Propaganda had to be rampant. Fear had to be ubiquitous. The timing is simply too perfect.

The virus is but one item in the toolbox for this goal of controlling the narrative behind a major political and economic shift. To ensure that this specific virus would be rampant in the 2020 sickness season, it had to first be released in the 2019 sickness season. Think of last year like a practice run for them, and a way to make sure that they had effectively contaminated the entire human virome with this SARS-CoV-2 particle.

I have no specific theory on how this contamination occurred, apart from saying that there are about a million ways it could have happened. And it did not necessarily even need to happen during cold season. I posit that introducing SARS-CoV-2 into the human virome was all that they needed to do. There would have likely top level secret laboratory testing behind this, and it would have been understood that SARS-CoV-2 would crowd out the rest and rise to the top, like an invasive species plant.

So when were we contaminated? Throughout 2019 seems about right, and it is possible that there have been further contaminations afterwards simply to ensure adequate widespread contamination of the human virome.

Whether or not this virus is actually contagious is still an open question for me. The evolution of different strains of the virus do seem to indicate some kind of regional nature, but this could also simply be different world governments putting their own stamp on the virus. This could also be at least partially related to sequencing errors. The regional differences may also be small tweaks to better cater the virus to their own purposes.

It may also be that this virus is indeed contagious. If so, I would add serious weight to the contamination theory. If the virus is able to spread on its own, then it would not be difficult at all to contaminate the population, or even the whole world. Hit a few hot spots…airports, large gatherings, etc., and the rest would play out on its own. I am still uncertain about contagiousness and welcome evidence or counter-evidence on that front.

If we were all contaminated in 2019 or before, then SARS-CoV-2 may be present in nearly all human beings already. It is simply a matter of that human becoming prone to seasonal illness in order for that particular virus to become active within them. This theory of contamination would still explain the elevated seasonal PCR signal during cold season, yet still support this was all planned from the beginning.

If the virus is already present in all human beings, the masks sure are silly!

We do not need to aggressively attack PCR as though PCR not working is key to our case of fraudulence and criminal propaganda. I disagree that “the test is the virus”. People are getting a minor cold with some serious prevalence, and the machine is detecting a signal. This does not mean nearly as much as the propaganda wants you to think it means. My saying would be “fear is the virus”.

As I said, PCR may be a red herring. Yes, it is bad at giving individual diagnoses, but we have to keep in mind that this is not really the scientific use of rt-PCR. It is showing us a population-wide signal. You should be mad if your individual positive PCR result has kept you out of work. It may have been a false positive, and it may have been detecting a dormant particle that is already present in everybody.

SARS-CoV-2 might not even be the actual cause of the illness!

On wilder possibilities, it is also possible that SARS-CoV-2 only plays some kind of contributing role in normal seasonal cold, and that is what the PCR is detecting. Regular seasonal cold. There are myriad possibilities. This is why I strongly urge everyone to back away from all of this excessive certainty that I have been seeing around here. People who are positive that it is this, or that, or the other thing. Do not have such hubris as to be certain about what is happening here…

It is a complex global propaganda campaign surrounded with misinformation, obfuscation, and cutting edge science. If you think you understand exactly what is going on here, I suggest you tone down your self-confidence. Apart from being a key planner of all of this, you cannot possibly know exactly what is going on. I know I certainly don’t. You literally can’t know, by design.

What we really ought to do is pool resources, buy our own PCR machine, and start doing our own testing Tanzania-style. We should be able to find samples isolated by time and test them for SARS-CoV-2. It is critical that we determine whether the signal being detected by the PCR machine existed prior to 2019. This is absolutely inherently critical to our theorizing, and it is something that scientists should be able to verify. They are not going to do so, because this kind of test would not fit with their theories, but we must find this information.

If a sample totally isolated by time tests positive for SARS-CoV-2, then we know that this situation is totally fraudulent and that particle has always been with us. There are so many other tests that we could do if we simply had access to a PCR machine and a scientist to run tests.

I can dream…

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  1. For reference, I do not personally believe that this virus is contagious. This is why I believe that we, as a species, must have somehow been broadly contaminated if this actually is a new particle that we are detecting.

    This is why I find it so critical to find whether we can detect the SARS-CoV-2 particle above a false positive signal in samples isolated by time. Is it new or has it always been there? An absolutely fundamental question, where right now we can only speculate.

    If it did not always exist, I do believe that we must have been contaminated with it. By food, by spray, by vaccine, by mail. Who knows? Then, once it is within you, it can be found in detectable levels…especially during times of illness.

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  2. “My theory is that the propaganda target for all of this was the 2020 Presidental Election. The narrative had to be controlled. Propaganda had to be rampant. Fear had to be ubiquitous. The timing is simply too perfect.”

    That’s a lot of variables to line up, especially if you are a Crown agent (physician, science researcher, media “expert,” politician, bureaucrat (U.N, national, local etc.) that needs to guarantee success to your masters. A place to begin: I try to think, “how would I pull this off?”

    I’d rig the tests and the message. Simplest way to guarantee the expected results. What if the test, like all previous vaccines (flu, tetanus, mumps, etc.) contained the trigger for a “positive” Covid-19 data point. Messaging is easy, all MSM is in on every fake psyop known to man at this point. That’s ALL they do anymore.

    It’s probably a lot like the process of rigging elections worldwide. Keep it simple, and keep in in a “black box,” where a hand-picked few can manipulate the outcomes without any connection to the narrative being spewed by the media. Three-card Monte for the entire globe — “The Game.”


    1. The test contained a trigger? I don’t follow this. All the test does is take a human sample and run it through the machine. They’d have to somehow be rigging that in coordination with actual cold illness. This again tries to skirt the body of evidence. The percentage of PCR positives does seem to follow seasonal cold.

      Now if you want to say that the way we were contaminated with SARS-CoV-2 was through vaccination, that’d be a thought. Introduce the new virus and let it come active in the upcoming cold flu seasons.


        1. You would have to somehow very expertly contaminate the swabs in a manner that varies by date and by region to match the cold-like illness outbreaks. On a list of feasible explanations, I would not say that is particularly high. But as I said, millions of possibilities out there…


  3. I disagree that the number of people having colds triggers positive PCR tests. PCR tests trigger PCR positives by their sheer volume. There is an exact correlation between the number of positive tests and the number of tests. In the end, they are going to test all of us, and keep on testing as our new way of life. At any given time, a percentage of us will be quarantined, and the penalties for violation will be severe.

    In the meantime, we will soon have another cold and flu season, just like earlier this year, unrelated to any of this. I am now firmly of the opinion that C/F season is a manifestation of our absorption of pollutants and electromagnet fields. Covid-19 is a manifestation of fascism, the need for an emergency in order to terrify and imprison us. They didn’t invent virus, they didn’t need to. They only had to sell it, and they used news, the Internet and symbolic gestures like masks and distancing, closing down churches and sports stadiums, to convince us that things were not normal. But things are normal, now as ever before. Thee is no stinking virus, IMHO.


    1. Not talking about the volume of total positives, Mark. The PERCENTAGE of positive tests. You keep talking about volume of positives, which is what they did over the summer. There is a real signal, through the percentage of positive tests. This is what I keep seeing being danced around and denied.


      1. I don’t get, I guess, why you have so much faith that the PCR imparts useful information. We know from the outset that the viral work was sloppy at best, perhaps even nonexistent. All that follows is therefore of no value.

        And, the last time I paid any attention to PCR data, thinking it a waste of time, it was quite clear that the test was the virus. I still think that’s the case, that without all the talk about testing we’d have nothing unusual going on. Nothing.

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        1. Look, imagine you run PCR test under tight controls and you get about 5% positives during the summer. It can be assumed your rate of false positive is about 5%. Then, suddenly, during the fall when everyone is getting sick…that same lab under those same exact procedures is getting 20% positives. They are finding a very real something there. Keep in mind, I completely agree with you about the uselessness of rt-PCR on an individual basis. On a population basis, I do not agree. It is finding something with that jump. The question is what is being found…and there are so many different possible interpretations there, not all of which require that we follow the mainstream dogma. That is what I keep trying to say…just because I am saying rt-PCR has some sliver of legitimacy does not mean I am against alternative explanations. In fact, they are really all I am looking for. The propaganda campaign at work here implies that something is not as we are told. That is what I am trying to suss out.


          1. As I recall, you brought us the very intriguing video by Tanzanian President John Magufuli. You called him an “unexpected hero.” Gaia, if you have not, take a look at the eight minute video in this post:

            Magufuli had his staff prepare test samples to be submitted for PCR testing. They were carefully done so that there was no possible contamination. Each one had a label that was submitted, naming a person being tested. That part was fake. The four samples consisted samples taken from a pawpaw, a sheep, a goat, and motor oil. The pawpaw, goat and sheep came back positive for Covid-19. The motor oil was “indeterminate.”

            Magufuli told his people to relax, nothing serious going on here, to resume life, including work and play and hugging. WHO and CDC must have been furious. It was never covered in news reports.


            1. I think that Tanzania test still highlights the ridiculousness of using rt-PCR diagnostically at the individual level (and prevalence of false positives).

              Nothing like the elevated population-wide signal I have been talking about, though.

              But this is why I wish I had the ability to run my own tests!


              1. Let’s assume the pawpaw story is true. Fruit also has triphosphates floating about like atp andwhatnot.

                I have no idea how the pcr hustle goes down. I do know that wet chemistry is the substrate for the c,g,a,t sequencing thing because triphosphates are substrates for rna and dna.(Gamow started the rna tie club bytheway). The hustle goes back to kekule’s ouroboros that eats and doesn’t eat it tail(dna and rna are aromatics). That was the metaphorical substrate that the crystallographers(crystal scryers) and schrodinger’s wave mechanics hereditary mechanism narrative was built upon. Schrodinger is the fella that taught us that dna is an aperiodic crystal of course.


                1. SMJ- Sounds like you are saying these guys are all “alchemists” or mystics of some sort, making up stories about “black box” entities that can’t actually be seen or verified with any kind of equipment? They have just indoctrinated lower level scientists into believing these concepts, or interpreting what evidence there is in a certain way?

                  I’m probably way off, but just trying to get your big picture view of what’s going on. Please correct me if I’m off base with what you’re saying.


    2. Look at the correlation of financial data. It’s there with a big hey look at me chart. 2.4 trillion added in 3 months! Seems like that is really the main issue and the scamdemic is just a front to keep people’s eyes off what they are calling The Great Reset.

      They had it planned for a long time, we seen the riot distraction in the middle of this event but now they have the end phase ready to go, which I assume begins after the elections.


      1. I agree Greg. Whilst all of us having been obsessing about a virus, the real one has been taking place. Check out the Davos Manifesto along with everything else at the World Economic Forum. This is the ‘Great Reset’. Not so great though, obviously. Climate change is a big part of it.


    3. “… C/F season is a manifestation of our absorption of pollutants and electromagnet fields.”

      This is a testable hypothesis. Do tribal peoples—who live far from pollutants and EMF—ever catch a cold or flu from contact with outsiders? A simple experiment, in which the single variable can be controlled.

      History’s unequivocal answer is: Absolutely, yes. Both now, in places like Amazonia, and in the past, before modern pollutants and EMF, people caught infections from contact with outsiders.

      Hypothesis refuted, IMHO.

      Great post, Fauxlex!


      1. Thanks. My gripe with pollution and EMF is that I see no reason why the health impacts would not be constant. From a medical, diagnostic perspective, an environmental cause for illness is one that makes the person sick so long as they are in the environment. Removing them from the toxic environment is essentially the cure. While obviously I do believe pollution is harmful, and I do believe that EMF is harmful, I do not see how these things could be the culprit here…coming and going seasonally and triggering higher percentage of PCR positives.

        There has been the response that our susceptibility to getting sick seasonally means that we can still claim pollution and/or EMF are building up within us to cause the seasonal illness, but I just do not find this to be compelling at all. It is a real stretch. Whereas colds and flues are known to operate seasonally. I really do think it’s a cold, folks! That is, I guess, where I differ from a lot of people here.

        I do not see anything worse than a cold out there. I am not even sure if the cold is a new cold, and certainly I am seeing insane amounts of propaganda. To me, the propaganda is the real problem right now. People aren’t thinking clearly. Mass hysteria.


        1. “My gripe with pollution and EMF is that I see no reason why the health impacts would not be constant.”

          Yes. Good Point #1.

          Good Point #2: People got colds and flu long before modern electrical field generation or the kinds of pollutants the terrainists mean when they use the word. Hippocrates talked about treating colds. Other physicians, ancient and medieval, knew such diseases. Tribal people nowadays can come down with these illnesses. Such diseases are not artifacts of modern urban life only.


      2. Very nice self-congratulatory comment, Maarten. I think you’re wrong about that in total, but do not have the data in front of me, nor do you. I have seen graphic information concerning C/F season (see page 81 of the book The Invisible Rainbow)) wherein prior to 1889, there were hardly any influenza deaths. In fact, doctors were by and large not familiar with the disease. Annual C/F season started then and has never let up, spiking in 1918 for still unknown reasons. I think it safe to say that in places still not electrified, still free of most pollutants, disease would be a rarity. But like I say, neither of us have the data in front of us.

        Very nice comment Mark!

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        1. Actually, I congratulated Fauxlex on a great post.

          I myself have never Liked one of my own comments. Though I know some who have. I am pleased that you found it nice, though.


              1. Oh. Arthur Firstenberg. And what is his source? He does not list it in his book.

                [yawn] BTW, Correlation ≠ causation.


                1. I keep seeing all these correlation-related theories and it sucks because a person can really be taken in by that kind of thing. It is like the old example with ice cream in the summer. Do ice cream cones determine the temperature? They are much more common in the summer!!!


                2. The more I think about your response, the more questions I have.

                  So, if as you say, “no one said that flu did not exist …,” then what EMF caused the flu prior to the invention of, say, the telegraph?

                  And if, after the propagation of electrical wiring for telegraphy/radio, why should every year have “an annual flu C/F season”? IOW, why only certain months of cold and flu, when the EMF would be constant? Or did folks send more telegrams in the winter months?


                  1. You’re obviously just skimming, not paying attention to comments. I clearly laid out the Firstenberg reference.

                    Your comment embodies an item of belief that need examination, one that influenza is a unique set of symptoms that have always been correctly diagnosed. I doubt it. Rappoport repeatedly (and correctly) makes the point that diseases are usually blamed on one source, the 1918 Spanish Flu, for instance, on H1N1. Most likely many things are going on during CF season, and it could relate to EM fields, environmental pollution, more time out of the sun.

                    We live at 7,800 feet, and have for ten years as of yesterday. We try to eat organic, we drink well water, we are surrounded by conifers, and are physically active. In those ten years, I have never had the flu, and had only one head cold, that last January along with many others I know. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had influenza. (I did, on a trip to Florida a few years ago, have what I thought was a head cold that came on while on the airplane, and went away as soon as we left DIA on return. I suspect now that it was airport pollution that got to me.)

                    Way back when, before I took the plunge that has now lasted over eight months, I naively asked the question why do we haev annual flu and cold season? My first bit of reading on the subject was Wikipedia, and it said that the reason is “not well understood,” medical speak for “we have no clue.” There is much speculation both in germ and terrain about why we have a CF season, but no one really understands why. It could be related to sunspots, for all I know. The only progress I have made is to discard the viral theory.


              2. As mentioned above, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg, p81. The graph is credited to Edgar Hope Simpson, The Transmission of Epidemic Influenza, New York, Plenum, Hoyle, Fred and N. Chandra Wickramasinghe, 1990, “Sunspots and Influenza”.

                The Firstenberg book is 392 pages of text followed by 172 pages or notes, bibliography and index. It is very well sourced.


                1. This would be the same Arthur Firstenberg who sued his neighbor lady because her iPhone made him sick.

                  Tldr; he lost the case.


                  1. There you go again. I wrote a few words about Firstenberg in reply to Gaia down below. He is the founder of the Cellular Phone Task Force, and a lifelong proponent of controlling EM fields, assembling a vast amount of evidence of the effects that they have on people, plants and animals. Here’s just on example from the book Invisible Rainbow., another tldr for you:

                    “In a small backyard laboratory in the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Katie Haggarty performed the simplest, most elegant experiment of all: she hung aluminum window screening around 9 potted trembling Aspen seedlings to keep out the radio waves, and watch them grow. The screens didn’t keep out much light, but to make sure the experiment was well-controlled, she bought 27 aspen trees and grew them side-by-side. 9 grew without any enclosure, 9 were surrounded by aluminum screening, and 9 were surrounded by fiberglass screening, which kept out just as much light but let in all the radio waves. She began the experiment on June 6, 2007. After just 2 months, the new shoots of the radio-shielded aspens were 74% longer, and that leaves 60% larger in area, than those of either the mock-shielded or the unshielded aspens.
                    On October 5-6, she evaluated the conditions of the 3 groups of plants. The mock-shielded and unshielded plants looked just like what most aspens in Colorado now look like every fall, the releasing leaf veins yellow to green, their leaf stocks light red to pink, and all their leaves covered to some degree with gray and brown areas of decay.
                    The shielded Aspen looked like what aspens used to look like not long ago. Their leaves were much bigger, largely free of spots and decay, and displayed a wide palette of brilliant fall colors: bright orange, yellow, green, dark red, and black. The leaf veins were dark to bright red, and their leaf stocks were bright red as well.
                    The suddenness and simultaneity of Aspen decline throughout Colorado, which began precisely in 2004, has been a source of wonder and despair to all who love and miss the vivid fall colors of these striking trees. In just 3 years, from 2003 to 2006, the area of Aspen damage increase from 12,000 acres to 140,000 acres. Aspen mortality in the national forest rose from three-to seven-fold, with some stands losing 60% of these trees. There is a reason.
                    The State of Colorado operates a sophisticated public safety communications network, called the Digital Trunked Radio System, consisting of 203 tall radio towers whose transmissions cover every square inch of the state. They are heavily used by police, firefighters, park rangers, emergency medical service providers, schools, hospitals, and a wide variety of other municipal, state, federal, and tribal officials. Between 1998 in 2000 the pilot phase of the system, covering the Denver metropolitan area, was built and tested. In 2001 and 2002, radio towers were built throughout Northeastern and southeastern Colorado and the eastern plains. And in 2003, 2004, and 2005, system invaded the Western mountains part of the state: aspen territory.
                    At times,” says Alfonso Balmori “I compare what is occurring to a collective ritual of suicide in slow motion.” But he does not think it can continue indefinitely. “I don’t know when,” he continues, “but there will come a day of realization, when society will awaken to the serious problem of electromagnetic contamination and its dangerous effects on sparrows, frogs, bees, trees, and all other living beings, including ourselves.””
                    Page 364


                    1. Again though, I agree EMF is harmful. The question is cold flu season. If we’re talking about whether EMF is harmful, this is great. I agree, it is. But cold flu season and the causation there is a different story.


                    2. The data as presented suggest a correlation. But is there a causation? Maybe so.

                      I am not averse to the conclusion that EMF is harmful. But I would need an explanation for why my neighbor’s Wifi and cellphone are not making me sick, as Firstenberg claimed for himself.

                      It is not an outlandish thing, to require an explanation of causation. It is, in fact, the logical next step.

                      “There you go again.” Yep. There I go. Checking up on sources and their reliability. It is considered standard operating procedure in the real world. The alternative is to rely on the fallacy of the argumentum ad verecundiam, the argument from authority.


                    3. I hasten to add …

                      You can consider the Firstenberg article an ad hominem argument if and only if you deem Firstenberg to have acted badly in filing the lawsuit. Otherwise, it is simply a data point for our readers to weigh. Or maybe you think him a hero.

                      But if you consider it an ad hominem attack, then you concede more than I expected.


                    4. Before today you had never heard the name. In the book he talks about a small percentage of people who are very sensitive to EM fields, and offers evidence of the harm done by cell phones, and how the evidence to that effect has been buried. Maybe he is one of them, I do not recall from the book if that was the case.

                      But the evidence he brings is impressive, so I suggest that as part of your research on the man, that you also look at his career and body of work. He has assembled a large body.


                    5. Before today you had never heard the name.

                      Not true. He has been mentioned before here at POM, and I already paged through his work based on those earlier references by you and Piecebob.

                      Again and again, I am not averse to the conclusion that EMF is problematic for health. Certainly it is proven true for certain kinds of electrical fields. But for all types? I would like to see the research and the explanations of causation.

                      Bald assertions don’t do it for me. Sorry.
                      Nor can I be bullied into assent.


                    6. Here’s a sincere offer. Send me a private email and explain to me what is “offensive” in my comments, aside from disagreeing with you.
                      If you make a case that I am doing something more objectionable than what other regular commenters do, I will modify the way I express myself.
                      You accuse me of ad hominem attacks, but have no problem with calling people murderers—something I have not done.
                      So I am not clear on what the ground rules around here are anymore.
                      Shoot me a line privately. We can discuss. Thank you.


                    7. The problem that we have is absence of research. But here is an experiment that might interest you:

                      Recently zoologist Neelima Kumar at Panjab University in India proved elegantly that cellular respiration can be brought to a standstill in honeybees. By exposing them to a cell phone for 10 minutes. Concentration of total carbohydrates in their hemolymph, which is what bees’ blood is called, rose from 1.29 to 1.5 mg/mL. The glucose content rose from .218 to .231 to .277 mg/mL. Lipids rose from 2.06 to 3.03 to 4.50 mg/mL. Cholesterol rose from .23 to 1.38 to 2.565 mg/mL. Total protein rose from .475 to .525 to .825 mg/mL. In other words, just after 10 minutes of exposure to a cell phone, the bees practically could not metabolize sugars, proteins, or fats. Mitochondria are essentially the same in bees and in humans, but since their metabolism is so much faster, electric fields affect bees much more quickly. (Invisible Rainbow, p188)”

                      There is much discussion surrounding collapse of bee colonies, but I’ve not heard anyone (outside of this book) speak of EMFs as a possible cause. EMFs are now so pervasive, and have altered our lives in such good and positive ways, that we might be in effect whistling past a graveyard. No one wants to be the one to say in public that we are both doing great good and great harm at once.

                      Is Cold and Flu season an EMF phenomenon? Rappoport would remind us that there is always more than one cause. The death spikes in 1889, 1918, 1957 and 1968 are intriguing evidence to that effect, however.


                    8. The death spike in 1918?

                      Here there is not even correlation. The first commercial radio station wasn’t around until 1920.


                    9. “Here there is not even correlation. The first commercial radio station wasn’t around until 1920.”

                      As with all technological advances, the military was on top of it long before it came into civilian use. The Navy had powerful arc transmission power stations in place by the time of US entry into WWI. The world was enveloped in them.


                    1. Interesting. Again, I am not averse to this conclusion.

                      But … The hallmark of scientific reasoning is reproducibility of results.
                      Has anyone reproduced these results?

                      And even if this conclusion holds true for trees, it does not automatically imply anything for humans. Those would be separate observations.

                      After all, a rolled-up newspaper kills flies, but not people.


                    2. By the way, all science is driven by available grants, which is all that keeps virologists going, the hunt for viruses funded by various government agencies. In the same manner, after HIV was claimed to be the cause of AIDS, all grant money for any other research dried up.

                      Regarding your ad hominem attacks, the pattern I see is for you to tune in on one failing on a person in question, and then make that the center of your argument, disregarding all other evidence and bodies of work from people like Kaufman, Cowan, and now Firstenberg. It’s not useful, and is clearly designed to taint them, discredit their work, and paint them as something less than honest and authentic. You’re free to do this as you please, as there are no rules in place here regarding logical fallacies. I only call you out on it.

                      Moi? Calling someone a murderer? The only case of outright murder, or a known iatrogenic cause of death that was understood by those who did it at some upper level, was use of AZT to treat people with AIDS or people who merely tested HIV positive. That killed people, healthy and sick alike. With Covid 19, I referred to the practice of intubating people, putting them in a coma, and administering antiviral drugs as “manslaughter,” as the frightened fools who were doing it thought they were engaging in medically sound procedures.


                    3. How is mentioning that Firstenberg sued his neighbor an ad hominem attack? It is simply a fact. It becomes a positive or negative thing only insofar as the reader makes a value judgment about his behavior. I merely present the fact and let others decide. No logical fallacy in that!


                    4. It came off like you went looking for dirt on him, ala Kaufman/Cowan.

                      He writes extensively on cell phones and their effects on us, and problems experienced by people who live near towers. Some people are more sensitive than others. I am not, but I do notice this year a constant ringing in my ears, not tinnitus. Something like 80 million Americans experience this.


                    5. And that’s what you meant above when you said, ” Try something less offensive.”?

                      BTW, I rather agree with Firstenberg about the dangers of cell phones. I have actually read the fine print in my cell phone contract, and I see that the dangers are hidden in plain sight. I use mine as little as possible (it is required for work), and I hold it away from my head.


                    6. It shouldn’t be dirt though, if you agree with the guy. The more appropriate explanation is that he just researched the man. That isn’t really a shady thing…it’s what you would expect from a person doing research.

                      Granted, I assume that Maarten disagrees and sees that article as proof of kookiness, but that’s not inherently an attack. It is certainly not like, a drunk driving arrest or something. It relates to his EMF concepts. It is on-topic.


                    7. And my observations are entirely different in character from the sentiment of some, that if a researcher’s grant money comes from the government, the research is wholly suspect. THAT would be an example of an ad hominem attack.


                    8. Right. I do agree that it is mainly your disagreeing with the popular sentiment that you have found yourself such a punching bag here. Nasty tactics are actually commonplace, sadly, but the first moment you have done anything firmly contrary, you have been cast as some terrible agent/troll. At least lately. It has been interesting to see.


                    9. Have had ringing for years, not tinnitus. Thomas Cowan latest
                      interview is well worth the time, even if you think you’ve heard
                      all of what he has to say…going deeper


            1. Ok, but 1889 and England & Wales? I suspect the heavily polluted air and many mining activities of that era would have killed most people. It may be a registration case, that now they register flu deaths and before not.

              But the tribal example given gave me another idea. We have been told that millions of Pre-Columbian Americans died from “smallpox” and other “contagious” diseases brought by the Europeans.

              If there are no viruses (other than the wasteproducts of our cells themselves), no contagious infections, then it might well be they used that story to cover for the millions they just slaughtered. That would make much more sense now.


              1. I am not an expert on this era, but even with superior technology, I am not sure the limited armies of the new world could have possibly just outright slaughtered that many natives.


                1. I have studied the conquest of the Muisca here quite a bit and the Spanish suffered about 600-700 deaths during the hardest conquest of the four large Pre-Columbian civilizations. The story goes with just the 120 remaining conquistadors, they submitted about 2 million (!) Muisca.

                  That seems hard, but if you count in the dogs, the possibility to poison waters, kidnapping the fertile women for themselves, the mining slavery and many other factors. Of course they had centuries for it too.

                  One of the more recent genocides of natives is the Selk’nam genocide of Patagonia with 2500 wiped out.


              2. The book was written by an American, but the data he presented was from England and Wales, most likely because it was available. The author’s premise is that 1889 was the first year that the entire eastern seaboard of the US was electrified. He also notes spikes, or higher than normal flu deaths after 1889 to be 1918, 1957, and 1968. Each of those spikes coincides with electromagnetic phenomena, as with radio signals, radar and satellite orbiting the earth and disrupting the Van Allen belts.

                Firstenberg is the founder of the Cellular Phone Task Force, and at age 70 has spent his career studying electromagnetism and its effects on humans.


                1. The farthest I have been able to bring myself on EMF and pollution is that they did indeed weaken the average human health enough to facilitate breakouts of flu, but they are not themselves the flu. A lot of what we see here is basically saying there is no flu…it is only EMF and pollution. If the argument were that EMF and pollution weakened humans enough to facilitate the propagation of influenza illness, then I would probably be more swayed. But we are being asked to believe that there are no viruses…the cause of these illnesses are EMF and pollution alone.

                  That is where I butt up against it on seasonal grounds. If the causes were EMF and pollution, we would be seeing constant effects from those toxic agents. People would have felt sick all year. Environmental causes can be cleared by being removed from the toxic environment. It should not be an illness that somehow saves itself up in a healthy person and comes out suddenly during cold season. So that is also where I bump up against those agents as coronavirus explanations.

                  This is where the weaknesses of virology do not help me in either direction. Limbo.


                  1. This is where germ-terrain duality theory has explanatory power. The black/white dichotomy is in OregonMark’s thinking. Pure terrain theory is as unhelpful is pure germ theory in explaining the phenomena.

                    Liked by 1 person

      3. Well, not so fast. Yr relying on assumptions rendering your claims empty in terms of evidence.

        “History’s unequivocal answer is: Absolutely, yes. Both now, in places like Amazonia, and in the past, before modern pollutants and EMF, people caught infections from contact with outsiders.”

        Prove it with a single study properly executed, with parallel control group confirming contagion. Then prove what strain of virus did infect those natives. History as a proof of anything? Which history? The one presented by the overlords, full of myths and scifi stories? Come on, man. That’s a call to authority that makes any of yr rasonable points look ridiculous if not redflagged. The biggest killer among natives was exhaustion and maltreatment from slavery they were forced into after meeting white men. Period. Capitalistic greed is world’s #1 killer since the dawn of phoenicians.


        1. Are you asking us to question the trustworthiness of a source, based on its past acts of greed and malfeasance?

          Some people around here see that as an ad hominem attack, buster!

          But I think you make a reasonable point.


          1. I don’t get the point yr alluding to with yr reply. There’s no hidden meaning in my idea and no ad hominem. All I said is that capitalist cronies and their motives are way bigger killer than viruses when it comes to natives dropping dead after meeting “civilised” men. That’s a true historical fact as opposed to natives dying because of some silly cantagious disease. The idea you suggested comes directly from MsM which you usually doubt, except in this case. Time to re-calibrate yr BS detector 🙂


    4. Basically, I think there is a virus…but since when is it groundbreaking that colds existed? Since when are massive propaganda campaigns run because of a mild cold? To deny the existence of the virus or the PCR particle, whatever the heck it might be, just makes it that much harder to hold a position that fits with the evidence.

      That is my real problem there. If you said you didn’t think the particle being detected by PCR was actually the culprit behind any sickness and its elevated detection during cold season must be somehow coincidental, I could try to work with that. But to just say “there is no virus”…I struggle there…

      The science is so tricky that it is very tempting to just say it is all garbage, but I think they are deceiving in a much more clever way here…with actual science that they can point to, even if the significance of that science is misleading and used for propaganda.


      1. I simply do not have your faith that viruses cause disease, but let’s assume that they do FSOA. They would have to be present in us in the billions to cause symptoms. PCR can only detect one. It cannot quantify. To give it some credit, it might be detecting an exosome that is cued into action by a cold. That might trigger the increase.

        But this requires faith in the people behind the hoax, and I do not have that faith. They’ve lied about everything else, why not this too?


        1. There we go…I agree! It could be an effect rather than a cause. The lies, for me, are of a higher nature. If they knew they’d be creating this hysteria surrounding what amounts to seasonal cold (by whatever cause, not even saying virus), then this fancy machine detecting a correlated particle would be very useful to them. It would give the whole thing the veneer of science…a new test that people had not ever had before that can (poorly, at the population level) detect pockets of cold-like illness.

          This is basically what I propose, in one form or another. Create panic surrounding regular cold/flu season. At most, they have introduced a new pathogen to ensure the populace would feel sicker than usual. In this scenario, the PCR really is detecting that signal during cold season. It is legitimate, scientifically…meaning that it is not just an outright scam. That is what I am trying to stress. I do not think we need to paint PCR as totally fraudulent and rigged, because then real scientists can make us look foolish.

          We should approach this by attacking the evidence head-on, at least that is my approach.


          1. I’ve seen PCR perform incredible feats. I don’t deny that. It is an amazing tool for certain purposes, law enforcement but one. But I think I stressed yesterday, as you just said, that use of this machine creates the illusion that real science is going on. That is its purpose and use.

            [By the way, I said FSOA, or for sake of argument, to stress that we are not in agreement. They did the same thing with HIV, creating the lie that HIV causes AIDS, and then using PCR to search for HIV. That was a practice run, I suppose.]


            1. Yep, in a nutshell. Though my framing is more that it is providing a legitimate sliver of data in support of a propaganda illusion. But I basically agree.


        1. The myth of the “symptomatic carrier” was vital to keeping the hoax alive, as it was surely understood that the cold and flu season herd culling would end, and they needed to keep it all alive through summer and into fall. They just make shit up.


  4. This is a fascinating idea, and i’ll spend time thinking it through.

    For now I can say, there are reports on the internet that claim to have found SARS COV 2 in sewerage samples from 2019, maybe in Italy if my memory serves me. Now, samples as complex such as sewerage samples have a high chance of false results, but if done properly with good experiment design and verified by different labs, it could hold more weight.


    1. I’d be looking for something much, much older and hopefully kept in a manner that is isolated from the outside world. I am sure it would be possible to run such an experiment.


      1. How would ya exclude formaldehyde’s influence, role, impact,etc, on your test sample? Which changes were induced by FD, what’s the mechanism behind it, etc? Just to many questions to be certain.


  5. That “PCR test” whatever it is, is giving people “Covid”. It is the same as the HIV hoax that lead to people getting AIDS. Not coincidentally the same Faux Forces (just popped up, I like it) were behind that murderous scam.

    At the Austrian Grand Prix Formula 1 there were allegedly 4000 people “tested for Covid” and nobody got it (source: “2020 Austrian F1 GP – An amazing start to the season” by Kym Illman on YT)? Statistically that seems almost impossible, I’d say.

    More good points brought up by the four gentlemen here, Ab the Fakeologist, Farcevalue, Velocet and Uncle Odd.

    One of them is that the masquerade itself causes bacterial infections in the lungs because of the inhalation of them behind the mask. It is what I have been saying out loud here irl since the beginning.

    When public mask wearing became law, one of my friends here called me “the Invincible Man”. I played naive, but he said it was because I didn’t wear the muzzle.

    Another good point made was the comparison between Donny’s “Covid case” and the Jesus Christ story with the 3 dead days.


  6. SARS COV 2 Isolation

    ATCC and LGC are a global leading groups for supplying biological reference materials. Those materials are used for a range of uses, from validating lab work, to providing independent lab performance checks (proficiency trials)

    The following link provides a list of SARS COV 2 products, including actual virus for quantitation purposes:

    Also, Jon Rappoport claimed the CDC doesn’t have isolate, but see this link…


      1. I agree. First it reads like a chinese chemistry manual, but then it sounds more like an autumn stew recipe with rabbits and horseradish.

        We harvested cell lysates by using Laemmli sodium dodecyl sulfate–polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis sample buffer (Bio-Rad, Link) containing 2% SDS and 5% β-mercaptoethanol. We removed the cell lysates from a Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory, boiled them, and load them onto a polyacrylamide gel. We subjected the lysates to sodium dodecyl sulfate–polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, followed by transfer to a polyvinylidene difluoride polyvinylidene fluoride membrane. We then blocked the membrane in 5% nonfat dry milk dissolved in Tris-buffered saline containing 0.1% Tween-20 (TBS-T) for 1 h, followed by a short wash with TBS-T. We incubated the membrane overnight with primary antibody, either rabbit polyclonal serum against the SARS-CoV spike protein (#40150-T52; Sino Biological, ), β-actin antibody (#4970; Cell Signaling Technology, ), or a custom rabbit polyclonal serum against SARS-CoV nucleocapsid. We then washed the membrane with 3 times with TBS-T and applied horseradish peroxidase-conjugated secondary antibody for 1 h. Subsequently, we washed the membrane 3 times with TBS-T, incubated with Clarity Western ECL Substrate (#1705060S; Bio-Rad), and imaged with a multipurpose imaging system.

        Internal publications with a long author list, but is this peer-reviewed, or the butcher checking his own meat?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The CDC paper was written to give a level of detail to show the methods used for each step.

        If peer review is the criteria to be attained before taking anything seriously maybe we should have people such as Kaufman and Jon Rappoport peer reviewed before picking their claims up and citing them?

        There were 2 links in my previous comment, the CDC paper and the LGC/ATCC products page. The ATCC lists isolate products for sale. That doesn’t need peer review?

        Maybe those that passionately claim that SARS COV 2 hasnt been isolated should now comment? Could the investigative journalist Jon Rappoport comment next?


        1. Where in this specific study was the influence of, i.e. 2% SDS and 5% β-mercaptoethanol and other hardly pronounceable chemicals, excluded from affecting the sample? Where is exclusion of other invasive technics like boiling from influencing the sample? Where and how was obtained “antibody, either rabbit polyclonal serum against the SARS-CoV spike protein (#40150-T52; Sino Biological, ), β-actin antibody (#4970; Cell Signaling Technology)? Who and by what parameters did peer review the methods of this experiment? What’s the science underlying this particular research method?

          This quoted research is void of proper methodology, terminology and objectiveness. Ya may want to spend some time searching for answers to above questions, but don’t overdo it. Hint: ya won’t find them. No need for Rappaport to do this task for ya, use yr own eyes, read carefully and ask direct questions. The answer will come to ya as much as it would to anybody. Don’t rely on others to do thinking instead of ya.


          1. Hi Minime
            Seems you are not interested in a deep dive being made into Jon Rappoport’s bold claim about the CDC not having virus isolate? Even if something doesn’t fit our existing understanding (such as a company LGC/ATCC selling isolate and the CDC’s publication on isolating) we should take notice of it.

            On Jon Rappoport’s own blog page there are plenty of different people asking pertinent questions in the comments section of his “smoking gun” shock news. They all ask him to explain the contradicting information to his bold claim. But, my brief trawl through his various outlets, you tube, facebook, plus his own blog page, doesn’t show that he is not one to respond publicly.

            So maybe this will be yet another example of misinformation, being subsequently requoted by many before any discussion or eventual (very rare) correction made by the original claimant. Kaufman is no different. This will all blow over, and he will move on to his next exciting “smoking gun” statement to keep people clicking on his webpage and buying his books.


            1. The use of the term “isolate” is much like the terms “capitalism” and “socialism,” words that have no meaning in practical use. Virologists do not isolate anything. They merely pull a gene sequence from a non-isolated pool of goop. having first contaminated it with other fluids. They then compare it to otehr sequences pulled prior to that in the same manner. This whole pandemic is built on this kind of nonsense.

              I’m really tired of 1) appeals to authority, and 2) character assassination from the likes of you. Take a hike.

              Liked by 1 person

  7. Fauxlex (and others), what did you make of the specifics of that Dr Reiner Muellich video (the lawyer forming the Corona Investigatory Committee)?

    He quoted some scientists, and referenced papers, that viewed the PCR test for Covid testing as fraudulent. He also had some names and specifics about how it was allegedly being perpetrated. I would need to read his case in transcript form to really wrap my head around it. But curious what you all make of it.


  8. Maarten Rossaert, re your analogy “After all, a rolled-up newspaper kills flies, but not people.” — A big enough rolled-up newspaper wielded by a big-enough entity, would definitely kill a person, don’t you think?
    About possible seasonal factors for colds: Pollution from heating may be higher in the winter (definitely is in some places), and there’s the undeniable factor of seasonally less sun exposure so less vitamin D.


    1. LOL. Yes, a swat from a gigantic newspaper would kill a person.

      And so would a single-cell organism as big as a house. So in principle you accept the germ theory of disease, I guess?


  9. This I found an accessible read and interesting paper:

    2016 – Robert O. Young – Second Thoughts about Viruses, Vaccines, and the HIV/ AIDS Hypothesis – Part 1

    About halfway through:

    In addition to chemical toxicity, however, what is the impact of the fear (emotional toxicity) that the word “virus” brings to mind and heart? It has been said that fear is the most deadly of disease conditions. If a “disease” kills one person, the fear of it may kill twenty. General prejudice concerning the danger of viruses is fundamental biological error based on Louis Pasteur’s germ theory, and is itself a perpetrator of auto-suggested illness.

    For example, in Africa doctors attribute some AIDS sickness to “voodoo death” syndrome, the term for illnesses induced psychologically. According to one nurse, “We had people who were symptomatically AIDS patients. They were dying of AIDS, but when they were tested and found out they were negative they suddenly rebounded and are now perfectly healthy” .

    Ironically, if the germ theory were founded on facts it would be correct to fear viruses, except there would be few, if any, humans living to discuss the issues. These so called pathogenic entities are to researchers, medical practitioners and the press what criminals are to detectives-the focus and justification of their existence.

    I have some more pdfs downloaded on medical and medicine, will organize them and upload them later today to share them here.



    That’s a link I got from AB at Fakeologist, a video done by an enjoyable young man who has a lively screen presence. He sent in fake samples for PCR testing, one of his dog, one of his keyboard, and one of his front stoop, where it looked like it was raining.

    The dog and stoop came back positive. The keyboard is in the clear. His conclusion: “We are being lied to.”

    I am curious, however, in that he used real names and two of his friends are now quarantined. Can that be undone?


    1. Ha! Look, this is why I wish I could run my own tests. It is absolutely critical that we find out whether the dog and the stoop are GENUINE positives or false positives. This would hugely informative. The problem with the fact that the test is useless individually means that these types of cases are very likely to be false positives. It tells us nothing really, except for the prevalence of false positives.

      My gut tells me that statistically, this guy was likely to get at least one false positive and it’s more compelling because he got two. But I can’t say anything for sure, because these are single tests in a vacuum.

      Single tests in a vacuum are basically scientifically useless. Look, we AGREE about the prevalence of false positives. You take that and dismiss everything. I take that and I have a million other questions to try and actually make scientifically useful information out of all this.


      1. I discard the whole PCR process in total because, when taken in total with everything else, the absence of an isolated virus, the rollout nature of the Wuhan affair, the start date of 3/11, there being no falsifiable evidence that viruses cause disease, the lack of science behind 14 day quarantines, six foot distancing and masks, the failed tests done in an attempt to show that the Spanish Flu was contagious, the contact tracing done on a guy who tested positive where they found he had not spread the “virus” to 400 people he came in contact with … I got that last one from a Kaufman video, and now the fact that we are being trolled by an apparent agent … all of it says fake fake fake.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I know you do Mark, but it is still puzzling to me that you do. Even a process with a high false positive rate can occasionally do what it is supposed to.

          Imagine you were presented with a person who WAS symptomatic, and did not simply test PCR positive once, but repeatedly?

          Your explanation there?


          1. I pretend sometimes to carry with me a note on the current number of Covid-19 deaths, and then look for it in my wallet and say “Oh yeah – got it right here … zero.” Not only do I have zero faith in PCR, but I do not think there is a real disease called Covid-19. Therefore someone with symptoms of what? Common cold, influenza, bad fish, hangover? It’s meaningless conjecture. nothing about nothing equals nothing.

            Take away the testing regime, and look around us – what would be different from any other year? Nothing!


            1. I changed my diet in October 2019 and stopped getting colds despite being directly exposed to lots. I got one in September of 2020 that correlated strongly with being outdoors for many hours during high levels of nano particulate smoke in the air from the DEWildfires on the West coast, when a public health stay inside order would have made some sense. My conscience tells me that the terrain theory is truest because that is what I have experienced directly. I stopped ingesting naturally occurring plant pesticides and stopped the symptoms of periodic detoxing. I got exposed to toxins, and I go back to detoxing using the body’s available arsenal of bacteria and viruses (or exosomes).
              Blaming viruses that aren’t even alive or bacteria that can change form as needed by the body for causing illness is EXACTLY like blaming firefighters for starting structure fires because you always see firefighters AT the fires and completely ignore the fact that they are putting the fire out and NOT present at the very start. It’s that bad of a misunderstanding.
              Check out the 3 part lecture by Aajonus Vonderplanitz called The Primal Diet where he walks you through his experience of understanding and beating autism and cancer the way the body was meant to. He even remembers the vaccine injection that pushed him into an autistic state and the unimaginable nightmare of loosing his ability to know how to communicate with his parents.


  11. Yes, absolutely. The certainty around here is terrifying to me. Oh, well, donkey’s anus tests positive…that explains everything! No more questions from me!

    Confounding results like this are exactly WHY a scientific-minded person would have a breakthrough understanding.

    There is such a dismissive certainty running through here that really bothers me. We can be skeptics without being so damn certain of ourselves that we know better and we know that everything is a scam. That is lazy thinking.


  12. Comments were closed.

    Mark Tokarski:

    I (mis)spent tons of time back when they introduced electronic voting trying to understand the use of the machines … most elections do not matter, as either side is controlled by the same apparatus. A few are altered to affect a desired outcome, and Trump was one such outcome. I don’t care about elections anymore, though I did just vote to lower our state income tax and to all reintroduction of gray wolves here in CO. I don’t imagine either will pass, but on such low-level matters, I suspect my vote will be counted.

    I think I hit on the methodology when I wrote that they could i crease the positives by merely increasing the number of amplifications.

    Anasynchronistic analogy!

    It is exactly the same beliefs. The belief in the voting system and “governance” with “our best interests at heart” and the belief in the Whitecoated Church of Magicians Who Claim They Can See Invisible Monsters with their voting who gets COVAIDS machines.

    Vaccination is rape

    (((They))), the Animal Farmers, the Satanic Snakes, the Crazy Apes (though sometimes you wonder if they’re even human…) have studied the masses on their Grand Chessboard for centuries.

    At least since 1052, the new 0, spasibo Dr. Anatoly Fomenko!

    What separates a white coated medical wonder from a white headed magical wizard?

    The belief in these Witch Doctors is astonishing.
    With so much knowledge and wisdom about German, Chinese, Indian, Andean and all alternative ways of curing dis-eases still available to us in this World War W?

    We live in what the Reformation must have felt like.

    Watch out US Americans, Your country will suffer war in the next 5 years. Colombia welcomes the most honest and curious ones of you!


  13. How can ya say that? It’s like asking me or anybody else believing this Covid affair is rotten from the groud up to dismiss all stinky, red flag points and quit doubting. The certainty about something being foundamentally wrong with germ theory and thus Covid affair isn’t lazy thinking. Calling out those who claim Covid is real to present 100% bullet-proof evidence for their claims is not manifestation of a lazy mind. Once ya understand virology hoax is ongoing for 170+ years, things stop having an amusing conspiratorial note to it. If those in charge are putting world to a stop, destroying economy and consequentially lives with it, pushing new idiotic normalcy to achieve some perverted goals and harassing me for not complying with it, then it’s my duty to pick apart every single piece of alleged evidence, research work, methodology,etc. Even more so because I’ve come to understanding how preposterous liars our overlords are. They’ve been caught lying so many times their trust has vaporized 2 millenia ago. All this and many more rational arguments should and ought to motivate any actively thinking individual to call them out on their deeds. So this blog’s audience, aware of rigged reality more than a company of average Joes , deserves to be given more credits in terms of certainty when it comes to calling BS for what it really is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate your comment, especially acknowledging the “…destroying economy and consequentially lives with it…” Destroying is what’s happening. It seems to me, at least, that knowing our enemy, and knowing the “…perverted goals…” of our enemy are of prime importance right now. Trans-humanism seems, again, to me, at least, to be one of the constant goals of these series of scams and lies we have all been exposed to since electronic media– from the telegraph, telephone, radio, tv, computer, internet, smart phone, to bionic tattoo and onward through the endless fog of lies — captured the minds of man in order to destroy our capacity to discern, to think critically, to exist as simply man. I believe we are fast approaching a point of no spiritual return. Fight or flight. I choose stand and fight.

      Try to ignore the virtual distractions and ever more clever and complex lies. Three card Monte is no game for anyone except the dealer. Thanks again, MINIME for remaining focused on the greater issue of thousands of years’ worth of lies, lies and more lies.


      1. I’ve read some content about this so called transhumanism a.k.a. 4IR, the 4th industrial revolution. A funny note to that would be like: yeah, revolution…you mean how many times they’ll rotate us around our mental axis, like it was the case in all known revolutions? But things ain’t funny, actually, because those very few degenerics a.k.a 0.01% a.k.a. phoenicians are definitely maneuvering reality towards that….uhm…whatever it is. I found those texts really heavy to digest, they all reminded me of fascist semi-forgotten history. It reminded me how easily people fall into fascist ideas and slowly begin to identify with them. Also, it reminds me of the fact that we, hoi polloi, can’t learn a damn thing and remember anything of real importance. That’s the saddest thing to realize and I’m still learning how to live with it. An optimist inside me wants to believe we, the people, will eventually realize their sacrilage. Naivety?


  14. I have no vested interest in believing that the virus is real or that the virus is a hoax.
    If the medical and political worlds want us to believe in an unseen virus the burden of proof is surely on their shoulders and in this they have failed miserably.
    I only see financial benefits for them and loss of freedom for us. Cui bono?
    Why, THEM of course. It’s all a bit one sided and decisions being made by our political class are verging on the ridiculous.
    I ask myself : IF the virus was a danger to the planet, would I be putting in measures similar to those we have been forced to endure and the answer is no. Absolutely not.
    I ask myself: IF there was no danger to the planet why would these draconian measures be placed upon us?
    NONE of us have the definitive answer so until then I’ll just go with my ” gut instinct” and common sense and keep reading here.


  15. You may want to check out Shadow Gate for more information on the bot net that you noticed operating during the time the original article went viral…

    What I find absurd about the rt-PCR experiments being used as tests is that the amplification or cycles can be anything, and it’s not like they tell you along with the result. I’ve looked into the meaning of the number of cycles and to me anything over 30 cycles seems completely useless at determining anything statistically significant, and yet the cycles in use I’m reading about are anywhere between 34 – 45 cycles… which is insane. In my area of Canada they will test you with a 40 cycle experiment at this time. In the UK apparently they are using 45 cycles which I thought was the maximum and in fact completely useless at determining anything at all. All these fear mongers are doing to force everyone into tyranny is scare everyone into being tested by selling this asymptomatic spread lie that a huge Chinese study completely debunked and have lots of tests available that are guaranteed to generate lots of (false) positive results that can be used in the news to generate more fear and cause more people to get tested, and the numbers march upwards when they want them to. I’m still not convinced the PCR is showing anything useful at all in the case of SARS or other viruses in fact. If it were possible to filter out all the erroneous data generated by test experiments that generated more than 20% false positives, then I would say it’s possible there’s a signal, but it seems they don’t want that to happen.


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